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User Comments for Week 11 RB Rankings

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Start options need 2 of each and a flex. Will answer back!! Thanks

M lynch (vs minn)
E Lacy (vs NYG)
L Bell (vs Det)
S Ridley (vs Car)

Dem. Thomas (vs KC)
V Jackson (vs ATL)
R Cooper ( vs Wash)
J Gordon (vs Cincy)

Posted by:
Ccsucrose12 11/12/13 09:49 AM

Let me start of by saying your team is stacked, you've got a good problem to have lol. Having said that, I would go Lynch, Lacy and D Thomas for sure. Then for the other WR I would probably go Cooper since he's got the hot hand at the moment, Foles seems to have good chemistry with him. As for the flex, that's a tough one. I'm leaning towards Bell because of the matchup Ridley has with Carolina. But either would do, I hope this helps, good luck!

Posted by:
zimm43 11/12/13 10:29 AM

Thanks Zimm, appreciate the advice as always

Posted by:
Ccsucrose12 11/12/13 10:37 AM

No problem, I could use some help as well. I need 1 RB 1 WR and 1 flex

C Johnson vs Indy
G Bernard vs Browns

T Smith vs Bears
H Douglas vs TB
Marvin Jones vs Browns

Posted by:
zimm43 11/12/13 10:53 AM

Who is a more valuable pickup going forward...Mark Ingram or Bobby Rainey?

Posted by:
icbomber11 11/12/13 10:55 AM

Oh and I forgot H Nicks, but I've kinda given up on him.

Posted by:
zimm43 11/12/13 10:57 AM

@ Zimm...I would go with C Johnson Harry Douglas (if T Gonzo is out) and Bernard at flex...if T GOnzo plays then T Smith

Posted by:
icbomber11 11/12/13 11:01 AM

@icbomber...Thanks, as for your questions, I would probably say Rainey. James is most likely out for the year, putting Rainey as the #2 behind Leonard, but I feel will be more productive and getting a heavier dose of touches in the weeks to come. Ingram just posted his best career game, but that doesn't change the fact he's on a pass first, pass often team. I hope this helps, good luck!

Posted by:
zimm43 11/12/13 11:06 AM

I like Johnson against the colts. Browns have a pretty good front 7. But i would take Gio at flex. As far as receiver smith will have a tough match up going against Tillman most of the game although he did get beat by megatron twice last weekend. I would take Marvin jones based on matchup. Haden will be matched up with Green all day which should leave jones with looks.

Posted by:
Ccsucrose12 11/12/13 11:32 AM

Take this trade:

I give up Jammal Charles for Andre Brown and Brandon Marshall??

Posted by:
icbomber11 11/12/13 11:43 AM

@ Ccsucrose

Wow...what a nice lineup...I would go with Lynch and Lacy for sure...THomas and Cooper at WR and I like V JAX at flex...IS it PPR?

Posted by:
icbomber11 11/12/13 11:50 AM

Ccsucrose...can you help with my 2 ?'s

Posted by:
icbomber11 11/12/13 11:53 AM

Ya Ppr league, just afraid with VJax and not being productive given he had a day last game vs ATL.

@icbomber take Rainey, he'll be the predominant back there while Leonard will be the 3rd down and passing down back. Don't make that trade, brown is going to be huge throughout the rest of the year and Charles will continue to produce. QB spot is iffy right now in Chicago with cutler getting injured every other week

Posted by:
Ccsucrose12 11/12/13 01:17 PM

@ccucrose I think he was only giving Charles for both Brown and Marshall.
@icbomber I personally think that's a fair trade depending on who else you have at running back.

Posted by:
zimm43 11/12/13 01:20 PM

Oh ya read that wrong. If that's the case then yes do the trade

Posted by:
Ccsucrose12 11/12/13 01:50 PM

In a PPR, need some opinions on lineup...QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, 2 FLEX, DEF
RB1-Frank Gore
WR1-AJ Green
WR2-Pierre Garcon
TE-Antonio Gates
QB, have Matt Stafford and Nick Foles, leaning Foles at the moment
At RB2, between Donald Brown and Lamar Miller (ugh)
For Flex 1 & 2: Golden Tate, Mike Brown, Tim Wright (te), Nate Washington, Jerricho Cotchery
DEF: San Fran Defense @ New Orleans or Tennessee Defense vs. Indy

I appreciate the feedback, in advance. Thanks.

Posted by:
foosballa 11/12/13 06:51 PM

I have Charles, F Jackson, Pierre Thomas,D Williams. I was thinking of trading one for Andrea Brown any tough?

Posted by:
carvercd 11/12/13 06:58 PM

Need help....pick 2 RB's PPR league:

Woodhead vs Miami
Ellington vs jags
C Johnson vs Indy
Jones-drew vs Arizona
Andre Brown vs Packers

Posted by:
icbomber11 11/13/13 08:51 AM

@icebomber, I would take Ellington for sure, then probably Woodhead

Anyone out there think I should start Vereen this week. Its him or Jones-Drew, just not sure how well Vereen will do out of the gate.

Posted by:
morts519 11/13/13 09:11 AM

Jones -Drew...they will put vereen on a snap count

Posted by:
icbomber11 11/13/13 09:53 AM

Can anyone else input on my RB situation??

Posted by:
icbomber11 11/13/13 09:54 AM

start woodhead and andre brown

Posted by:
corovaman 11/13/13 10:12 AM

Good trade or bad trade: I give him Maurice Jones Drew and Golden Tate for Andrew Brown? PLEASE RESPOND thanks

Posted by:
RSA0005 11/13/13 12:07 PM

I need to pick 2 RB's to start this week. I am in a 6 man league, and I have LeSean McCoy, Eddie Lacy, Andre Brown, Le'Veon Bell, CJ2K, C.J. Spiller and Andre Ellington. Picked the wrong 2 RB's last week, so I need help!

Posted by:
Otth 11/13/13 12:51 PM

I have to sit one of these...who is it??? Chris Johnson(VS IND), A. Ellington(@JAX), V. Cruz(VS GB), A. Jeffery(VS BAL), R. Cooper(VS WAS).

Posted by:
Rob Ryan's Hair 11/13/13 09:50 PM

Too many posts so: if you have chris johnson start him locker is out and look what stacy did to indy also start eddie lacy hes been beastin since comin back from the bye

@Rob ryan: i would bench cruz

@rss i wouldnt do the trade based on ppr

Posted by:
WildcardB*tches!! 11/13/13 10:28 PM

Why would they put Vereen on a snap count? To protect his wrist? Snap counts are for leg / body injuries. Vereen is going to come out running hard. The only question is what Patriot offense is going to show up this week.

Posted by:
myusernameexists 11/14/13 09:50 AM

Where would Vereen be on this list, if he gets a spot vs NC?

Posted by:
mgoroza625 11/14/13 10:21 AM

Who to start?
C.J Spliller


Posted by:
splinter25 11/14/13 11:00 AM

Having a hard time deciding who to play in my flex this week between Alshon Jeffery, Danny Woodhead, or Chris Johnson. League scoring is as follows:

0.25PPR, 6pt per td, 10 yards per point, 6 point bonus for 100 yards

My 2 starting RB are AP and Lacy, and my 2 starting WR are Welker and Garcon. With that said, who do you think is the best play at Flex? Chris Johnson I dont trust too much, he seems to be too inconsistent,and they have no QB, so I expect Indy to focus on the run, and Indy is actually pretty good against the run? Tennessee is fighting for their playoff lives, and CJ see,s like a boom or bust play? Also have Shonn Greene vulturing the goal line? Jeffery has been on fire lately and getting a ton of targets…

Dont really know what to do here. To me, its down to Jeffery or Chris Johnson, what do you think? I will gladly help in return, please let me know, thanks!

Posted by:
saiyanzzrage 11/14/13 12:29 PM

Why no ranking for Vereen?

Posted by:
babylinux 11/14/13 02:46 PM

Flex Position Help! I need to pick one:

Shane Vereen, Chris Ivory, Mike Wallace, Percy Harvin, or DeAndre Hopkins?

Posted by:
mistahappol 11/14/13 04:11 PM

@mistahappol Harvin is boom or bust, and I wouldnt start him until week 13. I have harvin on my bench and thats what Im doing. Out of your options, I like Ivory the best.

Posted by:
saiyanzzrage 11/15/13 10:05 AM

Really need some help

PPR league ….pick 1RB 2WR and a flex

Chris Ivory vs Buf
Rashad Jennings vs Hou
Rainey vs Atl
Ingram vs SF

Cecil Shorts vs Ari
Keenan Allen vs Mia
Percey Harvin vs Min
Roddy White vs TB
Emmanuel Sanders vs Det

Posted by:
icbomber11 11/15/13 06:00 PM

Have ppr leagie and need to choose 2 rb. Darrin sproles vs sf, danny woodhead vs miami, and andre brown vs gb.

Posted by:
pirate88 11/17/13 10:24 AM
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