User Comments for Week 2 QB Rankings

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User Comments for Week 2 QB Rankings

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Geno as 3...what happened to you fftoolbox?

Posted by:
BHoltz 09/10/14 01:08 AM

Russell Wilson is playing out of his mind, and is well out of top ten. While Romo and Brady are playing poorly against even average defenses are and top ten. Fantasy Football Analyzer's will join 2014 soon enough. Go Broncos!

Posted by:
a1chubbs 09/10/14 07:43 AM

Why do you guys hate Carson Palmer so much? He finishes top 8 in QB every year and gets zero love on a week to week basis. I think he gets close to 5000 yds this year.

Posted by:
Homerjdoh1069 09/10/14 09:44 AM

Colin or Matt Ryan this week?

Posted by: 09/10/14 11:00 AM

I'm getting bullish on Jake Locker. I can start him, Cutler, or Romo this week. I figure no on Cutler (vs. SF) and Romo seems to be a risk right now. How gutsy would a Locker start (vs. Dallas) be?

Posted by:
sdensford 09/10/14 03:35 PM

Brady or Rodgers?

Posted by: 09/11/14 01:53 PM

Sorry to burst your bubble on Carson Palmer Homerjdoh... but of the elite list of quarterbacks that have thrown for 5,000 yards, only Marino's '84 Fins had a defense ranked in the top half of the league. Big offense is necessary as a result of poor defense. Seeing as Arizona is a top 10 defense, and Palmer is no Dan Marino... it's not gonna happen. If he stays healthy, he'll be around 4,200 again.

Posted by:
vweaver 09/11/14 02:20 PM

Mark Ingram or Andre Ellington, Michael Floyd or Justin Hunter or Deandre Hopkins at flex?

Posted by:
lk131307 09/12/14 04:26 PM

RG3, Cutler, Locker?

Posted by:
mauricedeltaco 09/13/14 08:53 PM


Posted by:
leeloo2u 09/14/14 10:58 AM
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