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User Comments for Week 12 RB Rankings

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Which RB should I bench this week:

Jamaal Charles vs Den
Rashad Jennings vs Tenn
Bobby Rainey vs Cle
Chris Ivory vs Bal

Posted by:
icbomber11 11/20/13 02:35 PM

I'd bench Ivory (NYJ) versus BAL.

Jammal (Stud)
Rashad Jennings (versus TEN that's allowed 15 TDs in 11 games this year)
Bobby Rainey (fresh legs and is involved in the passing game)

I'd bench Chris Ivory because he's not involved much in the passing attack, BAL has allowed only one 100 yard rusher for the whole season and the NYJ offence with a rookie QB is just too damn unpredictable...

Posted by:
liquid2012 11/20/13 03:24 PM

Need to start 2 of these RB's:
DeMarco Murray @ New York Giants, Eddie Lacy vs Minnesota Vikings, LeVeon Bell @ Cleveland Browns, Andre Brown vs Dallas Cowboys, Chris Johnson @ Oakland Raiders and Shane Vereen vs Denver Broncos.

Posted by:
Otth 11/20/13 03:59 PM

Eddie lacy and Andre brown

Posted by:
taylor.pharmd 11/20/13 10:40 PM

Can't decide this week. I have Murray vs the Giants or Jones-Drew vs the Texans.

Posted by:
morts519 11/21/13 08:32 AM

Jennings vs TEN or Vereen vs Denver?

Posted by:
taylor.pharmd 11/21/13 01:18 PM

Who to starts Sproles or Ogbonnaya ?

Posted by:
splinter25 11/21/13 01:35 PM

@morts519 - I'd play Murray because both will get crappy yardage, but Murray will probably get a TD over MJD

@taylor.pharmd - definitely Jennings. TEN has given up 2 TDs per game to RBs for 5 games straight.

@splinter25 - I'd go Ogbonnaya just because Sproles might have real health issues - which might mean his touches are even *more* limited. Sproles has also lost alot of ground to Pierre Thomas, while Ogbonnaya has gained. Don't expect a miracle for either one.

Posted by:
liquid2012 11/21/13 02:29 PM

Can you guys help with WR's no one is answering on that page:

Need help at WR this week...PPR league start 2

Michael Floyd vs Indy
Cecil Shorts vs Hou
Nate Burleson vs TB
Keenan Allen vs KC
Roddy White vs NO

Posted by:
icbomber11 11/21/13 02:33 PM

Thanks liquid2012 !!

Posted by:
splinter25 11/21/13 02:54 PM

@icbomber11 - I wouldn't start Shorts because he's on the worst offence in the NHL and now that Blackmon is gone, even Shorts isn't producing. I wouldn't start Burleson because he isn't 100% cleared to play all the snaps yet. That leaves Keenan Allen vs the toughest D in the NFL, broken Roddy White against a D that has given up the 3rd fewest points in the last 4 games and the "is he injured?" Michael Floyd with his Week 11 breakout game against an Indy D that has been pretty forgiving to WRs the last 5 games.

I'd go with Keenan based on pure talent and targets. And between White and Floyd - both are a risk. Roddy White is NOT playing the way he used to. His TD last week barely saved his fantasy value - but ATL might be playing from behind against NO so it will open up the passing game a lot more. Michael Floyd might or might not have a bad shoulder - but his matchup against IND is actually quite favourable.

Gut call I'd go with Floyd. But I bet neither one gets a TD and Floyd gets 70 yards to White's 50 yards.... then again, I could be wrong lol

Posted by:
liquid2012 11/21/13 03:24 PM

Choose 3 to start in PPR. Jamaal Charles, Zac Stacy, Andre Brown, Shane Vereen.

Posted by:
lburro2 11/21/13 05:33 PM

@Iburro2 I'd start Jamaal and Brown. DAL (against Brown) has a worse run defence than CHI (against Stacy) and there's bound to be points flying all over the place in that game - along with short yardage TD opportunities. Vareen doesn't get all the snaps, so not as solid of an option as Brown or Stacy.

The only risk here is that Jacobs could vulture the 1-yard TDs from Brown... but I'm counting on DAL's poor run D (especially with Lee out) to cough up at least one 5 to 10 yard TD to Brown this week.

Posted by:
liquid2012 11/22/13 09:00 AM

@Iburro2 - I didn't see "choose 3" - obviously Jamaal, Brown and Stacy - that's a strong lineup this week for you.

Posted by:
liquid2012 11/22/13 09:17 AM

Thanks liquid2012!

Posted by:
taylor.pharmd 11/23/13 11:39 AM
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