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User Comments for Week 12 QB Rankings

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Week 12 QB Projections are up. RB, WR, TE, PK and DST to follow in a moment. Stand by.

Posted by:
Legacy 11/18/14 01:27 PM

I just can't understand why Kaepernick is ranked so high every week. He is playing OK at best.

Posted by:
SuperDad22 11/19/14 09:35 AM

Washington allows 2.3 passing TDs per game and .3 Rushing to QBs. Could be a big Kap day.

Posted by:
Santos 11/19/14 08:26 PM

Anytime I start him, he kind of sucks. And Cutler tears it up on my bench.

Posted by:
SuperDad22 11/20/14 08:26 AM

FFtoolbox acknowledges that McCown is playing well and tied for 5th last week, has a great matchup better than last week, has stud WRs, but rank him at 16.

Orton, who is facing a tougher matchup, dealing with snowpocolypse, and hasn't played well as of late, is 7th.

If you are scouring the waiver wire, I would go McCown over Orton without a doubt.

Posted by:
RamzFanz 11/20/14 11:18 AM

Cmon fftoolbox!! I feel like your news n rumors section is lagging behind other sites!! This is the first year Ive witnessed this!! I hope you get the bug fixed for next year!! I've been a member for a while and appreciate all your hardwork and advice

Posted by:
Kidmikey23 11/21/14 11:38 AM

hmmmm, weather issues have me changing my mind on McCown.

Posted by:
RamzFanz 11/22/14 11:33 AM

Not even close this week on your predictions for my players in my std. scoring league. 2 of 9 beat your predictions...the other 7 fell very short. Glad I didn't attempt to "be a wolf!" this week!
I get it, though...predictions are like...well, you know. I think I'll let you make predictions for the rest of the season and see how that goes before investing any skin in them, next year.

Posted by: 11/23/14 11:36 PM
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