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User Comments for Week 3 QB Rankings

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RGIII just getting no love from you guys this year?? #12 against Detroit? He's going to shred them.

Posted by:
SuperDad22 09/17/13 05:43 PM

Time for Detroit to break their "Ofer" in Washington this week.

Posted by:
travisalmli 09/18/13 12:22 AM

Andrew luck couldn't go to san Francisco at a worse time. Will be real ugly for the colts.

Posted by:
biounit67 09/18/13 11:22 AM

Stafford or Vick this week (3)?

Posted by:
MAMourton 09/18/13 12:37 PM

I'm playing Vick. I know there are injury concerns but until those arise...He is my guy. I've heard talk too about KC being able to maybe stop this offense and this offense still has holes...but through two, no one has any idea what they can do to stop it. Chip Kelly ran this successfully for multiple years...Eagles will only learn more and get better with it. My 2 cents.

Posted by:
WBosco10 09/18/13 01:08 PM

start Matt Ryan or Alex Smith this week?

Posted by: 09/18/13 02:58 PM

Start Russell Wilson or Tony Romo? Wilson just hasn't been putting up the points.

Posted by:
mattyian 09/18/13 03:14 PM

About time we give phillip rivers some love, he will be top ten this week.

Posted by:
strahl9 09/18/13 08:40 PM

Russell Wilson looks a little high to me here. Yes, the Seahawks are going to demolish the lowly Jags, but with the game likely out of hand early, how much throwing will Wilson really be doing?

Looks more like a career day for M Lynch, with him literally running out the clock in a blow-out.

I just got Matt Ryan for Mike Vick, but I also have Russell Wilson... Would start Ryan without hesitation, but FFToolbox seems to be leading me in another direction. Thoughts?

Posted by:
crumpwood 09/19/13 07:03 PM

I would probably go with Ryan. I have not seen ATL play this year, but last I heard was S Jax was out. Might lead to more passes. I do not like Wilson this week because he might have to throw like 3 passes the whole game. Seattle is 20 point favorites over the Jags, and I do not think Mr. Carrol will be going for the jugular to prove a point like he did last week.

Bradford or Dalton????

I am a packers fan, so first thought is to play Dalton because I see a shoot out coming and the pack do not have a great secondary. But Dalton has red hair. I am not as familiar with the 'boys secondary. Any advice is much appreciated.

Posted by:
las8 09/20/13 05:16 AM

PPR Flex help please! I need 1.

Darren Sproles
DeMarco Murray
Bernard Pierce (assuming Rice is out)

Posted by: 09/20/13 11:03 AM

I'd go with Bradford over Dalton. Dalton looked terrible last week, overshooting his receivers all over the place. Bradford is just better, but you're right that Dalton could light up GB with AJ Green streaking all over the place... Safer: Bradford. Higher Upside: Dalton.

And, then, I'd go with DeMarco Murray in the Flex, but only because I HATE the 'Aints, so I can't pick Sproles, even though he has the best match-up of the three. But you're not going to get a full season out of Murray, so why not ride him while you can...

Posted by:
crumpwood 09/20/13 01:02 PM

Newton or Rivers?

Posted by:
gr8house 09/20/13 07:33 PM

If Gronk doesn't play week 3 is Bradford a start and Brady a sit? I think I lost a piece of my soul typing that out......

Posted by:
marcN. 09/20/13 07:49 PM

And Bradford is my only other option.

Posted by:
marcN. 09/20/13 07:58 PM

Can't wait for all the return yards Manning is gonna score me this week...smh. Are you ever gonna fix the RET rankings?

Posted by:
ags4life 09/20/13 08:42 PM

Bradford at 15? He's having an excellent start and is going against the number 28 pass defense. Plus, if you think the Cowboys will win this game, he's likely to be throwing til the end.

I see Bradford as a top ten QB this week for sure.

Posted by:
algonquinmatt 09/21/13 12:01 PM

2qb,2 flex. 12 person league... What do you guys think for a second flex? J. Gordon vs Vikings, C. Shorts vs. Seattle (99% no), Mcgahee vs. Vikings, or B. Powell vs. Bills? Thanks guys!

Posted by:
donroja 09/21/13 09:52 PM

Would you guys start Joique Bell over Trent Richardson if Bush is out? Thanks

Posted by:
mcjimi27 09/22/13 08:58 AM

The returners category isn't working...

Posted by:
FFKDB1212 09/22/13 11:31 AM
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