2013 FFToolbox Expert Mock Draft #1 Results: FantasyTaz

Experts Mock Draft Results: FantasyTaz

Drafter: Jim Day


2013 FFToolbox Expert Mock Draft #1

Draft took place June 25th, 2013

Scoring System: PPR, 12 team
Using FFWC Rules


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Ovr Pick Franchise Selection Pos. Team Age Exp.
1 1.01 FantasyTaz Adrian Peterson RB MIN 30 7
Some are trying to be cute and predict someone passes ADP this year and while it may happen there is just no way I can pick anyone else at #1. Peterson showed that he is a special kind of talent, especially when you consider he had just come back off a major injury, plus he played through several other injuries during the season that would have sent many lessor RBs to the training table.
2 2.12 FantasyTaz Reggie Bush RB SF 30 8
Many seem to be high on Bush this year, but are a little afraid to pull the trigger this early, obviously I am not one of them. He was the 12th running back in this scoring in 2012 and I feel he is an even better situation heading into 2013. He should have every chance to catch 60+ balls in this offense with no real competition.
3 3.01 FantasyTaz Rob Gronkowski TE NE 25 4
Either you believe or you don't: I believe. Gronk is just head and shoulders above all other TEs for me, but of course the injury risk is real. But even with missing 5 games last year he still finished as a Top 5 tight end. in fact he outscored every other TE by over 3 1/2 points in average points per game. If we get 13 weeks out of him then he will be the #1 TE in 2013. No way would he have been available at my next pick.
4 4.12 FantasyTaz Frank Gore RB IND 31 9
Gore was #10 in this scoring last year yet I got him as the 24th RB taken, off the charts value. Sure he will be 30 this year and people treat that like the Madden Curse, but he looked strong at the end of the year and I am not going to let 6 months chase me off him. If anything he could see an uptick in receptions with the lose of Crabtree. I was very surprised he fell this far, but was very happy to get him here.
5 5.01 FantasyTaz Eric Decker WR NYJ 28 4
I don't expect Decker to be a Top 12 WR again in 2013, especially with the addition of Wes Welker, but the people writing him off are making a mistake. He is a big strong receiver who makes an excellent red zone target for Manning and that won't change. I expect the addition of Welker to hurt the TEs much more than Decker. I also expect the team to use 3-Wide sets and pass even more often in 2013.
6 6.12 FantasyTaz Mike Williams WR --- 27 4
Williams finished at #20 in the scoring last year, yet fell to me as the 34th receiver off the board. Definitely in the running for the Rodney Dangerfield of FF. If you leave out 2011, which I treat are a pure aberration, then he averaged just under 1,000 yards and 10 touchdowns a year in his other two. I think he is a good #2 WR, especially with a strong 3 RBs and TE taken before him.
7 7.01 FantasyTaz Tom Brady QB NE 37 14
This draft is a perfect example of why you should wait on QB. There is no doubt that there are many questions for the Patriots offense, but how many of you really believe that Bill Belichick and Tom Brady can't make it work? Brady has worked with plenty of lessor name WRs in the past and made them work. The pieces may change but Brady will continue to be a top fantasy producer and by waiting on QB you can really build up your other skill positions before going for one.
8 8.12 FantasyTaz Bernard Pierce RB JAX 23 2
Pierce is getting a lot of attention and with good reason. He looked really good with his limited chances last year and should get even more this year. Rice has averaged over 375 touches in each of his last 4 seasons, and the team will do what it is has to try and lessen that load. Pierce wont get 15 touches a game unless Rice goes down, but if he can average 12 touches a game and see an increase in receptions he is good value here. Of course nothing is guaranteed, but as my RB4, there really is not much risk with the pick.
9 9.01 FantasyTaz Kendall Wright WR TEN 25 2
I was really hoping Lance Moore would fall to me here but Mike Krueger of FFToday beat me to him. With Moore off the board, I went to my next WR in Wright. Wright had a solid rookie season, especially when you consider the up and down play of QB Jake Locker. But ultimately it is the play of Locker that scares me a little with this pick, just not a fan of Locker's. But if Wright can build on his rookie season even a little then he can move into WR3 territory.
10 10.12 FantasyTaz Sidney Rice WR --- 28 7
Rice will never again be the receiver he was in 2009, but the addition of Harvin should only help him going forward. No longer will he be facing the other team's top CBs and that should open up the space around him a little more. I am high on Russell Wilson as he grows into his role and I think this offense will be one of the best in the league. Love Rice as my #4 WR.
11 11.01 FantasyTaz Brandon Myers TE TB 29 5
Myers burst onto the scene last year and put up some strong numbers, in fact he ended up as the #7 scorer in this system. I don't expect him to replicate those numbers, but Eli always uses his TE and Myers should have another solid showing. I am expecting close to 60 receptions, 600+ yards and 5-6 touchdowns, which will put him as a very high #2 TE.
12 12.12 FantasyTaz Cordarrelle Patterson WR MIN 24 1
At this point I am just looking for pure upside. Patterson is raw and I don't love his QB, but he should have some solid games even as a rookie. The problem will be knowing when those weeks will come. I would rather take the chance that he flashes as a rookie then take a guy with very limited upside, just makes no sense to grab a player that has a very low ceiling as a WR5. Safe is not always smart.
13 13.01 FantasyTaz Carson Palmer QB ARI 35 11
I was high on Palmer last year and he didn't disappoint. In the 1st 14 weeks of 2012 he was the 10th best QB in this scoring, ahead of Tony Romo and Andy Dalton. This year he moves to Arizona where they have been dying for decent QB play. Arizona has taken steps to improve the play of their oline and with the addition of coach Bruce Arians, I expect this passing offense to take a major step forward in 2013.
14 14.12 FantasyTaz Kendall Hunter RB SF 26 3
I am usually not a big believer in handcuffs and this pick wasn't made simply because I have Gore. I am high on Hunter as the guy to take over in SF when Gore is done and if fully healthy this year he should get a decent amount of touches and this team finds ways to get a good play-maker on the field. I think he has much more upside than LaMichael James.
15 15.01 FantasyTaz Tyler Eifert TE CIN 24 1
With deep rosters like this league I felt it prudent to hedge my bets on the selection of Gronk, If I'm wrong and he misses a lot of time I wanted another TE that I feel has upside. Eifert is a player that Cincinnati has already moved all around the field in OTAs as he has that kind of ability. He should take over as the main TE in Cincy before Week 8 and he could be a real steal here.
16 16.12 FantasyTaz Brandon Lloyd WR --- 33 11
Purely a flier pick here. No team yet, but eventually someone will bring him in. Most talk about his disappointing season in 2012, but he still had 73 receptions, 904 yards and 4 touchdowns. If he lands in the right situation he could see numbers close to that, if he doesn't then losing a late 16th round choice in not devastating to my team.
17 17.01 FantasyTaz Quinton Patton WR SF 24 1
Another pick based purely on "what if." I am not a fan of AJ Jenkins and I wont be surprised if Patton quickly passes him in training camp. If that happens and he can secure the #2 role in SF then this pick will be a huge steal. But even if he doesn't, I could see him getting a decent amount of chances as this team looks to fill the void of Crabtree.
18 18.12 FantasyTaz Justin Forsett RB BAL 29 6
Forsett has always looked decent with limited chances, but right now I have him as the main backup to Maurice Jones-Drew. Jones-Drew is of course coming off a big injury and if he misses any time then Forsett will be next in line. Does that mean I expect him to replicate the numbers that MJD is capable of? Heck no, but at this point it is all about the possible chance of playing time at RB and he was the last RB 2 (on his own team) off the board.
19 19.01 FantasyTaz Greg Zuerlein PK STL 27 2
Need to get a kicker and like always I never take one before the last 2 rounds of any draft. Greg The Leg was outstanding to start last season. He made his 1st 13 FGs, including four from 50+ yards and one from 60+ yards. While he did fade down the stretch, I expect him to be a Top 5 kicker in 2013 because of increased number of chances I think this offense gives him.
20 20.12 FantasyTaz Tampa Bay Def TB