2013 FFToolbox Expert Mock Draft #2 Results: Gridiron Experts

Experts Mock Draft Results: Gridiron Experts

Drafter: Jody Smith


2013 FFToolbox Expert Mock Draft #2

Draft took place July 2nd 2013

Scoring System: PPR, 12 team
Using FFWC Rules


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Ovr Pick Franchise Selection Pos. Team Age Exp.
1 1.03 Gridiron Experts Adrian Peterson RB MIN 30 7
I figured I'd choose between Jamaal Charles and Arian Foster here, but was pleasantly surprised to have the consensus #1 guy in the land be available.
2 2.10 Gridiron Experts Steven Jackson RB --- 31 10
I was one of the first guys to vault Steven Jackson into my top ten, thinking that if a stiff like Michael Turner could punch in double digit TD's for the Falcons, a talented back like S-JAX should be fantasy gold. Love starting off with two top ten runners.
3 3.03 Gridiron Experts Rob Gronkowski TE NE 25 4
Now I generally never take a tight end before the middle rounds, but the recent, and justified, injury woes are causing Gronkowski's ADP to slip. For me, it's starting to reek of value, so I grabbed him instead of a group of talented, but deep receivers. My strategy in all future drafts will be similar to this- if I like the value of Graham or Gronk, I'll grab them. Otherwise, you'll see me take a tight end in about round 8.
4 4.10 Gridiron Experts Drew Brees QB NO 36 13
Drew Brees is out #1 quarterback, and for good reason. Nothing wrong with Rodgers, of course, but his number could drop off just a tad because of the Packers finally investing into their lagging backfield. Meanwhile, Brees comes off back to back 5000+ yards, 40+ passing touchdown seasons. With Sean Payton back in the fold, there's no reason to thing that the Saints offense won't continue to put up fantastic numbers... (insert John Lovett voice) "And I'm reaping all the benefits..."
5 5.03 Gridiron Experts Jason Witten TE DAL 32 11
What was I saying about me avoiding tight ends? Never mind that. We're conservatively projecting Witten at around a 90-1100-5 clip, making him roughly the same value of a top 20 wide receiver in a PPR format. When ScoutPro selfishly stole Pierre Garcon right in front of me, I went ahead and nabbed my TE4 to play in a flex spot.
6 6.10 Gridiron Experts James Jones WR OAK 31 7
All set at TE, QB and RB, so it's time to see if I can salvage anybody at wide receiver. Lucky for me, the guy who led the NFL in receiving touchdowns is still available here at the back of round six. Jones should remain one of Aaron Rodgers' preferred red zone targets and is a good bet to score 8+ touchdowns again. He's more of a WR2 on a good fantasy team, but in this case, he's promoted to WR1.
7 7.03 Gridiron Experts Jeremy Maclin WR KC 26 5
Still trying to salvage any receivers I can get. The Eagles are a bit of an enigma this year- we all expect Chip Kelly's squad to put up big numbers, but we don't know how they'll do it. If Kelly can get Michael Vick or Nick Foles up around 20+ passing touchdowns, Maclin is a good bet to catch eight or more.
8 8.10 Gridiron Experts Lance Moore WR --- 31 9
Moore had a career year last season, so he's probably due for a bit of a drop off. Still, I couldn't take DeSean Jackson here, with Maclin already starting for my squad. I like Moore consistency and my quarterback, Drew Brees, seems to trust him on the real field. That makes Moore a decent bet on the fake field as well. Considering how long I waited to address my receiving corps, I'm not unhappy with how my starting lineup unfolded. It's also worth mentioning that I've done dozens and dozens of mock so far and this is the first one that played out like this. I chalk it up to drafting with all these genius fantasy experts.
9 9.03 Gridiron Experts Andre Brown RB --- 28 5
Been wanting to get this guy on all of my fantasy squad this year and haven't had much luck. Curious that I landed him in a mock filled with other insiders. Maybe they aren't as enthusiastic about Brown's potential as I am. I see him as a Brandon Jacobs type banger, but with much more talent. Brown should see most of the goal line carries for a team that consistently scores a lot of rushing touchdowns.
10 10.10 Gridiron Experts Chris Givens WR STL 25 2
Currently Givens projects out as the number one receiver in St. Louis. Tremendous value to grab a team's top guy this late into a draft.
11 11.03 Gridiron Experts Isaiah Pead RB --- 25 2
Again, ScoutPRO got me, as I was was ready to jump all over Sanders, who I'd considering taking over Givens with my previous pick. I didn't intend to take back-to-back Rams, but we currently have Pead still favored to lead St. Louis in carries. Granted, it should be a committee all season, but Pead flashed some nice potential last year.
12 12.10 Gridiron Experts Eli Manning QB NYG 34 10
This one hurt. Zach got me. It's almost as if he listened to me on Boston radio Saturday morning talking about Dobson being a nice sleeper for the Pats. I wasn't too crazy about many of the position players available here, so I'll just grab my top-rated player. Eli has been a consistent fantasy starter for years. He only has to be good for me for one week.
13 13.03 Gridiron Experts Keenan Allen WR SD 22 1
Not a lot left out there, so I chose to go with a high upside rookie who should be the second best wide receiver for a team, in San Diego, that's likely to be passing a lot this season.
14 14.10 Gridiron Experts Terrance Williams WR DAL 25 1
I've been targeting Williams a lot in most of my drafts. The third receiver spot has led to some breakout players in the past for Dallas (Miles Austin comes to mind) and there are reports that Williams could even supplant Austin as the second receiver for The Cowboys. I don't think he'll begin the season that way, but I do like the former Baylor product as a deep sleeper this year.
15 15.03 Gridiron Experts Rod Streater WR OAK 27 2
As of right now, I have Streater penciled in as a starter for the Raiders. Considering how late in this draft it is, I'll take a starting wide-out over a back-up runner or third tight end.
16 16.10 Gridiron Experts Jonathan Dwyer RB ARI 25 4
Not much left out there, so I'm just taking a back-up running back that might play a little on third downs or put up a decent game or two should he become the starter. Dwyer has very limited upside, even as a starter.
17 17.03 Gridiron Experts Roy Helu RB OAK 26 3
I like Helu to be the third-down/receiving back this season. He'll have limited value as a part time pass catcher, but should Alfred Morris go down with an injury, Helu has the skills to make some noise as the presumptive back-up.
18 18.10 Gridiron Experts Toby Gerhart RB JAX 28 4
Simple handcuff pick to Adrian Peterson. If he became the starter, Gerhart wouldn't put up half the numbers that AP puts up. Still, this late in a draft, it's wise to protect your best assets rather than have one of your opponents intentionally try to put the screws to you.
19 19.03 Gridiron Experts Stephen Gostkowski PK NE 31 8
Here's a case where I don't liten to the "kicker ONLY in the last round, no exceptions" rule. I COULD take a secondary DST team (as usual, I missed out on the elite units because I refuse to take one earlier than the next to last round) like Baltimore, Green Bay or Pittsburgh, or I could take my number one kicker. Since I'll next pick near the absolute bottom of the draft, I'd be, at best assured of the 10th best kicker.
20 20.10 Gridiron Experts Baltimore Def BAL