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User Comments for Week 6 RB Rankings

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My current RBs are CJ Spiller, L Miller, D Richardson and B Tate. Someone offered me F Jackson for Miller. Thoughts?

Posted by:
SuperTurtleman 10/09/13 04:51 PM

Sproles or Woodhead? Leaning towards Woodhead, seems Thomas is taking a bit of the action away from Sproles as of late.. any thoughts? (ESPN Standard League)

Posted by:
toy71camaro 10/09/13 05:12 PM

why would you want both guys from buffalo? i won't make that trade.

Posted by:
royalty2k2 10/09/13 08:02 PM

mcgahee vs det or johnson vs sea? i like mcgahee better

Posted by:
phil1280 10/09/13 10:40 PM

Speaking more of a Rest of Season outlook would you keep Joique Bell or drop him to add Willis McGahee (or someone else)?

At RB I have (FA and WW i pretty thin)
Alfred Morris
DeMarco Murray
Giovani Bernard

Available are:
Ryan Mathews
Pierre Thomas
Willis McGahee
BenJarvus Green-Ellis
Bernard Pierce
Zac Stacy

Posted by:
Nfamous209 10/10/13 12:14 AM

I would take Woodhead and McGahee.

Posted by:
Miracle187 10/10/13 12:35 PM

I just cut D Wilson who this site had as #3 for Rbs.

Posted by:
inghamd 10/10/13 04:07 PM

I also could cut D Wilson over Joique Bell. With Wilson injured and Bush taking more touches that J Bell at this point kinda trying to figure out someone I can rely on more. It's just very thin at the RB position as you can see.

Posted by:
Nfamous209 10/10/13 05:02 PM

rb2, would u start mcgahee,law firm, hillman, d. brown, reece, r jennings, bolden, jacobs, d rich or helu #FantasyFootball

Posted by:
criffrock 10/10/13 05:31 PM

damn, wish i would have gone with jacobs......

Posted by:
criffrock 10/10/13 10:40 PM

toy71camaro - Pierre Thomas played the Bears. Look what Dinosaur legs Brandon Jacobs did to them. I would still go with Woody thought because NE isn't that bad against the run. I went out and got Andre Brown this Wed. and am feeling good about this move. I have Vereen and Brown waiting on ice for the playoffs if I need them. I don't see Brandon Jacobs winning over Andre Brown when he comes back. I'd drop D'rel Scott and go out and get him before it is too late. Wilson may not even see the field the rest of they year and if he does he will play a Spiller type role while Brown plays the FJax role.

Posted by:
yardpenalty 10/11/13 12:09 AM

at inghamd: This site is pretty accurate to be honest. They did fall in love with Wilson, which I argued in the preseason. I then prematurely congratulate Matt for his predictions. We all make bad calls from time to time. Yes, go out and get Woodhead and McGahee. I wouldn't count Joique Bell out just yet, but if you need starters now then get those two. I actually like Bell this week at CLE. Bush isn't very good if Calvin isn't in the lineup. Bell is an injury away from having a Ray Rice type role.

Posted by:
yardpenalty 10/11/13 12:12 AM

criffrock - now you have to go with Hillman PPR or Stacy standard. PT cruiser would be tak

Posted by:
yardpenalty 10/11/13 12:14 AM

en into consideration

Posted by:
yardpenalty 10/11/13 12:15 AM

Eddie Lacy or Bernard this week?

Posted by:
Jer21 10/11/13 06:52 PM

You guys have Le'Veon Bell on your sit'em list but have him ranked as the 16th running back in your rankings... What's up with that...???????

Posted by:
rickynewport 10/11/13 10:02 PM

@Jer21 - Bernard.

Alright, I may be overthinking this but McCoy or Morris. McCoy going against a good TB defense, but also a defense that hasn't seen a top 10 RB. Also, unsure about how the offense will look with Nick Foles at QB. Morris is in an offense that is not the 2012 offense, but Dallas has given up big numbers to random RB's this year. Appreciate any insight guys!!

Posted by:
WBosco10 10/12/13 08:37 AM

@ricky it changes everyweek just because he is 16 does not mean he is going to play well that week plus its just a prediction not the outcome

Posted by:
T_Willy 10/12/13 02:10 PM

@Jer Bernard

Posted by:
T_Willy 10/12/13 02:11 PM

I never sit McCoy jus because he is most likely to get at least double digits. But Morris probably has a better matchup this wk playing the cowgirls lol

Posted by:
taylor.pharmd 10/12/13 10:10 PM

CJ2K, Powell, Spiller, Le'Veon Bell, Thomas ... need two players

Posted by:
KamikazeKris 10/12/13 10:37 PM

Can't understand ranking Spiller above Jackson. Has Spiller outplayed Jackson once this year? Spiller was my #1 pick but I'd gladly trade him for Jackson right now.

Posted by:
ScottytheMenace 10/13/13 09:11 AM

Have D Martin, T Richardson and L Bell....considering matchups thinking Martin and Richardson. Any thoughrs?

Posted by:
Miracle187 10/13/13 11:52 AM
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