2013 FFToolbox Staff Mock Draft #1 Results: FFToolbox - Jamie Blackburn

Experts Mock Draft Results: FFToolbox - Jamie Blackburn

Drafter: Jamie Blackburn


2013 FFToolbox Staff Mock Draft #1

Draft took place June 18th, 2013

Scoring System: PPR, 12 team
Using FFWC Rules


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Ovr Pick Franchise Selection Pos. Team Age Exp.
1 1.03 FFToolbox - Jamie Blackburn Calvin Johnson WR DET 29 7
After Peterson, the first round RBs are pretty much all the same to me. So, in a PPR format, I decided to scoop up the best WR on the board. Hopefully my RB depth does not suffer as a result.
2 2.10 FFToolbox - Jamie Blackburn Chris Johnson RB NYJ 29 6
This was the risk of taking Calvin Johnson in the first round. I do like CJ2K to rebound this season, because I really like the offseason OL moves that the Titans made, and Johnson will be their main weapon, but with enough WR threats to keep defenses honest. He should be active in the passing game as well.
3 3.03 FFToolbox - Jamie Blackburn Darren Sproles RB PHI 31 9
In a PPR format, give me Sproles as my RB2 anyday, and twice on Sundays (I wish). He and Graham will continue to be Brees' main weapons.
4 4.10 FFToolbox - Jamie Blackburn Danny Amendola WR NE 29 6
In my opinion, Amendola will far exceed Welker's production this season, assuming he stays healthy. Bold, I know. With the TE issues in New England now, and question marks at the other WR spots, Brady will lean on Amendola and his RBs early and often. Also, Amendola can be a vertical threat for this offense as well. In a PPR, I think Danny is a steal at the end of the 4th round, especially with Calvin Johnson as my WR1.
5 5.03 FFToolbox - Jamie Blackburn Cam Newton QB CAR 25 3
Seemed like good value here. Can't see him regressing too much this season, and his legs make him a fairly safe bet as a QB in the 5th round. Even though QB is deep this season, I often feel that if I wait past the 5th or 6th round, I don't like what is left at the position, and wish I had pulled the trigger earlier. And I am not a fan of quarterback-by-committee... give me a starter with a high floor.
6 6.10 FFToolbox - Jamie Blackburn Ahmad Bradshaw RB --- 29 7
This seemed like an absolute steal here. Assuming his chronic foot injuries are behind him, this is about as good as you can do in the 6th round for a PPR RB3. I really like the flex potential here. Between CJ2K, Sproles, and Bradshaw, my RBs should catch a ton of passes. Not buying the Vick Ballard stuff... I think Indy wants Bradshaw to be the man, but Ballard is serviceable enough to keep Bradshaw from getting overworked.
7 7.03 FFToolbox - Jamie Blackburn Danario Alexander WR --- 26 4
Many people seem to be forgetting what a monster Alexander was last season. Unless Vincent Brown reemerges early, I'm pretty confident Alexander will continue to be Rivers' main weapon in the outside/vertical passing game. Maybe not a high volume of targets, but the yardage and TDs should definitely be there. Feeling pretty good about Megatron, Amendola, and Alexander as my starters.
8 8.10 FFToolbox - Jamie Blackburn Jermichael Finley TE --- 28 6
I'll be honest, I am targeting Vernon Davis as my TE in every draft this season, but he was snatched from me in this mock, so I decided to wait. TE is very deep this season. Finley still has a lot to prove, but any TE tied to Aaron Rodgers has some upside. My slight lack of confidence in Finley will most likely necessitate my drafting another TE later, if I can find some value
9 9.03 FFToolbox - Jamie Blackburn Anquan Boldin WR SF 34 11
With Crabtree out indefinitely, taking a teams' #1 WR in the 9th round seems pretty sweet to me. I know he's old, but he has Kapernick's trust, and will continue to produce. Not sure I could find a better backup WR at this point in the draft, and one with starter potential.
10 10.10 FFToolbox - Jamie Blackburn Fred Davis TE --- 29 6
This pick makes me feel better about taking Finley earlier. TE-by-committee, so be it. I expect RG3 to lean on Davis a lot in the passing game, if he can stay healthy. I love "move TEs" who are used more like WRs in offenses and can get deep, and Fred Davis is good value here for that kind of player.
11 11.03 FFToolbox - Jamie Blackburn Emmanuel Sanders WR DEN 28 4
Depth pick, but with Wallace now in South Beach and Antonio Brown drawing most of the defensive attention, Sanders seems like a safe bet in a high volume passing offense.
12 12.10 FFToolbox - Jamie Blackburn Denard Robinson RB JAX 24 1
Total flier, but if they use him in a Percy Harvin-type of do-it-all role, the upside could be worth it. And hey, it's the 12th round.
13 13.03 FFToolbox - Jamie Blackburn Marcel Reece RB OAK 29 6
McFadden is glass, and Reece is a good pass catcher. Enough said.
14 14.10 FFToolbox - Jamie Blackburn Dexter McCluster RB TEN 26 4
Andy Reid should do good things with this offense. He'll lean on Charles a lot, but I can also see him getting better production out of McCluster than Crennel did. Another "joker" type of offensive player, lining up all over the place, similar to Sproles and perhaps Denard Robinson. As you can tell, I like players like that. Especially if they are fast home run threats every time they touch the ball.
15 15.03 FFToolbox - Jamie Blackburn Shonn Greene RB TEN 29 5
what a boring plodder. but, it made sense to handcuff my RB1 here, especially since I like the Titan's OL so much. I could see Greene getting some goal line touches, so perhaps he has some flex potential if I get in a pinch one week.
16 16.10 FFToolbox - Jamie Blackburn Jeremy Kerley WR NYJ 26 3
Makes me a little nauseous to draft Jets this season, but Kerley had some productive stretches last year, and with Holmes ailing and Hill dropping everything that comes his way, I could see Kerley having some depth PPR value this season. And hey, if not, at some point, I'll need to find players to drop for Waiver Wire additions.
17 17.03 FFToolbox - Jamie Blackburn New England Def NE    
18 18.10 FFToolbox - Jamie Blackburn Matt Schaub QB --- 33 10
This shows how deep QB is this season. While probably no longer a reliable starter in 12 teams leagues, to get Schaub as a backup in round 18 is very nice.
19 19.03 FFToolbox - Jamie Blackburn Felix Jones RB --- 27 6
Pure flier here. But, if he can stay healthy, I could see Chip Kelly finding some good uses for Felix in the Iggles new offense.