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User Comments for Week 1 QB Rankings

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Awesome! Thanks guys!

Posted by:
tenyardfight 08/30/14 11:27 PM

How soon ??? First game Thursday.

Posted by:
speedstream 08/31/14 01:17 AM

Nothing like wating until the last minute!

Posted by:
Oysterhead17 08/31/14 10:23 AM

checking every few hrs... how soon is soon?

Posted by:
chrisbefresh 08/31/14 12:40 PM

Whats up? I keep checking back and I'm getting nervouis! We're less than 100 hours until kickoff!

Posted by:
brad01 08/31/14 02:04 PM

Agggg. Should I start Rogers at Seattle? Or pickup tannehill for week 1?

Posted by:
kstunder 08/31/14 03:01 PM

There is no scenario under this earth that you start Tannehill over Rodgers... Who asks that kind of question? You don't need rankings for something like that. I remember my first time playing fantasy.

Posted by:
Morrison Mookas 08/31/14 04:08 PM

Rodgers. Never sit your studs.

Chill people, they post Tuesdays if I remember correctly.

Posted by:
RamzFanz 08/31/14 05:33 PM

Hey Morrison, You saw what Seattle did to Manning the last time they met... Hmmn, they raise the Superbowl flag after a Soundgarden concert. Been playing for 15 years - and this is the first time I questioned playing a Stud QB over any D. I was kidding about Tannehill, though that is pretty much all that is left on our waivers... Smith, Hoyer, Hill, Fitzpatrick are the top 4... Fortunately my opponent is starting Lacy - so I expect it to be a wash... I'd gladly would have started Wilson...

Posted by:
kstunder 08/31/14 07:51 PM

Checking a couple of times per day. It's that last flex spot with a couple of guys that is the question mark.

Posted by:
ventbc 09/01/14 12:19 PM

Why is Teddy Bridgewater ranked 25 to start week 1 and Cassel not in the top 34...Matt Cassel is the starter wtf

Posted by:
nick516171 09/02/14 02:01 AM

Cutler over Rodgers it is...

Posted by:
Croathlete 09/02/14 08:26 AM

Should I start DeSean Jackson or Pierre Thomas in the FLEX position, its a PPR league?

Posted by:
Smjeffries2002 09/02/14 09:19 AM

I see FFToolbox is showing Russell Wilson some love ranking him #7 overall in my yardage league. This guy is smart & will produce with his arm & feet weekly. At home against a suspect Packers defense this week... I'm starting Wilson over Brady.

Posted by:
bruce Leroy 09/02/14 10:06 AM

Bridgewater and Vick are projected for week1 and they arn't even starting while Cassel and Geno arn't even on the list. Come on now fftoolbox....

Posted by:
krazyka85 09/02/14 11:05 AM

Stedman Bailey is listed and he's suspended.

Posted by:
RamzFanz 09/02/14 01:05 PM

Just working out some week one bugs guys, we'll get it right, stand by...

Posted by:
teamlegacy2 09/02/14 03:39 PM

THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No Kiddin' I was about to panic!!
(thanks again)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by:
brad01 09/02/14 06:04 PM

Do I bench Eddie Lacy in favor of Montee Ball and DeMarco Murray? That's what the projections say..

Posted by:
fader1 09/02/14 10:42 PM

Fader1...what league do you play in where you end up with Lacy, Ball and Murray? I want in :-)

In all seriousness...start Lacy. Sorry, I'm not sitting him regardless of opponent in favor of either of those. Do you only start 1 RB ? Can you put one of those in a flex spot?

Posted by:
charlottecubfan 09/02/14 11:37 PM

SmJeffries...PPR I'm going Pierre Thomas over DJax.

Posted by:
charlottecubfan 09/02/14 11:39 PM

Folks, remember...if you're logged in and viewing this, your seeing the rankings based on YOUR league scoring system (whatever scoring and roster requirements you have).

Posted by:
charlottecubfan 09/02/14 11:41 PM

I'm in a keeper league via ESPN. It's a dynasty/keeper format. I start two RB's, and no there is not a flex.

Posted by:
fader1 09/03/14 01:48 AM

So, it's pick 2 of 3 Lacy, Montee Ball, and D. Murray?

Posted by:
fader1 09/03/14 01:49 AM

Hmmm I have a CJ conundrum... do i start cj spiller vs chicago or chris johnson vs oakland? I'll prob go with johnson too, like you have it, so i can watch him thump the raiders. Anyone wanna talk me out of it?

Posted by: 09/03/14 11:19 AM

Carson(vs. SD) Or Cutler(vs. BUF)? Also, Gehart(vs. Phi) or Emmanuel Sanders(vs. IND) at the Flex? 11:19 AM - I'd take Chris vs. Oak. Chi was great against run last year.

Posted by: 09/03/14 02:59 PM

What am I missing here?

Cutler is ranked #16 this week


Marshall and Jeffery are ranked #3 and #4 out of WRs

You have Cutler throwing like 12 INTs week 1 or something hahaha?

Posted by:
Balto 09/03/14 03:32 PM

I've lost total respect for this site!

How do you rank an untested first year Tampa Bay quarterback Josh McCown ten spots better than a tested veteran Superbowl winner Tom Brady with all his weapons back from injury last year?

How is it even remotely possible that McCown can be ranked #8 against a #2 Carolina defense, and Brady is ranked #18 against a #25 Miami defense. The math doesn't add up!

It's sad to look forward to a site to give their perspective and football knowledge on the fantasy game, and then realize that site was just created to show the opposite. This site needs a lot of improvement before week 2 begins, because clearly no one at this site really knows what they're doing or is still on summer vacation.

Posted by:
maverickjohn 09/03/14 05:46 PM

I agree with maverickjohn. Not sure how or why Brady is ranked so low this week compared to some of the other QB's. Not a Pats/Brady fan, but that is pretty sketchy.

Posted by:
algonquinmatt 09/03/14 06:14 PM

Toss up! Rodgers proj:22 pts vs Kaepernick 20.8 Leaning towards Kaepernick as Seattle at home is worrying me for Mr. Rodgers and his neighbourhood of receivers.

Posted by:
dhammell77 09/03/14 09:40 PM

I honestly would really like to know what it is about McCown this week that has him ranked so high here. This isn't a judgmental post. Truly want to know what this site sees, or what their reasoning is.

Posted by:
neel0907 09/04/14 07:07 AM

Looking for a big game from Cutler. It starts now!

I can start two of the three in a PPR league: TY Hilton, Brandin Cooks, or Steven Jackson.

Also, should I hold onto Marquis Lee and stash him on my bench to wait and see what he does or should I drop him for Andre Caldwell who might be fairly productive in the first four weeks with Welker out?

Posted by:
JHunn 09/04/14 10:03 AM

10 team ESPN league w/ standard scoring. Opinions on starting Aaron Rodgers vs Russell Wilson.

Posted by:
the_engineer 09/04/14 12:44 PM

need opinions....

michael floyd vs SD.......or
bishop sankey vs KC

Posted by:
Miracle187 09/04/14 01:29 PM

RGIII at Hou or Matt Ryan at home v NO?

Posted by:
miaoulis 09/04/14 04:03 PM

Got Julio jones as wr and shaddy McCoy as rb. Need help with my flex. The 3 starters I have now are Keenan Allen, gio Bernard, Emmanuel sanders. My bench is Michael Crabtree, Vincent jax, mike Wallace. Who should I start?

Posted by: 09/05/14 02:00 PM

Thanks fantasy toolbox!!!!!!!! You guys guided me to 2 victories in week 1 !!!!!!!!!! I am very glad you got this going in time............................. THANKS AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by:
brad01 09/09/14 10:17 AM

Week 2 rankings? Today is waiver pick-up day

Posted by:
jhcrouch3 09/09/14 03:50 PM

what happened to the waiver wire column too??

Posted by:
dugchun 09/09/14 04:35 PM

One open RB spot ...I have Bernard Pierce, Shonn Greene or Mark Ingram?...

Posted by: 09/09/14 04:41 PM
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