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User Comments for Week 4 QB Rankings

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Where's cam??

Posted by:
WegotLUCK18 09/24/13 04:14 PM

Bye week this week

Posted by:
manianc42 09/24/13 06:28 PM

welcome to first bye week


Posted by:
Cu 09/24/13 06:31 PM

I am really done with Brady. But I cant let myself drop him without seeing what happens when Amendola and Gronk come back...until then I am rolling the dice with Vick. Any thoughts?

Posted by:
WBosco10 09/24/13 09:20 PM

if you start vick vs. the broncos instead of brady you're crazy. Did you see him last week? lol

Posted by:
steveswanzy 09/25/13 01:01 AM

SEA playing HOU, not OAK.....change projection

Posted by:
dsny79 09/25/13 09:28 AM

@steveswanzy - I know... maybe he can have one more amazing week and then get hurt and then Amendola and Gronk will come back and we can all go back to New England offensive happy land!

Posted by:
WBosco10 09/25/13 03:41 PM

Done with tom Brady? Are you nutz?

Posted by:
yardpenalty 09/25/13 09:35 PM

TB is a top 5 QB this week.

Posted by:
yardpenalty 09/25/13 09:36 PM

Do I start Colin or Luck

Posted by:
mishalow 09/25/13 10:35 PM

Matt Ryan against NE or Vick against Denver? Standard non-ppr

Posted by:
oakster15 09/25/13 11:11 PM

@yardpenalty - TB has been a slipping fantasy performer since last year! He has yet to make any projection I have seen this year. I need more from my QB and if I'm only going to get mid to high teen's in points (based on my league scoring), I'd rather try my luck with Vick.

@mishalow - Luck.

@oakster - I've liked Ryan this year. This game could be a shoot out. Or who drops more passes (see above for Tom Brady). With that said, Pryor had some good stats in must throw situations. I'm going with Vick in hopes of the same.

Posted by:
WBosco10 09/26/13 12:27 AM

Brady over Romo?

Posted by:
Bil3mar 09/26/13 06:40 PM

Cutler or Wilson. 6pt TD league for QB

Posted by:
mgoroza625 09/26/13 10:16 PM

What is going on with the RET category this projections???

Posted by:
Troydd24 09/29/13 10:10 AM

I won't even begin to describe the events that lead to this being my situation....needless to say I'm in a rough spot...

I've got to start 2 QBs.- Choices are:
Brian Hoyer
Mike Glennon
Matt Flynn

League is a PPR/Performance League - so completions/yard count for QBs in addition to TDs

Posted by:
fence82246 09/29/13 12:23 PM

mgoroza625 - My gut says Wilson. I think Cutler has the tougher matchup.

Posted by:
fence82246 09/29/13 12:25 PM

Hoyer confidently and all the way, can't deny 50 attempts and he has one more game under his belt than the other guys

Posted by:
mgoroza625 09/29/13 12:30 PM

So between Glennon and Flynn for my 2nd QB who do you think?

Posted by:
fence82246 09/29/13 12:40 PM
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