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User Comments for Week 3 TE Rankings

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Go Fred Davis lol

Posted by:
Jlinefootball2 09/18/12 06:36 PM

Fred Davis?? What the...? I don't even...?

Posted by:
chrisbefresh 09/18/12 07:55 PM

Fred Davis in. Bench everyone else.

Posted by:
oupritch 09/18/12 09:13 PM

Fred Davis is going beast mode this week.

Posted by:
dfer525 09/18/12 09:15 PM

Fred Davis is gonna go blackout this week.

Posted by:
chendizzle 09/18/12 09:17 PM Owner

Thanks for the feedback. We fixed Fred Davis' receptions which was causing him to be #1 in PPR leagues.

Posted by:
FFToolbox 09/19/12 01:17 PM

Alright peeps, Finley or Celek or Pitta? I am in a quandry.

Posted by:
mjcmike1 09/19/12 03:58 PM

Is D. Rosario a flash in the pan for P Rivers/San Diego?

Would love some feedback...Thanks.

Posted by:
texasgalNorcal 09/19/12 05:00 PM

With Tony Gonzalez (Starting) and Kyle Rudolph on my team already, would it be smart to pick up a hurt Aaron Hernendez (dropped by a team) IF I have a spot open? Or even dropping Rudolph after using him for Gonzalez's bye week to pick Hernendez up?

I been hearing he will be out till October, and Im assuming late October since the begining is days away. And several things I have read/heard say to keep in on ones' team.

Posted by:
DirtDogs818 09/19/12 09:48 PM

I would grab Hernandez if you have room, as usual, check the bye weeks with ur other TE's. Although he's a good flex if u wanna start Gonzales or vice versa

Posted by:
seanrock 09/20/12 02:26 PM

Was offered Jimmy Graham and Shaun Draughn for Doug Martin and Randall Cobb. My other TE's are Aaron Hernandez and Zach Miller. My other RB's are Marshawn Lynch, Mark Ingram, and Daryl Richardson.

Posted by:
giwarriors12 09/22/12 12:30 AM
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