2013 FFToolbox Expert Mock Draft #2 Results: World Ranked Player #26

Experts Mock Draft Results: World Ranked Player #26

Drafter: Mike Santos


2013 FFToolbox Expert Mock Draft #2

Draft took place July 2nd 2013

Scoring System: PPR, 12 team
Using FFWC Rules


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Ovr Pick Franchise Selection Pos. Team Age Exp.
1 1.06 World Ranked Player #26 Jamaal Charles RB KC 28 6
With Any Reid aboard expect McCoy/Westbrook type numbers with increases in receptions for Charles. Should be a top 5 RB.
2 2.07 World Ranked Player #26 Andre Johnson WR IND 33 11
Andre barring health is a top 5 WR. He will approach 100 receptions and in a league you have to start 3 WRs and up to 5 figured it was a good selection to get a WR anchor.
3 3.06 World Ranked Player #26 Darren Sproles RB PHI 31 9
Sproles is a PPR machine and in a high octane offense. 70-80 receptions are in order again and I will gladly take that for my RB2.
4 4.07 World Ranked Player #26 Hakeem Nicks WR --- 27 5
Nicks has battled some injuries lately but when healthy is a beast. Playing for a contract and finally healthy a top 10 season should be in order.
5 5.06 World Ranked Player #26 Peyton Manning QB DEN 39 16
I do not usually take QB's early but wanted to try it here and I think Manning is poised for a big year with his 3 big weapons. He has 40 tds and 5000 potential this year. In the 5th I think its worth a shot.
6 6.07 World Ranked Player #26 Greg Jennings WR --- 31 8
Jennings should take over for Harvin this year and granted he isnt as explosive there are still tons of targets and receptions to replace and Jennings should be that guy. As WR3 I think thats solid.
7 7.06 World Ranked Player #26 Miles Austin WR CLE 30 8
Miles Austin was around a 200 point player last year in a good offense. This year he seems to be healthier in terms of his hamstrings so he should improve upon last year so that makes a fine WR4.
8 8.07 World Ranked Player #26 Giovani Bernard RB CIN 23 1
Bernard is a rookie and wild card type player but thats the type of players I like to take a chance on. He has the talent all he needs now is an opportunity and he should get it.
9 9.06 World Ranked Player #26 Colin Kaepernick QB SF 27 3
I didn't like seeing a QB of Kaepernick's caliber sitting there in the late 9th so I made sure no one else could reap the reward.
10 10.07 World Ranked Player #26 Brandon Pettigrew TE DET 30 5
For waiting on TE I was please to grab Pettigrew in a pass happy offense.
11 11.06 World Ranked Player #26 Ronnie Hillman RB DEN 23 2
This was a RB depth pick with a potential for more if Ball doesn't pick up offense quick. Hillman will have role regardless.
12 12.07 World Ranked Player #26 Brian Hartline WR CLE 28 5
WR depth pick here as Hartline has a great chemistry with Tannehill. Should be a 70 catch guy again.
13 13.06 World Ranked Player #26 Santonio Holmes WR --- 31 8
I do not really like this pick but hoping Holmes can regain form and be their #1.
14 14.07 World Ranked Player #26 San Francisco Def SF    
15 15.06 World Ranked Player #26 Coby Fleener TE IND 26 2
Solid backup TE who has talent and is healthy this year.
16 16.07 World Ranked Player #26 Golden Tate WR DET 26 4
WR depth pick with potential if Harvin goes down or gets all the attention.
17 17.06 World Ranked Player #26 Denver Def DEN    
Pick made based on My Draft Queue
18 18.07 World Ranked Player #26 Nate Burleson WR --- 33 11
#2 WR is pass happy offense so why not.
19 19.06 World Ranked Player #26 Matt Prater PK DET 30 8
20 20.07 World Ranked Player #26 Montario Hardesty RB --- 28 4
Has potential with Richardson being banged up.