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User Comments for Week 11 QB Rankings

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Need a 2nd Qb
McCown or Kaepernick ?

Posted by:
splinter25 11/12/13 12:32 PM

This might well be the season's dumbest question: Do you start Manning this week?

Given his injury and KC's rested and hard hitting defence, I'm really worried he'll play the distance.

To make matters worse I'm running the Chief's D# too...

I've nabbed Keenum now as insurance but wondering if I should start him as he's facing up against Oakland...

Posted by:
mrlarone 11/13/13 04:17 AM

i'm not sayin........i'm just sayin........i'd roll with keenum

Posted by:
corovaman 11/13/13 10:09 AM

Which Qb should I go with?

Stafford vs Pit

RGIII vs Philly

Posted by:
icbomber11 11/13/13 11:00 AM

That's a tough question to answer @mrlarone ... if Peyton is getting hammered out there, will DEN leave him in a non-playoff game? Knowing Manning, he'll fight to stay in it, but knowing the coaches and NFL ownership, they'll pull him out after seeing so many top NFL players go down to season-ending IR this year...

But I'd play Manning anyway. You don't bench studs.

Watch the game be 31-38 for KC and Manning throws 4TDs and 2 INTs ... You never know... what was Manning's worst game this year? 2 TDs? That's better than Keenum IMO.

Posted by:
liquid2012 11/13/13 11:03 AM

RG3 is your man!!

Posted by:
corovaman 11/13/13 12:36 PM

Should I go with Nick Foles against Washington, or Cam Newton against New England?

Posted by:
Otth 11/13/13 12:37 PM

Rg3, Peyton Manning or Phillip Rivers?

Posted by:
Odecko3000 11/13/13 02:02 PM

Anybody got answers for DIFFICULT fantasy questions!? I gotta play Matt Ryan, Mike Glennon or Big Ben. Any Help?

Posted by:
Sendranath 11/13/13 09:44 PM

Splinter I would go with mccown better weapons to throw to

Sendranath I would probably go big ben though glennon wont be bad either, I would avoid all atlanta players right now except harry douglas

Posted by:
WildcardB*tches!! 11/13/13 10:20 PM

Cheers Liquid,

Seems the Toolbox agrees with you, latest analysis is he's a must play.

Here's hoping he throw's a ton of TD's and interceptions Xp

Posted by:
mrlarone 11/14/13 05:30 AM

Lucky or unlucky to have Foles and RG3? Now which one do I start this week against the weak defenses?

Posted by:
Hgriff1 11/14/13 10:45 AM

I had the same question as Liquid, except that my backup QB is Foles. My biggest fear is that Peyton gets knocked out early. Plus I'm on the bubble to make the playoffs over these next 3 weeks.

Posted by:
KennyH137 11/14/13 02:39 PM

Help!!!! Foles or Rg3

Posted by:
Hgriff1 11/14/13 04:05 PM

rg3 or cam?

Posted by:
criffrock 11/14/13 04:13 PM

Cam was a bust for me last wk and I don't think this wk will be any diff against NE. Buuuut I have Big Ben as my QB2. Would I be crazy to start him over Cam?

Posted by:
taylor.pharmd 11/15/13 01:08 AM

Need some serious help

PPR league ….pick 1RB 2WR and a flex

Chris Ivory vs Buf
Rashad Jennings vs Hou
Rainey vs Atl
Ingram vs SF

Cecil Shorts vs Ari
Keenan Allen vs Mia
Percey Harvin vs Min
Roddy White vs TB
Emmanuel Sanders vs Det

Posted by:
icbomber11 11/15/13 06:01 PM

Ok folks, need some advise. I own both Cam and Brady. Which do you think is the better start Monday night?

Posted by:
elijahknights 11/15/13 11:38 PM

Can over Brady don't fall asleep on that panther defense and they are at home

Posted by:
Hgriff1 11/16/13 11:30 AM

Why r updates late

Posted by:
bobbytrumps 11/16/13 05:33 PM

You guys are slackin! No updates since Wed? Its Sunday need to know who to start!

Posted by:
cbevans 11/17/13 08:15 AM

Who do i play. Andy Dalton or Josh McCown. Thanks

Posted by:
tmtaz 11/17/13 11:20 AM

yea, it is an hour before the first set of games and no updates. letting us down guys.

Posted by:
aeronjb 11/17/13 12:05 PM

are y'all not gonna update your rankings before kickoff? bummer...

Posted by:
neyel8r 11/17/13 12:51 PM
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