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User Comments for Week 8 WR Rankings

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This is How WR Get There Pts in My League~{Every 10 yards Rec.=1pts}{Each Rec TD=6pts}and{Every Rec. Fumble= -2pts}!! Which 3 WR Should I Start In Week 8, That Give Me the Best Chance To Score The Most Pts in My NON PPR League out of These 6 WR> (D. Bowe KC vs OAK),(D. Moore OAK vs KC),(J. Jones GB vs JAC),(J. Gordon CLE vs SD),(M. Williams TB vs MN) or (K. Britt TEN vs IND)? I'd appreciate all the Advice I can get from EveryBody on this Dilemma, Thanks!!!!
WHIR 100%!!!!!

Posted by:
Six19R_OG-Mobsta 10/24/12 09:25 PM

Maclin or Bowe for flex. I got Harvin and Lance Moore for 1 & 2

Posted by:
giwarriors12 10/24/12 10:31 PM

Matt, I'd take D. Moore, J. Jones, and K. Britt.
Bowe is question mark due to friggen Quinn, Gordon is hit or miss, I still don't trust him (but he's close here), Minn defense too strong to rely on an inconsistent Williams and Freeman.

glwarriors, Maclin for flex, easy call for me.

Posted by:
dabucks 10/25/12 05:46 AM

Vincent Jackson or Malcolm Floyd?

Posted by:
Kidmikey23 10/25/12 11:42 AM

In a NON PPR league and i need to fill a WR2 and FLEX option with 2 of these guys: Maclin vs. Atl, Cobb vs. Jac , Kerley vs. Mia and , Wright vs. Ind. I'm leaning toward Maclin and Cobb, but Kerley has the best mach up number wise, but i don't trust Sanchez. What do you guys think?

Posted by:
bcarey34 10/25/12 01:08 PM

I've been doing FFL for over 20 years and can't remember a time where a guy with so many TD's and a regular starter at this point of the year got as little respect from 'experts' as Andre Roberts of the Cardinals.

Yes, we know his QB situation sucks, but we also know that he's got Fitzgerald playing on the other side, a guy who will command double teams consistently.

IF the second fiddle guy isn't getting looks, that's one thing, but Roberts is getting looks and has scored TD's in four separate games.

To see 40+ wr's ranked above him every week is kinda whack.

Posted by:
algonquinmatt 10/25/12 01:56 PM Owner

The main reason Andre Roberts is ranked so low is that they're facing the 49ers. The 49ers have only allowed two TDs to WRs in seven games this year (GB's James Jones in week 1 and Victor Cruz in week 6). Anything is possible, but right now we don't like the Cardinals' WRs chances.

Posted by:
FFToolbox 10/25/12 10:29 PM

Help!!!! Would you trade Fitzgerald for spiller and Richardson/rams

Posted by:
Hgriff1 10/26/12 04:09 PM

I'm in a non-ppr league. Iv'e got the most pts, but i'm 2-5. Arian Foster's on a bye week and J.Nelson is probably out. My #1 QB is Cam Newton and backup is Cutler. We play 3 WR's and I have Denarius Moore, Sidney Rice, Maclin, and Fitzgerald. Which 3 do I start and do I go with Newton over Cutler as planned. I'm going against first place in the league, but I'm projected to win 6 of next 7 weeks. (I'm a 20pt underdog this week, but got 16.7 pts from Peterson). Sorry for being lon-winded.

Posted by:
longbear99 10/27/12 01:40 PM

Jeff, i see your rationale, you have downgraded Roberts THIS week because of a tough matchup.

If that's the case, then why is Larry Fitzgerald ranked in the top 20?

We are almost half way through the season. Roberts has more TD's and more fantasy pts. than Fitzgerald. Do you think that the 49ers will be keying in on Roberts this week and that will give Fitz more space and more chances? Or are you merely ranking Fitz twice as high as Roberts just because of the past and his name value?

I tend to rank guys like Fitzgerald higher early in the season, knowing their pedigree...but at this stage, this season has to count for something.

Posted by:
algonquinmatt 10/27/12 01:42 PM

Here's a PPR question ... Maclin, lance Moore w/ graham hurting, or Gibby against patriots. Also, does Vernon play for retribution or do I go Martellus Bennett?

Posted by:
friedchef 10/27/12 10:23 PM

Need three...Roddy White, Sidney Rice, Kenny Brit, Ryan Broyles, Earl Bennett. Thanks.

Posted by:
tmtaz 10/28/12 09:33 AM
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