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User Comments for Week 3 RB Rankings

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Fitzgerald continues to look like a 12th round pick! He was my number 1 receiver drafted. Only because Sproles and Rice were important to me. I am looks dying to decide whether to take another chance on him this week! Any thoughts?

Posted by:
Hgriff1 09/18/12 07:22 PM

I am trying to decide

Posted by:
Hgriff1 09/18/12 07:24 PM

KEEP ON ROLLIN, im not stopping

Posted by:
Jlinefootball2 09/18/12 09:45 PM

That was his lowest total since his Rookie year. Considering PHI has only allowed ONE REC TD in 2 games, it's highly unlikely that Kolb or Skelton are going to complete one to Fitzgerald of all people, who will most likely be doubled the whole game like he was in NE. BUT, if he does have a big game, Sell high for sure

Posted by:
RobesFSU1 09/18/12 10:17 PM

Great site but wish writes would hod off until Wedesday/Thursday to make predictions.

Posted by:
kruggiero1 09/19/12 12:18 AM

I'm glad they make these available when they do as it helps me make informed waiver wire moves.

Posted by:
CongBroChill17 09/19/12 09:11 AM

Should I play M LeShoure AND Kevin Smith this week?...

also, I need some feedback on these bench riders...Turbin-Sea and LaMichael James-San Fran? Is it time to trade or dump them? I have Kevin Smith, Doug Williams,& M. LeShoure?


Posted by:
texasgalNorcal 09/19/12 05:04 PM

On Who to Start, where is Forte? Did I overlook him?

Posted by:
DrDave 09/19/12 08:06 PM

Gore vs Minny/Ridley vs Bal/Charles/Brown vs Car - I'm goin Charles, Gore, Ridley cool? brown has a great matchup tho.

Posted by:
sky_high 09/20/12 03:04 AM

David Wilson of Giants above Ben Tate? hmmmm

Posted by:
twdavis 09/20/12 09:22 AM

which 2 of these 4?

Ryan Matthews, McFadden, BJ Green-Ellis, Andre Brown

Posted by:
ceever 09/20/12 02:19 PM

i was offered trent richardson for sproles, should i go for it?

Posted by:
bigmatt5579 09/20/12 03:40 PM

I need to decide between Kevin Smith RB (DET) and Cedric Benson RB (GB) this week. It is a standard scoring league where there is no additional point for a reception. Any advice is appreciated.

Posted by:
bigdnky 09/20/12 04:36 PM

so the answer is Andre Brown !

Posted by:
ceever 09/20/12 09:42 PM

@DrDave Forte is probably out this week. Pick up Michael Bush if you can.

Posted by:
cerratos 09/20/12 10:42 PM

I can start 2 RBs. Thinking of starting DeMarco Murray and Michael Bush. I also have Jamal Charles and Kevin Smith. Which two would you go with?

Posted by:
cerratos 09/20/12 10:44 PM

need to start 2!!!! foster peterson and reggie bush? i am going foster, but peterson or bush is my real question?

Posted by:
ehawk59 09/21/12 11:35 AM

Start Cj spiller or demarco Murray??

Posted by:
Kidmikey23 09/21/12 01:07 PM

should i start steven jackson or shonne green

Posted by:
hawkfire3 09/21/12 05:02 PM

@ Kidmikey23, I have Spiller and Murray and am starting Spiller this week. I'm starting him until he shows me he's not worth it, which may or may not happen. Plus, Murray is going up against Tampa's defense, which is an unknown commodity. Week 1, they were stingy. Week 2, Eli lit them up in the second half. So I don't think the book is written on them yet. I know Cleveland is weak against the run, so am starting Spiller.

Posted by:
rstone77 09/21/12 06:32 PM

Who would you start in flex position this week...m Turner..j dwyer..or d Moore?

Posted by:
O_Raiders1 09/22/12 12:02 PM
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