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User Comments for Week 8 QB Rankings

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My QB situation isn't looking that great. Deciding between Palmer and Foles. They're playing against each other this wk and they're ranked very close. Which one do u start?

Posted by:
taylor.pharmd 10/23/14 11:49 AM

I have both too and I'm starting Palmer this week. He's played great at home with 4 TD's and 0 INT's and at least 250 yards in each game. It should be a high scoring game and I'm hoping he gets over 300 yds and 3 TD's. I don't trust Foles yet he's really only had 1 good game against the Redskins and is just throwing way too many picks.

Posted by:
kokodude 10/24/14 09:25 AM

I agree. Think I'm going with Palmer too

Posted by:
taylor.pharmd 10/24/14 01:36 PM

I like Palmer over Foles as well. Deciding between Brees and Brady myself but think I'm starting Brady. He's been hot lately.

Posted by:
Mario2384 10/24/14 09:46 PM

@mario2384 I would def stick with Brady. Drew hasn't really been exceptional from a fantasy standpoint. He's at home in the dome but Jimmy isn't 100% and that's his top weapon.

Posted by:
taylor.pharmd 10/25/14 12:18 PM

Thanks bro. Yeah I've been a bit disappointed. I never take QB high but did this year bc I picked last in my draft and had back to back picks. Didn't love it but I've managed to go 5-2 thus far. If I had it to do over again tho I'd wait on QB like I always do. With guys like Rivers and Cutler going low/undrafted it was more beneficial to wait in my opinion.

Posted by:
Mario2384 10/25/14 02:55 PM

Last week I went Orton over Wilson and got burrrrrrrned.

This week they again have Orton over Wilson. No way bro!

Posted by:
RamzFanz 10/25/14 05:20 PM

Orton over Wilson? dude...that's a Taco move.

Posted by: 10/25/14 07:57 PM

That's what I thought too. Then I lost by less than a point and Orton went OFF. SOB.

Posted by:
RamzFanz 10/28/14 07:28 AM

Why are your updates on the previous week not posted by Tuesday Morning. Are you lacking writers to get same day or next day reports. I'm in 8 leagues and start my analysis Monday morning. I noticed some of your reporting is a month old. Who would use that.
FF Payers just want opinions and they want them at their convenience not just when the source has time to publish!!!

I'm available

Posted by: 10/28/14 07:54 AM
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