2013 FFToolbox Expert Mock Draft #2 Results: Fantasy Football QB

Experts Mock Draft Results: Fantasy Football QB

Drafter: Dominic Laferrière


2013 FFToolbox Expert Mock Draft #2

Draft took place July 2nd 2013

Scoring System: PPR, 12 team
Using FFWC Rules


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Ovr Pick Franchise Selection Pos. Team Age Exp.
1 1.10 Fantasy Football QB Brandon Marshall WR NYJ 31 8
WR is deep, but truly consistent WRs are not. In my opinion, their value goes up in a FFWC format where you have to start a minimum of 3 and up to 5 WRs. It's a close call between Marshall and Dez Bryant here. Both are PPR monsters who can produce with high consistency on a weekly basis, and that is key to all my high rounds draft picks; however, both have also been known to be head cases. Apparently, the new coaching regime would like Marshall's targets to go down, but since when does Cutler listen to coaches? [Other considerations: Lynch - need to know more about the risk of a suspension; Ray Rice - B. Pierce, loss of FB, worst schedule for RBs = tic, tac, toe? Maybe not, but it's starting to feel like a Happy Meal with a lot of missing parts; Forte - in case Cutler actually listens to his coach; and, finally somebody that I actually took at 2.03...]
2 2.03 Fantasy Football QB Jimmy Graham TE SEA 28 4
The TE position is often the weakest in terms of elite options and consistent fantasy production. With the Patriots TE situation, Jimmy Graham's value may only go up from here. I see him creep to the 1st round as we get closer to September (even in non-TE premium leagues).
3 3.10 Fantasy Football QB DeMarco Murray RB PHI 27 3
DeMarco Murray is getting a lot of hate in fantasy circles, and I love it for one simple overlooked fact: when playing, he's one of the most consistent fantasy RB. The problem is that he is also consistently injured, so by picking my poison I also created a need, i.e. I'll need to pick up more depth at RB given that it is questionable whether I'll be able to rely on Murray for a full season.
4 4.03 Fantasy Football QB Lamar Miller RB MIA 23 2
Another player that I see creeping up in the draft boards by September; however, this one will likely be more situation and ADP hype driven. While I like what I saw from Miller on game tape, I also took note that FFToolbox.com has Miami with the 2nd easiest schedule for RB. I took a chance on passing on a RB in the 1st round, so now I have to take a chance with the unknowns that Miller brings.
5 5.10 Fantasy Football QB Cecil Shorts WR HOU 27 3
So many good players taken in the 5th! I could have reached in the 4th, but my need at RB prevented that from happening. I took a long reach for Shorts III. Perhaps too long... I'd actually prefer Shorts's situation if Blackmon wasn't suspended as I don't like the idea of him facing double-coverage. Still, in terms of consistency last year, he ranked in between Welker and Andre Johnson... yeah, not bad.
6 6.03 Fantasy Football QB Tavon Austin WR STL 24 1
Risky, risky, but the rewards could be just high enough if they just force feed him the ball anyway they can.
7 7.10 Fantasy Football QB Ahmad Bradshaw RB --- 29 7
I'll admit Bradshaw wasn't who I was targeting here. I still want to see him on the field before I commit to drafting him, but I could not pass on him when he fell to the 7.10. I created a RB depth need with my earlier draft picks, so I have to take a few calculated chances as the draft goes on.
8 8.03 Fantasy Football QB Anquan Boldin WR SF 34 11
This is one situation that I'll be monitoring closely in the pre-season. Kaepernick had a tendency to make only one read and it went something like this: is my guy opened? Yes, pass - No, run. There was no question Crabtree was Kaepernick's guy, but the question remains who he'll be looking at with his first read this year. For now, Bolding is the better value to take a chance with because of his ADP.
9 9.10 Fantasy Football QB Tony Romo QB DAL 34 11
I didn't expect Kaepernick to fall to the 9th, but once he did I was counting on him to fall to me because I did not expect another team taking their QB2 soon given the roster depth needs that the FFWC dual-flex format creates. Oh well, what's up Tony? I hear FFToolbox has you with the best schedule for quarterbacks this year.
10 10.03 Fantasy Football QB Ryan Broyles WR DET 26 2
I hear there are a few pass attempts in Detroit, maybe a few can go in the direction of the NCAA record holder for receptions.
11 11.10 Fantasy Football QB Pierre Thomas RB --- 30 7
Going back to this RB depth need: this pick made sense to me because Thomas can be unspectacular but serviceable for those weeks where another RB may be sidelined due to injury. He can do everything well in the backfield, but it's the situation that limits any upside with him.
12 12.03 Fantasy Football QB Julian Edelman WR NE 28 5
It could be qualified as a reach, but if I barely care about the ADP in the first few rounds, I certainly don't care about the ADP in the late rounds. The way I see it is this: Edelman is the only WR option left in NE who actually has an established rapport with Brady, he knows the system, he played well in Welker's spot before, and he can have real PPR value when he is on the field. That last bit is what will make him a value or not.
13 13.10 Fantasy Football QB Christine Michael RB SEA 24 1
Going back to why I passed on Lynch in the 1st: if Lynch gets suspended, Michael could start 2 games; therefore giving him even more value than just as a quality handcuff. This situation puts him on top of my "handcuffs to steal" list. Fantasy seasons are short in high stakes leagues, so in this stage of the draft I'll prioritize a guy who could give me a bonus option for 2 weeks.
14 14.03 Fantasy Football QB Stephen Hill WR CAR 23 2
2nd year big play receiver (yet so inconsistent) on a team that will likely play from behind this year. It's interesting to see how far Jets receivers fall in the draft. It's not like Jacksonville has a much better situation at QB, but I guess no butt-fumble helps fantasy value.
15 15.10 Fantasy Football QB Marvin Jones WR CIN 25 2
There's a lot of Marvin Jones that I think remains to be seen. The Bengals are quietly building one heck of an offensive weaponry around Dalton.
16 16.03 Fantasy Football QB Knowshon Moreno RB --- 27 5
Moreno took several teams to a fantasy championship last year, but even with the Ball/Hillman situation he could easily take on a bigger role if any of the youngster allow Manning to get whacked. In terms of fantasy, he's a cheap handcuff on a offensive powerhouse.
17 17.10 Fantasy Football QB Nick Toon WR NO 26 2
2nd year WR who could earn a starting job on a pass heavy team. He could also see more targets if Colston or Morre were to miss time ... like what happens every year.
18 18.03 Fantasy Football QB New England Def NE    
19 19.10 Fantasy Football QB Charles Johnson WR MIN 26 1
Oy! A rookie WR... the big young WR could still have fantasy relevancy in a situation where Cobb, Nelson or Jones were to go down to injury. You can do worst than being a big target catching passes from the highly accurate Aaron Rodgers.
20 20.03 Fantasy Football QB Caleb Sturgis PK MIA 25 1
Should I comment on a kicker? I will for this one since he is a rookie and he has not won the starting job yet. Sturgis is known for his accuracy (even on long FGs in bad weather) and his rookie salary is likely to be a big reason for the Dolphins to give him the starting job. He could be this year's Blair Walsh.