2013 FFToolbox Expert Mock Draft #1 Results: World Fantasy Rankings #4

Experts Mock Draft Results: World Fantasy Rankings #4

Drafter: Ian Ritchie & Mark Deming


2013 FFToolbox Expert Mock Draft #1

Draft took place June 25th, 2013

Scoring System: PPR, 12 team
Using FFWC Rules


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Ovr Pick Franchise Selection Pos. Team Age Exp.
1 1.11 World Fantasy Rankings #4 Ray Rice RB --- 28 6
Before the draft, I was thinking about a WR here. Once 4 in a row were taken before me, I saw value in Ray Rice and got a workhorse. With Boldin gone, everyone assumes Pitta will be the beneficiary. While I believe Pitta will benefit, I believe Ray Rice benefits the most with underneath "dumpers" as I call them.
2 2.02 World Fantasy Rankings #4 Matt Forte RB CHI 29 6
I love the Forte potential here. He does not compete for playing time, will catch a ton of passes and will be a second running back workhorse for me. In an effort to get the ball out of Cutlers hands quicker, Forte will flare out after blocking and I love me some "dumpers".
3 3.11 World Fantasy Rankings #4 Hakeem Nicks WR --- 27 5
I understand why people are off Hakeem Nicks but I am a believer. I watched Eli struggle without Nick's explosion last year and saw them miss numerous opportunities that they will connect on this year. Nicks is a vicinity WR, meaning you only have to throw it in his vicinity for him to make a play and Eli needs that type of player. Watch out for Nicks this year!
4 4.02 World Fantasy Rankings #4 Vincent Jackson WR TB 32 9
I was trying to decide between Vjax and McFadden but Bruno Boys made my decision an easy one by taking the RB off the board. I was leaning WR anyway because I already have two workhorse RB's and Vincent Jackson is a true #1 WR. This pick increases my teams explosive upside and locks in a consistent performer in a spot that you can't afford to make a mistake in the draft.
5 5.11 World Fantasy Rankings #4 Rashard Mendenhall RB --- 27 6
It is not easy to get a starting RB in the 5th round, especially one with the upside of Mendenhall. His history with Bruce Arians should give confidence that he will be the bell cow back here and Arians will play him like he did when he was healthy in Pittsburgh. He took Arians to a Super Bowl and coaches do not forget that.
6 6.02 World Fantasy Rankings #4 James Jones WR OAK 31 7
James Jones has always made me nervous and has not been consistent in the past. I like consistency. This year will be different and with Greg Jennings gone and two other good weapons in Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb getting most of the attention. James Jones has taken football a lot more seriously the last couple years and when Aaron Rodgers mentions players specifically in the off season, it normally bodes very well. I like double digit TD's, especially from my third WR.
7 7.11 World Fantasy Rankings #4 DeSean Jackson WR WAS 28 6
This is my wildcard pick. In the past, I have always preferred taking Maclin in a later round than Jackson because he offered more value. Not this season. The Eagles will have a ton of offensive snaps this year which means more opportunities for D-Jax and I like how Chip Kelly uses his weapons. At Oregon, Kelly was able to get his weapons the ball in space to let them make plays and that will continue in the NFL. I like Djax regardless if it is Vick or Foles at QB but I hope they do not have him return punts.
8 8.02 World Fantasy Rankings #4 T.Y. Hilton WR IND 25 2
If you like Andrew Luck this season, which I do, you have to like T.Y. Hilton and his upside potential. Luck likes to throw the ball downfield and Hilton is the young speedster that will compliment the older and wiser Reggie Wayne. Hilton gives this team great WR depth and is a steal in the 8th round.
9 9.11 World Fantasy Rankings #4 Owen Daniels TE DEN 32 8
I BELIEVE. Owen Daniels is far enough removed from his injury trouble and is ready to step up and be a big contributor for Houston again. Andre Johnson gets a lot of attention from the defense and the addition of the rookie Hopkins will help Daniels find open space in the middle of the field. Schaub has always liked Daniels as a security blanket and if you can get this type of production from a TE in the 9th round, you have an incredible value and starter to lean on while loading up with other picks earlier in the draft.
10 10.02 World Fantasy Rankings #4 Brandon Pettigrew TE DET 30 5
If he could only stop dropping the football! I like the upside of Brandon Pettigrew from the 10th round and I believe he will be Matthew Stafford's second option. I see him catching between 70-80 passes this year even with Burleson coming back and Broyles coming back from injury. All he has to do is HOLD ON TO THE FOOTBALL!
11 11.11 World Fantasy Rankings #4 Eli Manning QB NYG 34 10
I used to avoid Eli Manning in drafts but as he has gotten older, I have come around to his FF potential. He was lackluster without a healthy Nicks last year but that will not be a problem in 2013. If David Wilson is the explosive player we think he will be, it should open up more passing lanes and play action passes downfield for Manning. You may even get a few cheap long TD's from Eli "dumpers" to Wilson, much like Jamaal Charles has done in KC.
12 12.02 World Fantasy Rankings #4 Rueben Randle WR NYG 23 2
How many guys in FF backup their #1 WR? In certain situations I think it is key. It worked years ago with Joey Galloway/Antonio Bryant in Tampa Bay, it worked with Anquan Boldin/Steve Breaston in AZ and it will work in NY. I can start Randle and Nicks together if need be but if Nicks goes down with an injury, I have a talented WR stepping into an explosive position in the NY Giants offense from the 12th round. Sometimes it can be the position almost as much as the player. Don't be afraid to handcuff a WR if the next guy in line has big upside, no different than handcuffing your top RB.
13 13.11 World Fantasy Rankings #4 Keenan Allen WR SD 22 1
Not Happy here. I was banking on Joique Bell being available and think he is massively undervalued. He is better than LeShoure and will prove it beyond a doubt this season. His yards after contact and his receiving ability make him a no brainer. Instead, I got a talented rookie with the drive and ability to succeed in San Diego. They need WR help so my fingers are crossed.
14 14.02 World Fantasy Rankings #4 Josh Freeman QB --- 27 5
I knew Freeman would last because people never give him any credit. It seems strange so many people like Vjax, Like Mike Williams and love Doug Martin but nobody says anything about Freeman. How can Vjax and Williams get their numbers without Freeman throwing them the ball? Martin can take a screen pass to the house and those plays are the ones that turn a 250 yard 2 TD game into a 300 yard 3 TD game. Freeman is a great backup with starter potential.
15 15.11 World Fantasy Rankings #4 Knowshon Moreno RB --- 27 5
I lost both of my RB handcuffs right before I got to pick. I was extremely confident one would still be available but Ryan Williams was gone as was Michael Bush. OUCH. I took a chance and went with a great offense hoping he would get a chance. At this point, I am looking for guys, if given the opportunity, could be productive players and not a roster casualty.
16 16.02 World Fantasy Rankings #4 Kenjon Barner RB PHI 25 1
I love me some Kenjon Barner. I have been sold on his abilty for quite some time and after seeing the Sports Science piece on him (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfOIF09TAz)you will be sold as well. He is an amazing athlete with great football speed, agility and power that is rarely seen in backs his size. Great buy low guy, if given the opportunity, will be a huge contributor.
17 17.11 World Fantasy Rankings #4 Pittsburgh Def PIT    
18 18.02 World Fantasy Rankings #4 Malcom Floyd WR SD 33 10
Classic underachiever that becomes a value in the 18th round. I am not counting on anything from Floyd but if Rivers bounces back this year, Floyd might actually be able to deliver some value.
19 19.11 World Fantasy Rankings #4 Robbie Gould PK CHI 32 9
I have always been partial to Robbie Gould. Been good to me in the past so give him first shot at being my starter.
20 20.02 World Fantasy Rankings #4 Nate Burleson WR --- 33 11
The most obvious pick I could make in the 20th round. I actually started considering him a lot earlier than that but am starting to figure out, nobody thinks Nate B has any worth. Count me the opposite. Good offense matched with an opportunity creates late round value. People have anointed Broyles just like last year everyone anointed Titus Young as the Lions #2. Don't sleep on Nate! This is one veteran that can bounce back from injury.