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User Comments for Week 4 TE Rankings

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Did heath miller die? Where is he?

Posted by:
Luke787 09/26/12 02:10 AM

It's his bye week.

Posted by:
Hizenthorn 09/26/12 02:19 PM


Posted by:
lsrubin 09/26/12 05:03 PM

what a total noob

Posted by:
bevercity 09/26/12 05:04 PM

Gates consistency A cause he's consistently BAD.

Posted by:
sky_high 09/26/12 06:01 PM

Ha ha ha yeah well consistent is consistent no matter what the numbers are :)

Posted by:
legomymego 09/27/12 12:42 PM

Pitta or celek?? I got pitta as of right now

Posted by:
Kidmikey23 09/27/12 04:43 PM

I'd stay with Pitta

Posted by:
DrewFL1988 09/28/12 12:48 AM

Damn...pitta did jack last nite!! Gotta hope the rest of my team has a better week

Posted by:
Kidmikey23 09/28/12 01:19 PM

Hey Im trying to figure out who I should start in my flex spot I'm in a non PPR league and my players r RB Alfred Morris WAS, RB Mikel Leshoure DET, WR Danny Amendola STL and WR DeSean Jackson PHI, also I have in my WR1 slot is Andre Johnson HOU and WR2 slot is Denarious Moore OAK. Do u think I should keep those Moore in the WR2 slot or put one of the other 2 there I'd appreciate it if u all could give me great feedback on this thanks

Posted by:
Six19R_OG-Mobsta 09/29/12 05:16 PM
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