2013 FFToolbox Staff Mock Draft #1 Results: FFToolbox - Jeb Gorham

Experts Mock Draft Results: FFToolbox - Jeb Gorham

Drafter: Jeb Gorham


2013 FFToolbox Staff Mock Draft #1

Draft took place June 18th, 2013

Scoring System: PPR, 12 team
Using FFWC Rules


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Ovr Pick Franchise Selection Pos. Team Age Exp.
1 1.01 FFToolbox - Jeb Gorham Adrian Peterson RB MIN 30 7
After AP's comeback and great performances last season he had to go first. He is the one standout RB before you get to the next group - Foster, Martin, Rice and I have to agree with Ben on Charles.
2 2.12 FFToolbox - Jeb Gorham Peyton Manning QB DEN 39 16
You have to look at Manning's receiving core - Thomas, Welker, Decker, Tamme and the fact that he will have some younger RBs to mix things up in Ball and Hillman. In my opinion, Manning had to go at this stage given the fact that Brees and Rodgers went early in this draft.
3 3.01 FFToolbox - Jeb Gorham David Wilson RB --- 23 2
The elite wide outs were gone at this point. I was hoping Jimmy Graham might slip to this pick, but he did not. Wilson has had his issues with possession, etc. but he has the potential to be a stud RB in the league. I like his speed and it appears he is going to get the chance to show his worth. I am betting that he has a solid season and he would be a nice RB 2 with AP.
4 4.12 FFToolbox - Jeb Gorham Ryan Mathews RB PHI 27 4
Jamie grabbed Danny Amendola at 4.10 and he was next on my list. I figured that Ryan Mathews had dropped this far and was worth a last pick 4th round - might be a steal. Was a top RB pick last season's drafts.
5 5.01 FFToolbox - Jeb Gorham Mike Wallace WR MIN 28 5
Wallace will be with a new team, but he is a #1 receiver on the depth chart. He has his risks/rewards with the likelihood that he will have up and down games given his QB situation. However, I like his upside and figure there is enough depth at wide out to grab several and play the match-ups.
6 6.12 FFToolbox - Jeb Gorham Jeremy Maclin WR KC 26 5
Last season Maclin was a 4th/5th round draft pick. Getting him late in the 6th this season seemed solid and I think he will have a better go this season.
7 7.01 FFToolbox - Jeb Gorham Cecil Shorts WR HOU 27 3
Shorts averaged almost 70 yards and about 4 receptions per game with 7 TDs last season. If you take out his two low performing games these numbers jump significantly (about 81 yards and 4.5 receptions per game). First pick of the seventh round felt really good here. I would like to see his TDs jump this season, but all-in-all I can deal with his numbers and he is fairly consistent.
8 8.12 FFToolbox - Jeb Gorham Ronnie Hillman RB DEN 23 2
Monte Ball and Hillman will be dueling it out for the starting gig in Denver. Ball looks good and he went early in this draft. I think Hillman, who has been gaining weight and strength in the offseason, will get more touches than most think this season and he might get third down and goal line work. Hillman was a steal at 8.12 in my opinion.
9 9.01 FFToolbox - Jeb Gorham Dennis Pitta TE BAL 29 4
I waited on the TE position as the big names went earlier. Pitta has solidified his value as the stop gap for Flacco and seems to end up with the ball more often than not. I like his play-making ability and think he was a solid 9th rounder.
10 10.12 FFToolbox - Jeb Gorham Alshon Jeffery WR CHI 25 2
I like Jay Cutler's arm when he is accurate and healthy. Alshon Jeffery has the potential to have a breakout season this year and that is why I picked him up. There has to be another option to Marshall and Jeffery will be that target. The only drawback might be Martellus Bennett's addition - he might steal some targets and receptions.
11 11.01 FFToolbox - Jeb Gorham Jacquizz Rodgers RB --- 25 3
Rodgers has an uncertain future with the addition of Steven Jackson in Atlanta, but I still think he has some value. Rodgers could be a change of pace back and has the potential to add impact. Jackson is getting up there in age and if an injury comes on then Rodgers will be the man.
12 12.12 FFToolbox - Jeb Gorham Joseph Randle RB DAL 23 1
Randle is going to be DeMarco Murray's handcuff and we know that Murray can prove to be injury prone. I thought Randle would be a great pick to stash on my bench.
13 13.01 FFToolbox - Jeb Gorham Brandon LaFell WR NE 28 4
LaFell did not produce as much as I would have liked last season, but I think his numbers will jump this year. I am looking for 850-900 receiving yards and several more TDs than his 4 last season. I think he has fantasy value and might be a sleeper pick in some drafts depending upon who is in your league.
14 14.12 FFToolbox - Jeb Gorham Coby Fleener TE IND 26 2
Fleener's target and receptions dwindled as the season progressed last year. I grabbed him as my second TE as I think he has potential and I missed out on Martellus Bennett.
15 15.01 FFToolbox - Jeb Gorham Jon Baldwin WR --- 25 3
I think the addition of Alex Smith in KC boosts Baldwin's value significantly. Smith will be looking to build chemistry with his new wide outs and I believe he an Baldwin will hit it off. Baldwin could be worth it in rounds 15-20 in your drafts.
16 16.12 FFToolbox - Jeb Gorham Alex Smith QB KC 30 9
I drafted Smith to back-up Peyton Manning on my roster. Smith's new O-line in KC is questionable, but there is offensive talent with Charles running the ball and the wideouts if all gores well. Smith could prove valuable down the stretch.
17 17.01 FFToolbox - Jeb Gorham Houston Def HOU    
18 18.12 FFToolbox - Jeb Gorham Justin Hunter WR TEN 23 1
Hunter appears to be on track to be ready for camp and an overhauled Titan's offensive playbook could get him more involved. We'll see if he proves super sleeper.
19 19.01 FFToolbox - Jeb Gorham Matt Bryant PK ATL 39 12
You need a kicker - right? Why not Matt Bryant. He is accurate, has a great leg and should get plenty of FG attempts. He should be a top 5 kicker by end of season.
20 20.12 FFToolbox - Jeb Gorham Donnie Avery WR --- 30 6
Avery had his best season ever in Indy last year. I thought he was worth a look as a super sleeper here last round.