2013 FFToolbox Expert Mock Draft #1 Results: FFMagicMan

Experts Mock Draft Results: FFMagicMan

Drafter: Micah James


2013 FFToolbox Expert Mock Draft #1

Draft took place June 25th, 2013

Scoring System: PPR, 12 team
Using FFWC Rules


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Ovr Pick Franchise Selection Pos. Team Age Exp.
1 1.09 FFMagicMan A.J. Green WR CIN 26 3
Rule #1 when you get ready for a draft - know your league's scoring rules and roster requirements. PPR and having to start 3 WRs tilts this pick in favor of my best available wideout. Green is one of the best in the business and Eifert and a healthy Sanu should allow A.J. a bit more room to perform.
2 2.04 FFMagicMan Jimmy Graham TE SEA 28 4
Jimmy Graham and I didn't even have to think twice. For me, he is head and shoulders (and maybe a balky back) above the rest of the TE crowd in 2013. Love him in the early 2nd round any day of the week.
3 3.09 FFMagicMan Maurice Jones-Drew RB --- 30 8
Starting WR/TE has me chasing RB a bit now. Once Mo's legal issues disappeared, I gained enough confidence in him to feel kinda-OK with him as my RB1. Don't love it, but if he can regain even 85% of his 2011 season numbers, I should be able to survive.
4 4.04 FFMagicMan Stevan Ridley RB --- 26 3
I like Ridley better in a standard league, but again, given a WR/TE start I know I'll be trying to find RB value where I can. Ridley's role may actually increase looking at the current state of the Patriots' passing game. Either way, he is a strong RB2 and I'm very glad to grab him here in the 4th.
5 5.09 FFMagicMan Antonio Brown WR PIT 26 4
Drafting Brown as my WR2 is like dancing with the girl with glasses and braces. She wasn't your first choice, but at least you're dancing. (And then, in the perfect world, you see her at the class reunion and find out she turned into a head-turning, drool-inducing hottie.) I hope Antonio finishes 2013 looking like a hottie.
6 6.04 FFMagicMan Josh Gordon WR CLE 23 2
Josh Gordon was such a popular sleeper this season until his suspension was announced, and then he slowly started to slip down people's draft boards. In a format such as this, starting 3 WRs every week, I don't mind him missing a few games - his upside the rest of the season is worth it. He very well may end up a Top 25 WR even with a few games on the sideline.
7 7.09 FFMagicMan BenJarvus Green-Ellis RB --- 29 6
No one will accuse Green-Ellis of being a sexy draft pick in 2013. He just does what he does - over the last three seasons he hasn't missed a game and has finished inside of the Top 25 RBs every year. By the end of the year he may lose some time to Gio Bernard but for the better part of this year, he'll be solid as my third RB.
8 8.04 FFMagicMan Mark Ingram RB NO 25 3
A couple of gentlemen, who know much more than I and whose opinions I greatly respect, are both expecting huge things from Ingram this season. Sean Payton is back running the show, and Payton is a huge Ingram supporter. Ingram is finally healthy, and if he finally plays up to his 1st-round pedigree this pick could win me the league.
9 9.09 FFMagicMan Vincent Brown WR OAK 26 3
Vincent Brown was nothing short of spectacular in his preseason games last year. A broken ankle derailed his season, but he is healthy now and a new coaching regime will have that Chargers' offense hitting on cylinders they haven't dusted off in several years. I expect him to be a household name by the time this season is complete.
10 10.04 FFMagicMan Robert Griffin III QB WAS 25 2
RG3 is the second coming of Adrian Peterson. ACL? MCL? With all due respect to the Black Knight, it's just a flesh wound. Give me this guy in the 10th round on all of my teams this season. Even if he scales back the rushing aspect of his game, he has one of the best arms in the league and can be extremely effective, even from the pocket.
11 11.09 FFMagicMan Brian Hartline WR CLE 28 5
One of my favorite late-round picks this year. Hartline was woefully mis-cast as a WR1 last year - bring in 60 Minutes and give Ryan Tannehill another year to mature and I see Hartline as a guy who could be a solid WR3 this year, almost always available in the 11th round and later.
12 12.04 FFMagicMan Zac Stacy RB STL 23 1
Considered another WR here, but really feeling good about the WRs on the team so far so I opted for more RB depth. I don't envision Stacy being the lead Rams' back this season, but I do think he leaps Richardson for the 2nd spot on the depth chart. If Pead falters, especially around the goal line, look for Stacy to be a sneaky play from week to week.
13 13.09 FFMagicMan Dustin Keller TE --- 30 6
Ordinarily I wouldn't draft a second TE after taking Graham early, but this is a 20-round draft and I can flex a TE if I want to so I'll back up Graham with my favorite late-round TE, Keller. People tend to forget Keller was a Top 10 TE in 2010 and 2011 before a dismal 2012. I look for a nice bounce-back year from a man playing for a new contract.
14 14.04 FFMagicMan Rod Streater WR OAK 27 2
A young receiver who made some great strides in his game during his rookie season. We used to talk about the 3rd-year breakout receiver; I think that is becoming more common for 2nd-year receivers in today's NFL. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Streater seized the #2 job behind Denarius Moore in Oakland and while the QB situation is murky, the Raiders will be playing a lot of catch-up this season and Streater may very well flourish in that role.
15 15.09 FFMagicMan Julian Edelman WR NE 28 5
Edelman has had some fluky injuries, but outside of Gronkowski he is pretty much the only receiver in New England with any sort of rapport with Tom Brady. Edelman showed flashes of excellence at times in 2012, I think things are aligning for him to be a key part of the Patriot attack in 2013. Love him as a late-round pick.
16 16.04 FFMagicMan Ryan Tannehill QB MIA 26 2
Since I've touted two of his weapons in Hartline and Keller, I'll grab the trigger-master as my QB2 in case RG3 stumbles in his comeback. Tannehill offers a lot of potential, and only losing one point per interception versus two (or three), makes me fine with him as my backup.
17 17.09 FFMagicMan Marcel Reece RB OAK 29 6
It's almost hard to believe that with a back as delicate as McFadden you can grab his handcuff in the 17th round. Enjoy the Latavius Murray hype but if something happens and DMC misses games, Reece will be the beneficiary. We saw it last season, it will be the same in 2013.
18 18.04 FFMagicMan Jarius Wright WR MIN 25 2
A roll-the-dice name that no one is paying much attention to. Patterson may be the sexy name, but go back and watch some of the Vikings' games down the stretch in 2012 - Wright is a shifty receiver with great hands. He very well may grab the #2 role behind Jennings and be a guy who pays huge dividends for owners.
19 19.09 FFMagicMan Cincinnati Def CIN    
20 20.04 FFMagicMan Garrett Hartley PK CLE 28 6
A kicker. I threw the dart, it landed on New Orleans. Garrett, kick well this year.