2013 FFToolbox Staff Mock Draft #1 Results: FFToolbox - Brian Murphy

Experts Mock Draft Results: FFToolbox - Brian Murphy

Drafter: Brian Murphy


2013 FFToolbox Staff Mock Draft #1

Draft took place June 18th, 2013

Scoring System: PPR, 12 team
Using FFWC Rules


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Ovr Pick Franchise Selection Pos. Team Age Exp.
1 1.08 FFToolbox - Brian Murphy LeSean McCoy RB BUF 26 5
I won't say you need to take a running back in the first round of EVERY draft you do, because there are some crazy scoring settings out there. But in most leagues, you really should open with an RB. My choice was pretty much a no-brainer. McCoy is a bounce-back candidate after a season in which he still gained more than 1,200 yards from scrimmage in 12 games. Marshawn Lynch doesn't carry the same value in a PPR league, and I wanted to eschew as much risk as possible in the first round, which is why I chose McCoy over Trent Richardson.
2 2.05 FFToolbox - Brian Murphy Randall Cobb WR GB 24 3
Some may see this as a reach, but what's not to love about an explosive, 22-year-old wideout who gets the ball in his hands in different ways and will be Aaron Rodgers' No. 1 target this season? Rodgers said recently that Cobb could catch more than 100 passes this year. Make it happen, Aaron.
3 3.08 FFToolbox - Brian Murphy Andre Johnson WR IND 33 11
If I had been enjoying a beverage during this draft, I would have done a spit-take upon seeing that Andre Johnson was available after 31 picks in a PPR draft. He's getting up there in age, and it's fine to still worry about his hamstrings. But after he was so dominant for much of last season, it's improper to expect another round of misfortune. This was a straight steal.
4 4.05 FFToolbox - Brian Murphy Lamar Miller RB MIA 23 2
I think this is the pick that will make-or-break my draft. I am a fan of Miller's -- I'm not obsessed with him, but I think he will be stellar as the Dolphins' lead runner. Recent reports about his improvements as a blocker mean he is putting himself in a position to stay on the field for all three downs, which should help his receptions total. He is a big-play threat. But there's a conundrum with this pick. Given the extremely deep talent pool at wide receiver (see: Johnson, Andre), should I have gone RB-RB with my first two selections? If so, that would have left me with Johnson and then the need to take another wide receiver here, such as Marques Colston or Danny Amendola or Reggie Wayne, instead of a running back. Looking over my draft, I have asked myself whether I like the top four I chose -- LeSean McCoy, Randall Cobb, Johnson, Miller -- or if I should have employed the RB-RB-WR-WR strategy. That would have left me with the possible quartet of McCoy, Chris Johnson, Andre Johnson, and Marques Colston. Which squad would you rather have for a PPR league? You see what I decided here, but I've had thoughts that it could have been the wrong move.
5 5.08 FFToolbox - Brian Murphy Pierre Garcon WR WAS 28 6
I was a little bummed that Dwayne Bowe didn't fall one more pick. Garcon's right foot is still a problem for him, and that's more risk than I like to take on this early in a draft. But if he can deal with the pain -- and he has said he will -- I think Garcon will post WR2 numbers this season. Yes, that hinges on the health of Robert Griffin III, but all reports out of that corner sound pretty rosy.
6 6.05 FFToolbox - Brian Murphy Russell Wilson QB SEA 26 2
Wait on quarterbacks. Wait, wait, wait. Without any context, I have done that here. I have Wilson ranked as a top-five fantasy quarterback right now, and getting him in the sixth round brings major value. However, considering that Matthew Stafford, Andrew Luck, Matt Ryan, Tony Romo, Robert Griffin III, and Colin Kaepernick were still on the board, you could make an argument that I should have waited even longer. Knowing how the next couple of rounds transpired, I should have strengthened my running backs here with Ahmad Bradshaw, then drafted Ryan in the seventh round.
7 7.08 FFToolbox - Brian Murphy Kenny Britt WR STL 26 5
The equation is simple with Britt: No suspensions plus no injuries equal possibility for big numbers. He has shown flashes of greatness, but knee surgeries and really bad decisions have stunted his career. Britt is just 24 years old and excessively talented. In a perfect world, he would have a more-accurate quarterback throwing to him, but I am very happy to have a healthy Britt as my WR4.
8 8.05 FFToolbox - Brian Murphy Jared Cook TE STL 27 5
I was very annoyed that Miles Austin was taken one spot ahead of me here. I settled for Cook because we are able to start two tight ends in this league, and because I didn't really like any of the running backs in this area. We know Cook has plenty of potential, but now he is part of a team with a coaching staff that actually wants to unlock it. Cook could be Sam Bradford's top target, and it wouldn't shock me if he finishes the year inside the top seven in fantasy points among tight ends.
9 9.08 FFToolbox - Brian Murphy Ben Tate RB --- 26 4
OK, I really need to start stocking up on running backs. I decided to go with Tate, who I thought was a safer pick than any of the three Rams RBs I could have chosen here; I view them as more all-or-nothing picks. Tate had a forgettable 2012 season due to multiple injuries, but we shouldn't forget how good he looked in 2011. He gets meaningful work every week and is one injury away from being the clear-cut starter in a run-heavy offense with an above-average offensive line. He may be given a couple extra carries per game this season as the Texans try to keep Arian Foster's body from breaking down following three seasons of heavy usage.
10 10.05 FFToolbox - Brian Murphy Ryan Williams RB DAL 24 3
This was probably a misstep with PPR specialist Danny Woodhead still available. Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians seems fully committed to Rashard Mendenhall, but I still can't quite get over Williams. Part of me wants to believe that even after his major knee and shoulder injuries, he is better for what the Cardinals want to do. I don't know, but if Williams can get and stay healthy for once in his NFL life, he will have value.
11 11.08 FFToolbox - Brian Murphy Jordan Cameron TE MIA 26 3
True story: Ryan Broyles, Brandon Myers, and Kendall Wright were the three players on my watch list leading up to this selection. So, many thanks to the three drafters in front of me for making me feel like I am being watched. Anyway, I took one of my top man-crushes in Cameron. He is another one of those physical freaks that seem to be littered all over the tight-end position these days. He is a matchup nightmare who has the speed to get down the seam, and a quarterback who can throw it down the field. And, Cameron has two coaches -- head coach Rob Chudzinski and offensive coordinator Norv Turner -- who know a couple of things about getting the most out of athletic tight ends. I almost never take two tight ends during a draft, but given the roster settings of this league and my love for Cameron, I had to make an exception.
12 12.05 FFToolbox - Brian Murphy Ben Roethlisberger QB PIT 33 10
Again, the guy I wanted -- DeAngelo Williams in this case -- flies off the board with the prior pick. By now, I'm throwing a fit. I usually play in two-QB leagues. If that was the case in this league, I wouldn't have waited until the 12th round to get my second quarterback. With each of us starting only one quarterback, some very good players dropped a long way in this draft. Case in point, Big Ben, who is still a top-notch QB2 without Mike Wallace. I would like to use Roethlisberger as trade bait since I know I am never going to bench Russell Wilson outside of his bye week. But with Wilson not on bye until Week 12, I probably have to keep Ben for the long haul.
13 13.08 FFToolbox - Brian Murphy Mohamed Sanu WR CIN 25 2
Mohamed Sanu's time in the sun was short-lived last year as he didn't catch a pass until Week 7, scored four times in a three-week span, then found himself on injured reserve by early December because of a broken foot. Let's see if he can pick up where he left off. I think Sanu will begin the year as the Bengals' second wide receiver, and that WR across the formation from A.J. Green will see a lot of single coverage.
14 14.05 FFToolbox - Brian Murphy Jacoby Jones WR SD 30 7
The battle to be the Ravens' No. 2 WR will persist through training camp. I have no idea if Jones will earn the gig, but he has the most experience among the group, and he was making plays all over the field when we last saw him play. I'll take any possible Week 1 starter in the 14th round of a draft.
15 15.08 FFToolbox - Brian Murphy Jarius Wright WR MIN 25 2
More WR depth. Wright registered some decent stat lines after Percy Harvin's 2012 season ended in Week 9. He is a big-play threat, but also showed that he can be possession wideout at times, which is great for a PPR league. However, Jerome Simpson is still listed as the Vikings' second starting wideout, and first-round rookie Cordarrelle Patterson will probably start the year as the No. 3. Again, Wright probably needs an injury to befall someone in front of him on the depth chart to hold noticeable fantasy value.
16 16.05 FFToolbox - Brian Murphy Daniel Thomas RB --- 27 3
I chose Thomas for no other reason than to handcuff Lamar Miller. That is, if Thomas is Miller's handcuff when the season begins. Mike Gillislee has been getting a lot of press. It's clear to me that RB is my weakest position. If I was playing the season out with this team, I would make an RB trade top priority.
17 17.08 FFToolbox - Brian Murphy Andrew Hawkins WR CLE 29 3
I don't know why I appear to be all-in on the Bengals' secondary wide receivers, but here we are. If Mohamed Sanu can't break through, how about speedy slot man Hawkins? Trust me: One of those two players is going to create sizable fantasy value this year.
18 18.05 FFToolbox - Brian Murphy Kendall Hunter RB SF 26 3
It probably wasn't the best idea to pick a running back who is eight months removed from popping his Achilles' tendon, but running back was dreadfully thin at this point, and this selection doesn't really cost me anything if Hunter can't regain his old form. If Hunter is healthy, it looks like he will share carries with Frank Gore and LaMichael James.
19 19.08 FFToolbox - Brian Murphy Blair Walsh PK MIN 25 2
Blair Walsh is an accurate kicker who gets a lot of chances to make field goals. That's all I need from my kicker. Moving along ....
20 20.05 FFToolbox - Brian Murphy Tampa Bay Def TB