2013 FFToolbox Expert Mock Draft #2 Results: KFFSC

Experts Mock Draft Results: KFFSC

Drafter: Justin McCord


2013 FFToolbox Expert Mock Draft #2

Draft took place July 2nd 2013

Scoring System: PPR, 12 team
Using FFWC Rules


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Ovr Pick Franchise Selection Pos. Team Age Exp.
1 1.12 KFFSC Ray Rice RB --- 28 6
I was surprised Rice fell this far. He's still the #1 back for the Ravens and a great pass catcher. Pierce may take some touches, but not enough to make Rice anything less than a top 10 RB. He still has top 3 potential. I'd like to draft Pierce as a handcuff but his price may be higher than I'm willing to pay.
2 2.01 KFFSC Julio Jones WR ATL 26 3
When I found out I was picking 12th I immediately thought of a Lynch-Marshall combo. I'm thrilled that it ended up being Rice-Jones instead. Julio's in a prolific offense with a QB that loves to get him the ball. He'll receive a lot of attention from opposing defenses but with Gonzalez, Roddy White, and now Steven Jackson on the field it will be hard to shut Jones down. I thought about going with Jimmy Graham or Dez Bryant here but in a ppr contest that starts at least 3 WRs and can start up to 5 WRs it was important to me to build an intimidating WR corps. I picked Jones over Bryant because he has less injury issues, less off the field problems, and is in a more dynamic offense.
3 3.12 KFFSC Danny Amendola WR NE 29 6
I was glad to see Amendola available here. His ADP is going to rise the closer we get to the start of the season. I know he has an injury history but the ceiling is too high for him to go any later in your draft. Don't let talk of Vereen being split out or Gronk not being ready. Brady will get Amendola the ball.
4 4.01 KFFSC Ryan Mathews RB PHI 27 4
I'm a glutton for punishment. I've been burned by Mathews for 3 seasons on various rosters. But he is going to see a lot of carries and although his receptions may be down, he still is a RB2 with RB1 potential. I put a lot of thought into taking Frank Gore here and wouldn't begrudge anyone who does, but I think Matthews is going to be relied on heavily.
5 5.12 KFFSC Vernon Davis TE SF 31 8
Vernon Davis is a great value here. It's obvious he has the ability to be a top 3 TE, but will he receive the touches? At the end of the 5th round it's a great value pick.
6 6.01 KFFSC Mike Wallace WR MIN 28 5
This should be interesting. The Miami offense is coming together nicely and Tannehill will welcome the deep threat Wallace brings. I think Tannehill leans on Wallace and his speed. Wallace may not get a ton of receptions, but my first two WR picks will and that makes Wallace a great WR3 for me with a lot of big game potential.
7 7.12 KFFSC Robert Griffin III QB WAS 25 2
The QBs were really flying off the board and I'm glad to add RG3 to my roster. His rehab progress is really astounding and having one year under his belt will make him even sharper in the pocket. We often see 2nd year quarterbacks see a small decline in fantasy production as opposing defenses are better prepared for them. A healthier Garcon and Fred Davis should give RG3 plenty of targets. I don't think it's necessary to draft Cousins as a handcuff, but I'll back him up with someone with strong QB1 potential.
8 8.01 KFFSC BenJarvus Green-Ellis RB --- 29 6
If there is a pick I regret it's this one. And that's not meant to be a knock on Green-Ellis but I was really torn between him and his teammate Bernard. I think Bernard is more dynamic and could really be amazing in a ppr league. I think BGE sees more goal line work and his history of ball security is something that will be in the coaches and QB's minds when the game is on the line.
9 9.12 KFFSC Denarius Moore WR OAK 26 3
My Ray Rice handcuff was stolen this round. I was really hoping to take him with one of these picks but that's what I get for waiting. And with the pick of BGE last round it's time to add another WR. Just my luck a number one WR on a team that's going to have to throw the ball. Moore can give you a 20 point game but he can also give you a 4 point game. I expect Matt Flynn to win the starting job over Pryor. That's a good thing for Moore and a good thing for my roster as we enter the 10th round.
10 10.01 KFFSC Alshon Jeffery WR CHI 25 2
I'm really excited to see what the Bears offense looks like this year. New coaches known for throwing the ball and his 2nd year in the league. I expect Jeffery to break out and become worth putting in my starting lineup as a flex on a weekly basis.
11 11.12 KFFSC Fred Jackson RB BUF 34 8
Wow, I'm feeling better about drafting Green-Ellis and missing on my Ray Rice handcuff. Fred Jackson at the end of the 11th round is an awesome value. I don't expect that to happen again. I agree with the consensus that CJ Spiller is going to have a great year and is the Buffalo RB to have on your team if you can only pick one. But you can pick more than one, and the Spiller owner's decision to pass on Jackson is my gain. He's a great bye week starter who will see some goal line work and some touches as a change of pace back. Even if Spiller stays healthy (and I never want to see a player get hurt) Jackson is a really solid addition to my team as a 4th RB.
12 12.01 KFFSC Jermaine Gresham TE --- 26 4
Gresham is solid as a TE2 even as he fights off the rookie Eifert. I expect to see two TE sets frequently this season for the Bengals. They have two talented TEs and one could fit in nicely in a 3 WR set. I'm sure some later drafted TE will outscore Gresham, but I'm comfortable with him as a back up to Vernon Davis. I value consistency with bye week fill ins and Gresham still has a lot of big game potential especially when the Bengals find themselves in the redzone.
13 13.12 KFFSC Shonn Greene RB TEN 29 5
Ever have a player that's always on your roster each year even though you don't plan on it? Shonn Greene is that player for me. If I was in the movie Inception and I could check my roster to see if Shonn Greene was listed. If he was I'd know I was in the real world and not a dream. End of the 13th rd and I get Chris Johnson's back up. A talented back who's been a solid RB2 before. And he could vulture a few TDs.
14 14.01 KFFSC Brian Quick WR STL 25 2
I'm fine taking this gamble in the 14th. Amendola is gone, Cook has been added at TE, and they drafted some guy from West Virginia. The only things that stay the same in St. Louis are the changes. Quick is talented and has good rapport with Bradford. That may not translate to on the field success, but the WR position is hard to predict for the Rams. Quick could breakout. Or not. But I like the potential this 14th pick has.
15 15.12 KFFSC Jay Cutler QB CHI 31 8
I'm pro-Cutler. I'll just get that out of the way. The pass friendly offense, a new TE in Martellus Bennett, Brandon Marshall, Forte, improved offensive line, etc. Cutler has all the tools he needs to be successful. He's a good choice for a backup to RG3 and I can start Cutler and feel confident if RG3 is injured.
16 16.01 KFFSC Jacoby Jones WR SD 30 7
Jacoby Jones made some big plays last season. He was also in the right place at the right time for some other plays. Either way Boldin has left town and Flacco isn't going to be throwing the ball any less. Jacoby Jones could really step up for Baltimore, but if he doesn't I think it will be because the Ravens throw more passes to both TEs.
17 17.12 KFFSC Chicago Def CHI    
18 18.01 KFFSC Ed Dickson TE CAR 27 4
This goes well with the Jacoby Jones pick earlier. Torrey Smith and Pita are going to get their share of targets. The others are going to Jones and Dickson. It should be clear early on who that's going to be. Both guys may be worth keeping all season but I know at least one is going to shine.
19 19.12 KFFSC Jarius Wright WR MIN 25 2
Wright is an interesting player. He stepped up when Harvin was injured last season and fit into the offense nicely. The addition of Jennings and Patterson may see Wright's targets disappear, but Wright has shown what he can do. Defenses will focus on Peterson as always, and if Wright is on the field he should find himself frequently open. Another late pick with a ton of potential. They won't all work out but the core of this roster is strong, and the breakout of one of these sleepers can put this team over the top.
20 20.01 KFFSC Garrett Hartley PK CLE 28 6
They make you start a kicker. Not a lot to say here. Prolific offense and he gets to kick indoors a lot.