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User Comments for Week 3 QB Rankings

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If you look at past performance, Tony Romo should be much higher on this week's rankings. The past 2 games against Tampa ('09 and '11), he's thrown for 3 TD passes and had over 26 fantasy points. Take that in the context of Eli throwing up 510 yards on Tampa last week, AND this being Dallas's first home game, and Tony should be up in Rodger territory.

Posted by:
Packycow 09/18/12 08:37 PM

HOW on earth do you have Aaron Rodgers as the No 1. ranked QB to start this week vs SEA? They have only allowed 3 TOT Off TDs, 2 of which were passing in 2 weeks. And they are 2nd in league against the Run (of which GB has NO Running Game). We rely on these Ranks, what's your justification? Is Jennings even playing?

Posted by:
RobesFSU1 09/18/12 10:08 PM

I am a Seahawks season ticket holder. I have always valued this sites rankings. I know the rest of the country doesn't see much Seahawk football. I'm going to give you a free pass on this ONCE. Aaron Rodgers may not leave here alive Monday. It will be an ugly evening for the GB offense. If you have ANY alternatives to GB starters, use them Monday.

Posted by:
biounit67 09/19/12 12:36 AM Owner

Thanks for your feedback. We've just updated the projections a bit and there are more changes coming this afternoon.

Posted by:
FFToolbox 09/19/12 01:15 PM

You may want to correct Eli Manning's rank, seeing as Hixon and now Nicks have both been ruled out for Thursday, leaving Eli with a limited number of reliable targets.

Posted by:
Peteriphery 09/19/12 04:36 PM

i was gonna start eli, but since his receivers are limited should i go with cutler against st louis or big ben vs oakland! im nervous about cutler cause he did horrible last week!

Posted by:
bigmatt5579 09/19/12 04:40 PM

if you play Cutler then you will have to root for him - that's a tall order - not that Ben isn't a piece of work as well - good luck with that - I try to avoid drafting dick heads if I can

Posted by:
ceever 09/20/12 01:04 AM

All I know is that you don't really know. Last week I took all your advice. My team was projected to score 228 points to my opponents 137. Imagine my shock on Tuesday morning to see that I had been trounced 145 to 92.

Posted by:
Dreagon 09/20/12 02:59 AM

@BigMatt Considering the Rams allow about 280 passing and 1Td/2Int a game so far vs Oaklands 207 passing and 2TD/0int through 2 games, and they both allow >140ypgRushing and 2 TD a game on the really comes down to who you think is the better QB. Cutler is an absolute head case AND he lost his primary check down back in Forte...I would probably go with Ben. While Bush is a better back than Pitt, both teams are going to give up points. BUT - watching Cutler absolutely fill his pants againt GB last week, I wouldn't even have him on my roster. Just my opinion!

Posted by:
RobesFSU1 09/20/12 10:04 AM

@BigMatt - I didn't even consider starting Eli...START ELI!!! More pass heavy Off and without Bradshaw they are going to pass all game. Eli has managed 40+ Pass attempts each game so far and that's not going to change bc he's down a receiver. Bottom line, I trust Eli over Ben and I would fold Cutler up into an origami paper football and flick him in the garbage!

Posted by:
RobesFSU1 09/20/12 10:08 AM

Are you kidding? Start Eli! He will throw for 300+ and 2 TDs tonight. I don't care if he has Cruz and all practice squad receivers after him.

Posted by:
dfer525 09/20/12 12:54 PM

My question is do i start Tony Romo Vs. the bucs or Mike Vick Vs. the Cardinals since both will have good numbers.

Posted by:
Rocky227a 09/20/12 12:55 PM

The choice I am stuck with this week is Cutler or Dalton. I'm rolling with Dalton, Washington's secondary is all beat up.

Posted by:
rich_rdoj 09/20/12 02:01 PM

thanks for the help every1, i gonna go with Eli!!!! Im only holding on to cutler an big ben cause some1 will need a QB soon an they are gonna have to come to me for a trade, which would make my team even stronger than it already is!

Posted by:
bigmatt5579 09/20/12 03:36 PM

With the Eli Manning discussion, I think I'll start RG3 this week instead of Eli. What's everyone else think?

Posted by:
pkt1190 09/20/12 03:58 PM

I have Michael Vick, but I will use Eli because there's going to be a lot of points tonight and with Bradshaw out, he will be winging it all night.

Posted by:
Morgan Evans 09/20/12 04:08 PM

@Rocky - Vick will NOT have a good week. Tom Brady had Gronkowski, Lloyd, and Welker and had a miserable time against the Cardinals D, throwing only 1 TD and constantly getting hurried up. Mike "I kill Dogs" Vick will hopefully, FINALLY, get injured for good and no longer be able to play in the NFL. BUT, even if Vick was a nice guy I would still go with Romo. Home Opener, he's got too many good weapons and you saw how Eli absolutely Demolished TB secondary last week (500 yds!!)

@Pkt - def go with RG3. He steals carries from Morris and even without Garcon last week he managed to put up 30+ points

Posted by:
RobesFSU1 09/20/12 07:02 PM

Need to decide between Aaron Rogers and RG3 to start this week. Rogers has been a disappointment the 1st 2 weeks so I'm leaning towards RG3. Thoughts?

Posted by:
cerratos 09/20/12 10:38 PM

i have matt shaub and sam bradford....shaub has been a disaster do i roll the dice and start bradford this week? the bears have not been too good against the pass this year

Posted by:
ehawk59 09/21/12 11:34 AM

Demarco Murray or Cj spiller?

Posted by:
Kidmikey23 09/21/12 01:01 PM

Romo will go off against the Bucs' in his home opener. Lack of a pass-rush by Tampa Bay will enable the quarterback to eat apart their secondary. Besides, Eric Wright against either Miles Austin or Dez Bryant just isn't fair.

Vincent Frank
Lead Sports Editor of

Posted by:
vincentfranknfl 09/21/12 07:16 PM

Rodgers should never be benched. They don't have a blue print on RGIII yet. I'll bet on Rodgers on this one...Monday night!

Posted by:
Titansd24 09/22/12 10:42 PM

For anyone else checking their lineups this morning and have an extra minute before the KOs, I'm trying to decide whether to start Andrew Luck (R) vs. Jacksonville which hasn't given up a passing TD in two weeks, or Matt Cassel against the Saints woeful defense

Posted by:
DeltonP 09/23/12 12:17 PM

are u guys having an off year or what? your projections don't make sense...i fill out the custom scoring settings for my PPR league and your numbers are so low its ridiculous...I will be using another site for help after this weeks horrible advice!!!

Posted by:
Haleyeah41220 09/23/12 08:35 PM
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