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User Comments for Week 16 QB Rankings

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I want to start Foles or Rivers over Newton this week based on Newtons performance last time he played New Orleans.

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mgoroza625 12/17/13 10:18 AM

I have to decide between Foles or Brees. Tough call the way Saints have played on the road lately. Bears defense sucks but the thing is since you and I both have Foles. Bears rush def is lousy. McCoy is maybe #1 RB this week. But he does catch passes. That game is Sun Nite Nat TV. But what will weather be like. If I were you I'd go to fantasyprosdotcom. Don't just take consensus opinion as alot of guys suck. The consensus is that these supposed experts. The best ones avg about a lil over 60%. So edit the experts for 2013 season and use the multiplayer for each year at just QB. Combine the top guys for 2013 and year 5,4,3 and 2. Do this Sunday morning and you will end up with about 7-10 experts out of 111. Then update and they will give you a ranking of who to play in standard and PPR scoring. BTW NOT TO BASH FFTOOLBOX. But last year FFTool had a really good year picking players as they have that expert gold symbol on site. BUT this year FFTOOLbox has had a mediocre year. It happens. So I would do what I just suggested.

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tjirish34 12/17/13 11:55 AM

Kinda surprised R Fitzpatrick is so low....He's had 20 or more FP in 5 of the last 8 games and is coming off a 400 yard, 4TD game against a tough Cardinals defense....And this week gets the Jags in balmy Florida.

Personally, I'd much rather play him than quite a few guys ranked ahead of him. He's not pretty, but is finding a way to put up some numbers and weather shouldn't be a concern.

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tts42572 12/17/13 04:08 PM

Russell Wilson or Tony Romo? Championship on the line here...

Posted by:
bcs7709 12/17/13 11:49 PM

Stafford or Coussins?
Road stafford the entire year, but Detroits in the dumps...Cowboys have given up the most FF to QB's all year?
I also have Crabtree and Edleman on the bench right now. I don't like Dez Bryants matchup vs. Hall this week. Angry that Cutler came back too because I have Alshon Jeff and Marshall is cutlers favorite receiver. Lastly, I got into the championship benching Denver D for Buffalo, and I am taking a chance on Denver this week against Houston who has given up the most FF to D this year....Decisions decisions..but seriously....STAFFORD OR COUSINS?????????????

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bialy14 12/18/13 12:37 PM

@ bialy - I have both Stafford and Cousins and I am rolling with Stafford...I like Denver's D this week a lot...and I would consider Edleman for sure not so much Crabtree here

help me out

So, I am in the Championship of my PP league and have Jordan Cameron for tihgt end....he has a concussion...if he doesn't play which one of these guys should I pick up

Zach Ertz vs Chi
Andrew Quarless vs Pit
Mercedes Lewis vs Ten


Posted by:
icbomber11 12/18/13 12:42 PM

What would you do???

Im in the championship for two leagues. One league I have Luck and Cousins. Other league, the guy im going up against has Luck and Cousins. Who do I start? The guy Im playing who has Luck and Cousins said its gunna be a game time decision for him.

Right now Im leaning towards starting Cousins but if the other guy im playing starts cousins as well should I switch to Luck so I have a better shot at winning both? Or do I match him and stick with Cousins as a hedge and play it safe.


Posted by:
Mac511 12/18/13 12:49 PM

Heres my current line up...PPR...
Dez Bryant
Adrian Peterson
Eddie Lacy
Jimmy Graham
Frank Gore
Dawson/ Kicker
Denver D

On my bench I have Edelman and Crabtree who is worth contemplating a well as Buffalo D, Detroit D ( giants have given up the most FF points to Defenses all year, but too risky right now how Detroit is playing, and Giants D played very well against Seattle, so that is also why I am tentative about Stafford, hes had 2 points in the blizzard and 11 points at home, granted, he probably would have had 10 more points if Calvin didn't drop it like its hot)

@IC Bomber, are any tight ends available in your league right now that have consistent numbers? IMO, most TE you never know how much in the game plan they are, you can shoot for the stars and hope they are in the game plan, and TE can get you 20 pts+,...I would look at someone that is available that is targeted the most for the championship...

that is also my thinking with Frank Gore...He is a grinder, I knew I would not get many points out of him last week, but I knew I would get about 10 points no matter what....

So going into this week, I know Edleman "CAN" be targeted a ton and he can be a game changer for me...he had 26 pts last week, but Baltimore d is a different ball game. So my thinking is...take the consistent safer play with Frank Gore knowing I should get around 10 pts minimum out of him...and he can break out for more....

I am going to struggle with my Stafford vs. Cousins...Cousins right now in my FFTOOL BOX is rated the second best QB this week behind Manning, Stafford dropped to 12th.....

@MAC- I think you have to go with Cousins???...I think the answer is simple...Dallas have given up the most Fantasy Points to QBS all season...versus going up against a Kansas City Defense that has been a consistent choice in my league.....

Stafford on the other hand has been a consistent 20 pointer all season except the last 2

Posted by:
bialy14 12/18/13 01:15 PM

@ bialy - THanks for your input...I am in a 14 team league and the only tight ends that I see even worth considering are:

Pick one: I have Cameron (if he gets cleared I will play him) but if not...

Meyers vs Det
Lewis vs Ten
Paulsen vs Dal
Ertz vs Chi
Quarless vs Pit

I am in a tough situation now unless Cameron gets cleared...any help is stinks this will be my TE for the championship

Posted by:
icbomber11 12/18/13 02:45 PM

now im thinking of benching dez bryant for edleman ! IDK WHAT TO DO...over thinking here lol

umm so i looked up your TE's.....
I think you have to chose between ERTZ and QUARLESS...
Problem with ERTZ is phili tried to beat the vikings through the he was relevant...teams try to beat the bears on the ground....However, both teams can SCORE via the air.

Quarless last 2 weeks have been impressive...I think you have to go with Quarless?

Posted by:
bialy14 12/18/13 03:41 PM

First my question: Foles or Cutler? Foles started hot and tapered off lately, and the Bears run D is weak so they will run a lot. Cutler has great weapons and Phi pass D is weak.

Brees vs. Foles, I'd take Brees. Career vs. CAR he is 2.1 TDs, 0.9 INT, 290 yds.

Romo vs. Wilson, I'd take Romo. Both should do well. Vegas odds have the Cowboys game close where the Seattle game should be a blow out. That tells me Seattle will run more.

Luck vs. Cousins, I'd take Cousins. KC will eat Luck and Cousins has better weapons.

Posted by:
mkrpan 12/19/13 03:14 PM

Cousins or Newton? Championship

Posted by:
Turf Dusters 12/20/13 03:04 AM

@Turf...If it were me, I'd be playing Newton without thinking twice. He's at home...And is a proven stud that can have big games throwing or running.

I'm debating Cousins and Fitzpatrick myself...I'm kinda surprised Cousins is ranked so high on this site...

I know the Cowboys defense had been worst in the league in terms of points allowed....But they haven't allowed multiple TD passes in 3 straight games all season (and currently have 2 straight).

This is a must win game and the Cowboys have been embarrassed the past two weeks. I really expect them to play a much better game this week....But that is just a gut feeling...

Posted by:
tts42572 12/20/13 08:45 AM

@ all guys needing a TE:

Pick up Houston's backup = Ryan Griffin = 10 points

Posted by:
DarthMonk 12/20/13 07:05 PM

Cousins or Cutler? Championship

Posted by:
swim_ny 12/20/13 08:29 PM

@tts42572 I agree. I am real tempted to start him over Russell, Russell could come out of the game if it gets out of hand.

Posted by:
yardpenalty 12/20/13 08:42 PM

Need a second opinion

I have Foles/Cutler/Dalton; Foles has gotten me here, but the other two have way better matchups.

DJax vs Crabtree - Again, Djax has been a stud, but worried about matchup and Crabtree seems about ready to break out and playing a team going no where.

Dawson vs Tucker - Toss up here; better weather in SF but Tucker has been so good. NE defense stinks so I'm not sure if 3s will turn to 7s.

Cleveland vs Detroit - NYG riddled with injuries and OL is a joke vs NYJ which has been most generous to defenses this year.

Either way its been a fun ride for me....I blew out my opponent last week as I had Charles, Foles, Djax, Tucker, Stacy, Jeffrys...record score for the league

Posted by:
coppermine 12/21/13 03:15 PM

Normally I wouldn't feel that I had to ask this question but with the heavy rain expected in Philly should I start Foles or go with Kaepernick?

Posted by:
Nfamous209 12/21/13 06:14 PM

Foles in the rain or Rivers at home in sunny SD?

Morris in the rain, Lacy in the snow, Bush in a dome, or Bernard against Min. All defenses are comparable, but the weather can slow you down?

Posted by:
billberry338822 12/22/13 09:18 AM

Foles in the rain with maybe not a lot to play for. or Dalton who is scary to count on.

Posted by:
dstuff24 12/22/13 11:11 AM

Same situation. Foles or cousins in the rain. Thinking about benching Hilton and starting Baldwin vs Arizona. Benching Fleener for quarless.

Posted by:
theaddeo 12/22/13 11:27 AM

I like Morris and Lacey, just because i feel like Bernard and Bush are too hit or miss for my taste. I would start Newton over Cousins no matter what. I never like counting on anyone from Dallas and I would not like to put a championship in the hands of Tony Romo. With that said, I would not bench Bryant because Dallas will throw the ball not matter what and Bryant will get his chances.

Posted by:
dstuff24 12/22/13 11:29 AM
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