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User Comments for Week 5 QB Rankings

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I don't know what happened to this site. Use to love it. Now hate it.

Posted by:
liquorandpoker 10/02/14 06:15 PM

^^ totally agreed.... wtf.

Posted by:
cdomadia 10/02/14 07:08 PM

This is my probably my first visit during the season, and probably won't be back. It does seem to have gone downhill in a big way.

Posted by:
cwebb44 10/02/14 09:34 PM

This site was great. Now terrible. Last updated last Thursday?

Posted by:
Jteegarden2002 10/03/14 11:47 AM

I have to agree. It's Friday and their rankings are still a mess. They have Ben Roethlisberger listed at 6 in my point structure and then have him in their player downgrades article. What?! I have him and Wilson and now I'm not sure what to do.

They also have B. Quick in their positive articles, as he should be, but ranked 62. He's the Ram's #1 now and playing consistently well and against the 5th worst passing D and he's ranked behind a bunch of scrubs? How does that work?

Posted by:
RamzFanz 10/03/14 03:37 PM

Flacco should be higher, he may throw it 50 times. The RB situation is a mess for BAL and they are likely to trail all day.

Posted by: 10/03/14 07:40 PM

Theres a known issue with the date not updating properly. We will resolve.

Posted by:
Legacy 10/05/14 08:30 AM

when are you posting for week6?

Posted by:
guno89 10/07/14 05:05 PM

That's the problem. You are uploading dates instead of data.

Posted by:
rpaderick 10/07/14 09:04 PM

This is terrible, 9:00 on the east coast and still no update when waiver wire is 4 hours away.........I'm not sure what happened to this site but it has gone downhill fast!!

Posted by:
HOKIETODD 10/07/14 09:13 PM

C'mon Toolbox! We need the Week 6 rankings. Some of us got a waiver wire to make.

Posted by:
chrisbefresh 10/07/14 09:18 PM

Will updates be posted tonight?

Posted by:
smitty42 10/07/14 09:21 PM

This website facking blows now. Is a retarded person ranking this sh*t

Posted by:
rpwest02 10/07/14 09:34 PM

This site is a complete failure and everyone who ranks this stuff should jump in a facking river

Posted by:
rpwest02 10/07/14 09:35 PM


Posted by:
rpwest02 10/07/14 09:36 PM

you guys are all clowns, if this site blows then stop using it. You should make sure that you give it to everyone in your I bet you wouldn't dare, I swear by this site... Need picks for week 6 plz

Posted by:
mjb5310 10/07/14 11:28 PM

first time in 3 years updates not on time for waiver night :(

Posted by:
ceever 10/07/14 11:55 PM

This is no way to convince people to pay for premium services.

Posted by:
RamzFanz 10/08/14 12:13 AM

Matt delima and the crew, thanks for the advice over the years. Was fun while it lasted. Cheers.

Posted by:
atesfai 10/08/14 12:50 AM

Posted by:
atesfai 10/08/14 12:51 AM

My god this site has went to sh*t! Anyone know any other good ones?

Posted by:
Brown 10/08/14 03:21 AM

To whom this may concern,
is everything ok??? what is going on? I depend on these results and if your ending our free relationship, please redirect me to the page to pay for this service.
Thank You,
Bigdaddyshouse / Ballsssdeep / fieldofscreams

Posted by:
mjb5310 10/08/14 08:29 AM
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