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User Comments for Week 3 QB Rankings

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I was offered Drew Breed and Joquie Bell for Demarco Murray. I need a second opinion?

Posted by:
anthonyb707 09/16/14 05:12 PM

@anthonyb707 - I guess it depends on your other RB and your current QB situation. That's not a terrible trade if you are in need of solid QB and less than solid RB. Murray appears to be huge this year. If you have decent QB and decent RB2 currently, I would pass on the trade. Decent meaning maybe not top tier but tier 2 type players.

Posted by:
WBosco10 09/16/14 05:24 PM

My qb is locker. My rb is Monte ball and Andre Ellington

Posted by:
anthonyb707 09/16/14 08:40 PM

Other running backs. I'm only worried that they will play Reggie Bush

Posted by:
anthonyb707 09/16/14 08:49 PM

@anthonyb707 I would hang on to what you got. Run a 3RB lineup with Murray, Ball, and Ellington and find potential steals on the WW. Either stick with Locker or take a chance on somebody like Derek Carr or Geno Smith.

Posted by:
Jacob2815 09/17/14 09:34 AM

I had to do it. It's like 700 more fantasy points and DeMarco has a tendency to get hurt

Posted by:
anthonyb707 09/17/14 02:39 PM

how many points do you get for a QB td...6? and is it ppr? if the answer is yes to both of these then I would do the trade. the lions will play Bell more than Bush now, imo. It's actually a fair trade both ways, but he may get a stronger team depending on his backup QB.

Posted by:
moonwalker31 09/18/14 01:05 PM

Donald Brown vs. the BIlls or Andre ELlington vs. the 49ers, AND Michael FLoyd vs. the 49ers or Deandre Hopkins vs. the Giants?

Posted by:
lk131307 09/19/14 10:48 AM
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