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User Comments for Week 1 WR Rankings

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who do I start thompkins or holiday

Posted by:
hotwire1953 09/05/13 06:58 AM


Posted by:
pjt1973 09/05/13 11:33 AM

Who to Start Amendola or Mike Wallace?

Posted by:
sdotclark 09/05/13 03:16 PM

^ Amendola

Alright. Not sure if anyone gets passed the QB ratings for comments, but I have flex questions, and the Flex status comments are broken.

League scoring: PPR, 20 yd/pt, 6 pt td, -2 fumble

Its pretty hard for me not to start Arian Foster, so he'll most likely stay in the line up given his limited touches.... but.... I mention this because if Foster is going to only get 15-18 touches, SD look so bad I can easily see that game getting out of hand. Is Tate a viable RB2 this week?

Choices for flex:

Desean Jackson @ Was: Wash has weak corners, and I have a feeling Chip Kelly and the Eagles will be looking to prove something week 1.
Shane Vereen @ Buf: Buffalo also has some poor run D. I only lean away from Vereen because it is always hard to predict the Pats, and I don't wanna get Bellachecked week 1.
Ben Tate @ SD: Nice matchup, and like I said, this could get out of hand, Foster could see the bench fairly early in the second half.

They are listed in the order I think they'll do, Desean being in my line up currently. Always looking to hear your opinion! Thanks.

Posted by:
se7ens_travel 09/05/13 08:22 PM

I like Desean at Flex, Ive never ever been seen someone start 2 RB's on the same team. I would go with another back from a different team, or possibly use Vereen he should get alot of touches against Buffalo, that game should get pretty out of hand in the Pats favor

Posted by:
sdotclark 09/06/13 10:52 AM

Vereen, no doubt. Dobson isn't gonna play now, and Vereen is 3rd option in the passing game. I think Brady will look at Manning's 7TD game as a challenge, and will try to come as close to it as possible.

Posted by:
htrab77 09/07/13 10:03 PM

I need to start one of these guys: Steve Smith, Lance Moore, or Emmanuel Sanders.

Thank you in advance.

Posted by:
psmurakawa 09/08/13 03:44 AM

What's the deal with Roddy White? Is he starting just to protect the streak? Or is he going to contribute? I can pull him and start Tavon Austin if need be.

Posted by:
D-Rob70 09/08/13 10:40 AM

Which one do I start out of these three:

C. Shorts, K. Thompkins, M. Wallace?

Posted by:
pibill 09/08/13 11:40 AM

start sit question:

0.2 ppr: James Jones, Mo Sanu, or M. Wheaton?

Posted by:
andyjtheking 09/08/13 12:00 PM
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