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User Comments for Week 15 TE Rankings

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Tamme or Delanie Walker

Posted by:
delvo24 12/10/13 06:47 PM


Pick one:
Antonio Gates
Dennis Pitta
Jordan Reed

Posted by:
icbomber11 12/12/13 07:50 AM

Delvo, start walker. icbomber, I would start pitta even though Detriot does well stopping tight ends. Gates will get ya 5-7 points with the chance of a td. I have a feeling SD is going to beat Denver tonight. Good luck guys

Posted by:
saland34 12/12/13 10:43 AM

witten or clay ppr?

Posted by:
criffrock 12/12/13 03:50 PM

Delanie Walker or Dennis Pitta in Standard League? Leaning towards Walker because of the matchup, but don't like the concussion factor. Already been burned by Finley and Reed this year!

Posted by:
CT123 12/12/13 05:06 PM

Delvo - Walker.
icbomber11 - Gates
criffrock - Witten

Posted by:
CT123 12/12/13 05:08 PM

Tamme or Green tonight?

Posted by:
Bizemac 12/12/13 07:40 PM

Jordan Cameron or Vernon davis?

Posted by:
slappy8080 12/13/13 01:30 AM

Tony G versus the redskins or Fleener versus Houston? Tough decision. Redskins suck but Tony G hasn't really produced great numbers. Any thoughts?

Posted by:
taylor.pharmd 12/13/13 02:27 PM

Pitta or Bennett?

Posted by:
simonc17 12/15/13 09:56 AM
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