2013 FFToolbox Expert Mock Draft #1 Results: DynastyLeague Football

Experts Mock Draft Results: DynastyLeague Football

Drafter: Eric Olinger


2013 FFToolbox Expert Mock Draft #1

Draft took place June 25th, 2013

Scoring System: PPR, 12 team
Using FFWC Rules


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Ovr Pick Franchise Selection Pos. Team Age Exp.
1 1.06 DynastyLeague Football LeSean McCoy RB BUF 26 5
With all the negativity surrounding Arian Foster I was really hoping he would slide to me here. He didn't so I took the best available RB in McCoy. I really can't wait to see him in this offense.
2 2.07 DynastyLeague Football Steven Jackson RB --- 31 10
If the Falcons can make Michael Turner a serviceable fantasy running back like they have over the last couple years Jackson should be a RB1 for 2013 while approaching a career high in touchdowns.
3 3.06 DynastyLeague Football David Wilson RB --- 23 2
I knew coming into the draft I wanted to get as many quality RBs as I could in the first four rounds. While I'm lower on David Wilson than most, I couldn't let him slide any lower. He has big time potential as long as he's corrected his ball security and pass protection issues.
4 4.07 DynastyLeague Football Cam Newton QB CAR 25 3
Normally I wait on QBs but the 4 pts for passing touchdowns and 6 pts for rushing touchdowns made Cam worth the grab here. With Brees and Rodgers already taken I feared I would get left on the outside looking in of a QB run.
5 5.06 DynastyLeague Football Steve Smith WR BAL 35 13
I think by this point everyone but me and @FantasyTaz had taken a WR. Pairing Cam with Steve Smith is something I'm comfortable with. Getting Smith as my WR1 made me feels good about my gamble waiting for WRs.
6 6.07 DynastyLeague Football Cecil Shorts WR HOU 27 3
Blackmon might be the sexy pick but Shorts is the guy to own in Jax. Even with God awful QB play last year, Shorts performed like a beast.
7 7.06 DynastyLeague Football Greg Jennings WR --- 31 8
A smart veteran who works hard for his QB. Look for Jennings to move around the formation and pick up a lot of Percy's targets. In a PPR setting, Jennings is awesome as a WR3.
8 8.07 DynastyLeague Football Jeremy Maclin WR KC 26 5
This came down to Maclin or Michael Floyd and chose Maclin because I thought Floyd would last until my next pick. He didn't, he went with the pick right after mine.
9 9.06 DynastyLeague Football Jonathan Stewart RB CAR 28 6
UGH!!! Drafting Jonathan Stewart is like being in an abusive relationship. You swear its going to be different this time and he's changed. I hope that's the case and I don't take another shot to the chin.
10 10.07 DynastyLeague Football Danny Woodhead RB SD 30 6
With multiple flex positions in a PPR league, Woodhead can be a poor man's Sproles in SD at worst. If Ryan Mathews can't get it together he has a chance to be much more than that. This pick has the possibility of being one of the steals of the draft, in my opinion.
11 11.06 DynastyLeague Football Jordan Cameron TE MIA 26 3
I needed a TE and with all the buzz around Cameron in Chud and Norv's offense, I went with big time upside here. Taking Cameron sorta forced me to take my TE2 a little earlier than I usually do but I'm ok with it if he puts up Greg Olsen type numbers.
12 12.07 DynastyLeague Football Brian Quick WR STL 25 2
The lone big body in a Rams receiving corp full of small burners. My hope is Quick is a serious red zone presence.
13 13.06 DynastyLeague Football Joique Bell RB DET 28 4
I think Bell, not Leshoure, is the compliment to Reggie Bush in Detroit and if Bush goes down it will be Bell sees his value increase more than anyone.
14 14.07 DynastyLeague Football Jay Cutler QB CHI 31 8
Trust in Trestmann. An innovative play caller using a QB friendly system with Marshall, Jeffrey, and Forte make Cutler a solid QB2.
15 15.06 DynastyLeague Football A.J. Jenkins WR --- 24 2
Total flier at this point. With Crabtree's injury and Boldin on the other side, Kaepernick needs a downfield threat like Jenkins. Hopefully his "red shirt" season got him ready to make an impact in year 2.
16 16.07 DynastyLeague Football Dwayne Allen TE IND 25 2
I REALLY wanted to take Housler here but needed someone I could trust to pair my boom or bust Cameron selection.
17 17.06 DynastyLeague Football Jon Baldwin WR --- 25 3
Andy Reid likes restoration projects so hopefully Baldwin is his personal project in KC. Even though nobody gets excited about Alex Smith, he can run an offense and Reid has done more with a lot less.
18 18.07 DynastyLeague Football Justin Hunter WR TEN 23 1
I grabbed Hunter just in case Britt's knees give out, he gets suspended, or benched for any one of his many indiscretions. High upside pick.
19 19.06 DynastyLeague Football Sebastian Janikowski PK OAK 37 14
They said we HAD to draft a kicker. He's a kicker.
20 20.07 DynastyLeague Football Baltimore Def BAL