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User Comments for Week 15 RB Rankings

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I have Lynch, Forte, Lacy and Vereen! I'm playing in Semis this week.
I've been riding Lynch, Forte and Lacy all year but Vereen is putting up crazy numbers. I'm debating whether to start Vereen this week ahead of one of the other 3?
Your thoughts?

Posted by:
samani83 12/10/13 10:54 AM

I've got Bush, Vereen, Woodhead, Bernard (PPR league). I'm rolling with Bush and Vereen (I have Bush's handcuff too just in case - Bell)

If you are in PPR I would definitely slot in Vereen

Posted by:
sirhcman 12/10/13 04:59 PM

ppr league need 2- mjd, rice, stacy, r. jennings

Posted by:
criffrock 12/10/13 05:07 PM

@samani I'm saying start Vereen. Lacy and Lynch have some pretty easy matchups vs Dallas and the Giants respectively. Plus Gronk is out so Vereen should have another awesome day. All 4 are good but I'm guessing those would be your top 3 sitting Forte.

Posted by:
taylor.pharmd 12/10/13 05:22 PM

@criffrock keep an eye on MJD cause he may not play or see limited snaps. Jennings should be good to go next week and Stacy is at home. I would go with Jennings and Stacy.

Posted by:
taylor.pharmd 12/10/13 05:26 PM

Chris Johnson has a tough match-up with Arizona, and losing carries to Shonn Green. I'm starting Lacy and Bernard over him.

Posted by:
Marcero 12/10/13 06:52 PM

Who do i start in standard format. Need 3. Gerhart. Lynch. Vereen. Moreno. And Morris?
At wr need 1. James jones. Cordarelle Patterson. Or Julian Edelman?

Posted by:
slappy8080 12/11/13 09:26 AM

I've got Lacy, Jennings (one of my best free agent pickups), and Donald Brown. Solid RBs backing up my other players... I'm in the Semifinals, and I'm pretty optimistic. My opponent is playing purely off projections, not matchups, so I think I've got this one in the bag. Oh yeah, my QB is Peyton Manning, too! xP

Posted by:
laughingfool 12/11/13 11:05 AM

I have RB's Lacy, Jackson, Bernard (starting) with Brown and Starks as fillers --- WR's Gordon, AJ Green (starting) and K Wright on the bench --- and lastly TE's Gonzalez (starting) and Gates on the bench in my PPR format league. Do you think this is a good setup for this weeks match-ups?

Posted by:
cantusmellthat1 12/11/13 02:33 PM

I am in the semi finals and with Peterson Out i have Rice and Gore and Brown from the giants which Two should i start I also have C Johnson

Posted by:
Demon269 12/12/13 03:55 AM

Slappy, I have almost the same RB's as you. I have 4 but can only play 3.

Moreno, Gore, Gerhart and Lynch.

I am probably going to start Moreno, Lynch, and Gore. If Gerhart didn't have the hammy problem, I would start him over Gore. Who would you start if you were me?

Posted by:
aaronkmp 12/12/13 07:40 PM

I would start gore and lynch

Posted by:
slappy8080 12/13/13 01:26 AM

Gerhart (if healthy) or S Jax?

Posted by:
BJFROESE 12/13/13 08:17 AM

I have Bush, Forte, Stacy, and CJ. Clearly starting Forte. Between Bush and Stacy? Please help!!!

Posted by:
cdallen77 12/13/13 04:25 PM

S Jax is @ #22 vs Washington and is ranked behind Toby Gerhart, Giovani Bernard, Chris Johnson and Pierre Thomas???

Posted by:
gmanvbva 12/13/13 04:37 PM

Bjfroese go with Gerhart but monitor his status
Cdallen I say go with Bush.
Can start up to 4 rbs, only need to start 2:
M lynch, c ogbannaya, b Rainey, d Sproles
can start up to 4 wr, only need to start 2:
(Decker), h Douglas, k Wright, j Nelson, Amendola,

Posted by:
Bizemac 12/13/13 05:00 PM

@cdallen - Id go Stacy

@Bizeman - Id go Lynch & Oalaphabet - the receivers are coin flip

I've got J Charles and McCoy but need to pick a flex between R Jennings, Andre Brown or Gerhart - they all have issues. Also eyeballing J Bell if Bush can't go. Opinion?


Posted by:
ceever 12/14/13 08:22 AM

@ Bizemac - For RBs, I'd go with Lynch and Rainey, unless you were in PPR
@ Aaronkmp - I agree with your plan.
@ Cdallen - I'd go Stacy, too.
@ BJFroese - I'd go SJax over Gerhart.

For my RB2 - trying to decide between Sproles and Todman in PPR (have Vereen as RB1, also have Peterson and D. Brown)

For my WR3 - K. Wright, Crabtree, E. Sanders or Stevie Johnson?


Posted by:
dgroyal 12/14/13 12:07 PM

Got a dilemma - Andre Brown or Gio Bernard PPR..both ranked right next to each other here...also have T. Gerhart, A. ellington...i'm leaning Gio because of the Seahawks matchup on Andre's i right?

Posted by:
cssardinas 12/14/13 12:14 PM

PPR league need 2. Shady, McMurray, Vareen?

Posted by:
miller61 12/15/13 10:42 AM

Should I start Rashad Jennings or Giovani Bernard?

Posted by:
maaxt 12/15/13 12:01 PM

jennings over Gio IMO but Im waffling between jennings or andre brown at flex

Posted by:
ceever 12/15/13 12:11 PM

@miller61 - Id go Shady & coin flip

Posted by:
ceever 12/15/13 12:13 PM
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