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User Comments for Week 3 WR Rankings

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Donnie Avery not listed as WR for this week.

Posted by:
ghinkle 09/18/12 09:06 PM

fred davis number 1??

Posted by:
ronnystrauss 09/18/12 09:25 PM

Fred Davis as 1? Really? How do you figure that?

Posted by:
Polk High 09/18/12 09:40 PM

You guys need to add a comments section for your PPR rankings, which are atrocious.

Danny Amendola is ranked as the 25th best receiver in standard leagues, but somehow drops to 46th in PPR leagues?

CJ Spiller is ranked 4th in standard leagues, but somehow drops to 22nd in PPR leagues?

Reggie Bush is ranked 10th in standard leagues, but drops to 16th in PPR leagues?

And these are just the players that I have on my team.

I typically love your site as it is one of my favorite resources for fantasy football, but your PPR rankings need a major overhaul.

Posted by:
STLpride 09/18/12 10:37 PM

As stated above, Donnie Avery isn't ranked here, and he's in the top 30 for other projections this week. I'd love to see where he fits in Toolbox's predictions.

Posted by:
tinycorkscrew 09/18/12 10:44 PM

Should I trade Danny Amendola for Greg Jennings in a PPR League???

Posted by:
andgoud 09/19/12 12:21 AM Owner

Thanks for the feedback.
We fixed Fred Davis' receptions which was causing him to be #1 in PPR leagues.
WR Donnie Avery of the Colts was added last night.

Posted by:
FFToolbox 09/19/12 01:16 PM

Reggie Bush v. NYJ, Miles Austin v. TB, or Mike Wallace v. OAK? I'm not sure what one to start at Flex. It's a 75% Touchdown 25% yardage league. 3 points for 100+ receiving yards. No PPR no negative points.

Posted by:
BHouck28 09/19/12 02:51 PM

should i go d thomas or r wayne ppr

Posted by:
pdjets1 09/19/12 07:13 PM

Just lost H. Nicks for tomorrows game...should I start Torrey Smith or Kevin Ogletree against TB? Would I be better off grabbing Donney Avery to start?

Posted by:
slambert13 09/19/12 10:16 PM

Just wondering how you guys have Blackmon at 40 in ppr and Lafell at 47? If you use the past 2 games as any indication, have to wonder how you got these rankings. Any insight?

Posted by:
wildfire2102 09/20/12 11:00 AM

is ramses barden worth a pick up in a ppr 12 team league with a flex spot? maclin is hurt and i need another receiver. andrew hawkins and brian hartline are also available.


Posted by:
criffrock 09/20/12 12:44 PM

was offered wallace for crabtree, crabtree has been looking better every week ! should i trade him or keep him?

Posted by:
bigmatt5579 09/20/12 03:42 PM

Cruz was a fantasy bummer against Carolina. No touches.

Posted by:
bobkicks 09/21/12 09:44 PM

Just curious on how you got Larry Fitz in the top 10 but Percy Harvin didn't make the top 10??? Both play tough defenses in week 3 but Fitz is not even getting the targets while Kolb is at QB.

Posted by:
bruce Leroy 09/22/12 05:24 PM

Vincent Jackson or Danny Amendola? I do get points for return yards, I like Amendola right now
But he's going up against MY hungry bears team this week...anyone's thoughts are appreciated.

Posted by:
Moneymitch 09/22/12 07:16 PM

if its ppr amendola standard v jax if hes healthy

Posted by:
criffrock 09/22/12 11:14 PM

Amendola or Brandon Lloyd(injured late game) in a PPR league???

Posted by:
andgoud 09/23/12 01:57 AM

Fitzgerald has always played well against the Eagle Secondary. No matter the QB.

Posted by:
BHouck28 09/24/12 02:36 PM
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