2013 FFToolbox Expert Mock Draft #2 Results: The Huddle

Experts Mock Draft Results: The Huddle

Drafter: John Tuvey


2013 FFToolbox Expert Mock Draft #2

Draft took place July 2nd 2013

Scoring System: PPR, 12 team
Using FFWC Rules


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Ovr Pick Franchise Selection Pos. Team Age Exp.
1 1.07 The Huddle Arian Foster RB HOU 28 5
Foster is easily a top-5 guy; I wasn't expecting him to fall to me here, but I'm glad he did as there were six guys I was excited about landing at this spot--and he was one of them.
2 2.06 The Huddle Demaryius Thomas WR DEN 27 4
I was fully expecting to take Larry Fitzgerald here, with Dez Bryant as my fallback plan. I'm okay with Thomas--he was the last of my top tier WRs--but with him there is significantly more threat of sharing the wealth.
3 3.07 The Huddle Darren McFadden RB DAL 27 6
When healthy, McFadden is a top-5 talent; of course, he's never managed to stay healthy, which is why he's still on the board here. But with running backs being picked clean and a plethora of second-tier WRs still available, he's an acceptable risk.
4 4.06 The Huddle Dwayne Bowe WR CLE 30 7
Bowe has significant upside as the lead receiver in an Andy Reid offense, though truth be told I would have preferred Vincent Jackson slipping a few more notches down the board.
5 5.07 The Huddle Antonio Brown WR PIT 26 4
Jason Witten was all queued up here, only to see him go off the board four picks ahead of me. The backup plan was taking the last of the top-tier quarterbacks, but Peyton Manning was picked just before me. So Brown is a bit of a consolation prize, though in a three-WR league having three of the top 16 WRs takes away a bit of the sting.
6 6.06 The Huddle Tom Brady QB NE 37 14
There are definite concerns about Brady this season, but the last time his receiving corps was gutted he still managed to finish as a top-7 fantasy quarterback so there's also little risk here. I might have considered Steve Smith or Cecil Shorts here, but they were plucked shortly after my last selection so that wasn't even an option.
7 7.07 The Huddle Danario Alexander WR --- 26 4
Another risky injury play here, but since we've already pushed a bunch of chips in with McFadden we may as well keep pushing with Alexander. If all goes according to plan, while I'm plugging four top-25 receivers into my lineup the competition will be struggling to find quality WRs to use on a weekly basis.
8 8.06 The Huddle Jared Cook TE STL 27 5
Missed on Jason Witten, missed on Vernon Davis, and Kyle Rudolph gets sniped right before I pick? Ouch, babe. I'm no big fan of Cook, but his projections make him an upside pick here and the position is thinning rapidly.
9 9.07 The Huddle Danny Woodhead RB SD 30 6
There were other banks ranked higher on my cheat sheet who were still available, but Woodhead's upside in a PPR format warrants a bit of a reach. He was a top-25 fantasy back with a sliver of a role in New England last year; now he's Ryan Mathews' caddy, which can only help his numbers in 2013.
10 10.06 The Huddle DeAngelo Williams RB PIT 31 8
Guess I was too slow to pull the trigger on the Ben Tate handcuff; lesson learned, I guess. Williams has as much talent as just about any back in the league; the question is, will it take another Jonathan Stewart injury or a trade for him to get a chance to use it? Worst-case, his limited touches produce what you'd expect from a 10th-rounder; best-case, he manages to get the touches he deserves and dramatically outperforms his draft slot.
11 11.07 The Huddle Mikel Leshoure RB --- 24 3
Still throwing darts at running back depth. Leshoure should see the goal line work in Detroit and gets the narrow nod over Vick Ballard.
12 12.06 The Huddle Michael Vick QB --- 34 13
With Tom Brady as my quarterback I can afford to take a risk here. If Vick turns out to be Chip Kelly's guy he could put up monster numbers in this offense; if not... oh well, guess I have to keep using Brady.
13 13.07 The Huddle Joseph Randle RB DAL 23 1
With Bill Callahan calling the plays the Cowboys might actually run the ball more this year. And since the talented DeMarco Murray can't seem to stay healthy, housing the backup plan makes sense.
14 14.06 The Huddle Brandon LaFell WR NE 28 4
LaFell was solid last season, and with tight end whisperer Rob Chudzinski no longer calling plays in Carolina I expect Greg Olsen's numbers to dwindle. Steve Smith is already maxed out, which means LaFell's production should be even better in 2013--enough to make him a decent weekly flex option in this format.
15 15.07 The Huddle Marcedes Lewis TE JAX 30 8
I spent this draft watching tight ends plucked from my grasp; why should Round 15 be any different? Coby Fleener would have been the upside guy, but he just got picked. Instead, I'll settle for Lewis and hope that he can step up his game with Justin Blackmon out and finally deliver on that obscene contract the Jags gave him a couple years back.
16 16.06 The Huddle Mike Gillislee RB MIA 24 1
There wasn't much on the board that interested me; maybe Latavius Murray, who went the pick before, but there's no clear-cut line of succession in Oakland. I'm not sold on the Lamar Miller hype and Daniel Thomas hasn't done much, either, so another RB depth dart at the talented Gillislee could wind up paying dividends down the road.
17 17.07 The Huddle Donnie Avery WR --- 30 6
I guess when it's Round 17 and you've got Leonard Hankerson queued up and someone takes him a half-dozen picks before it isn't exactly being sniped. Avery has as much upside as any receiver left on the board, and if you're going to load up on WRs from one team it may as well be an Andy Reid-coached club.
18 18.06 The Huddle New York Def NYG    
19 19.07 The Huddle Randy Bullock PK HOU 25 2
The Houston job is Bullock's, and tacking on points for a talented offense like the Texans should have its privileges.
20 20.06 The Huddle Travis Benjamin WR CLE 25 2
I had high hopes for Josh Gordon heading into the season... right up to the point where he got suspended for a couple games. Benjamin is the guy who will start in his place, and it wouldn't be at all surprising if once Gordon returns it's Greg Little who falls out of the starting lineup instead.