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User Comments for Week 7 WR Rankings

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1/2 PPR league, need to start 2 out of the 3: Jeremy Kerley, Josh Gordon, Brandon Gibson?? Or I could start only 1 of those 3 and put Mikel Leshoure (against a very good Chicago run D)?? Thoughts and help please! Thanks!

Posted by:
goalee1486 10/16/12 05:34 PM

Also have Lance Moore and/or Devery Henderson as an option too...still not sure on Moore's hamstring yet

Posted by:
goalee1486 10/16/12 05:35 PM

KFFL is recommending starting Stevie Johnson over Calvin Johnson. They just lost the last bit of credibility they still had with me. Like the guy who came up with that list is really going to Bench Calvin for Stevie Fricking Johnson, give me a break. Just wanted to say nice list.

Posted by:
nate04040404 10/16/12 07:16 PM

I have a dilemma there's some good WR's that r FA's in my League and the WR spots have been killing me especially in Week 6 so I wanna drop WR Dominek Hixon for one of the FA's and my back up TE also so witch 2 WR FA should I get out of these:(Kenny Britt),(Lance Moore),(Denarius Moore),(Josh Gordon),(Andrew Hawkins),(Santana Moss),(Kevin Ogletree),(Chris Givens),(Donald Jones),(Chaz Schilens),(Brandon Gibson),(Shaun Hill) and (Brandon LaFell)pls let me know witch 2 would u pick up or should hold onto D. Hixon and just pick up one WR FA? Also wondering if I should pick up a FA RB or not bc my 2 best RB's have there BYE week so I only have 2 RB on roster that r able to start and I have to start 2 RB's!!! So do u think I'll be ok this Week with(RB1 Alfred Morris vs NYG)and(RB2 Mikel Leshoure vs CHI)? The reason I ask is I'm facing the guy who's in 1st place in my league and he scores a lot of points every Week. In my league these RB's r FA's:(Alex Green),(Brandon Bolden)and(Vick Ballard)!!! So should I pick one of them up and start em this Week?

Posted by:
Six19R_OG-Mobsta 10/17/12 06:00 PM

James Jones or Brandon Gibson? Do we see Rogers going off on Stl. like he did against Hou.

Posted by:
CapeFlyrz 10/17/12 06:16 PM

James Jones has 6 TDs in the last 3 games...I would ride that wave until it dies or when Jennings comes back. And since Gibson is STL's main WR threat, I bet GB puts Tramon Williams on him, with Woodson over the top.

Posted by:
goalee1486 10/17/12 11:38 PM

goalee1486: Jeremy Kerley and Brandon Gibson

MAtt214racer: Kenny Britt and Brandon Gibson

CapeFlyrz: James Jones

Posted by:
HollywoodStars 10/18/12 08:54 AM

Sidney Rice or Earl Bennett?

Posted by:
tmtaz 10/18/12 11:28 AM

witch 3 WR's should I start this Week7 in MY NON PPR League? These r the WR's I have to pick from:(M. Williams TB vs NO),(K. Britt TEN vs BUF),(D. Moore OAK vs JAC),(J. Gordon vs IND),(J. Jones GB vs STL)or(A. Johnson HOU vs BAL)? Who do u all think will be the Best 3 WR's out of them to Start Week7? I appreciate all ur guys Advice Thanks!!!!

Posted by:
Six19R_OG-Mobsta 10/18/12 01:44 PM

What's with the Mike Williams hate? Seriously, against NO, he's got to be higher on the list.

Posted by:
myusernameexists 10/18/12 02:26 PM

I have James jones victor Cruz megaton aj green lol

Posted by:
BenJanes 10/18/12 09:05 PM

Randall Cobb or Doug Martin for the Flex? 1/2 pt PPR, 1pt for 25yds kickoff and punt return.

Leaning towards Cobb since he has less downside then Martin. I feel TB will end up abandoning the run game if they fall behind against the Saints. Thoughts?

Posted by:
csadow 10/19/12 04:22 PM

Who is the better start Kerley for the Jets or mike Williams for Tampa bay

Posted by:
Hgriff1 10/20/12 04:30 PM

Almost forgot its a ppr league

Posted by:
Hgriff1 10/20/12 04:31 PM

Ppr league. Can Start 2....C Johnson, M Wallace, or M Cost on??

Posted by:
gman2483 10/21/12 10:24 AM

Sorry, last one is Colston

Posted by:
gman2483 10/21/12 10:25 AM

Ppr league- which one starts mike Williams/TB or Kerley for the Jets?

Posted by:
Hgriff1 10/21/12 11:09 AM
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