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User Comments for Week 12 RB Rankings

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Start 2 ppr
A Morris @ SF
D Robinson @ IND
T Mason @ SDG
R Mathews v StL
T West @ Atl

Was leaning toward Robinson/Mason, but now that the Browns dropped Tate, i kinda like West...would appreciate any feedback

Posted by:
delvo24 11/18/14 04:23 PM

Denard for sure! Then I'd flip a thousand times back and forth and eventually decide on Mason. Good luck!

Posted by:
Legacy 11/18/14 05:40 PM

I live in Cleveland and Crowell is the man...He has had fumble issues and the Browns still went back to him. He is the most explosive back we have, so I would not put him in the discussion of choosing your RB.

Posted by:
moonwalker31 11/18/14 08:20 PM

Legacy, curious on why Jackson vs the Browns is so far down the board? I don't follow ATL closely, so does he split time with Freeman? The Browns have given up an average of 140 yards per game and starting DT, MLB, and OLB are all out. Can you give feedback on the ranking of Jackson? Ingram is my other option, but I feel BAL run defense is pretty good.

Posted by:
moonwalker31 11/18/14 08:36 PM

delvo24 - M&M Mason and Morris. With Hill at QB, Mason is going to continue to explode. His production last week was against the #1 rushing defense.

Posted by:
RamzFanz 11/19/14 10:59 AM

I would like to start Morris, but with Washington playing a 6th ranked San Fran run D and Helu stealing the pass downs I'm really hesitant to start him

Posted by:
delvo24 11/19/14 12:20 PM

Hi Moonwalker. Correct, SJax is only getting 50% of the snaps and the rest is a rotation. Check out our FREE to use SNAPS tool

Posted by:
Santos 11/19/14 08:28 PM

Start 2 RBs and 1 FLEX no ppr
E Lacy (starting RB)
R Mathews vs Slt
CJ Anderson vs Mia
T West vs Atl
A Blue vs Cin (based on if Foster can't start)

and possible flex wr's
Julio Jones and DeAndre Hopkins

I know it looks obvious on the surface but remember no ppr and Julio has been a huge disappointment this year.

Posted by: 11/19/14 10:00 PM

I also have the option of picking up McKinnon (Min) off the waiver wire.

Posted by: 11/19/14 10:04 PM

Umm, Jonas Gray is not on this list?!? You know, the guy that just scored 4 TDs?!?!

Posted by:
daneandersen 11/19/14 10:05 PM


I'd go with Anderson, he's pretty much got that backfield to himself. I'm prejudiced against R. Matthews, he has stunk up my bench before and you should never trust a fart. Nothing personal against him, he just doesn't do me fantasy-right. On West, I lack the clairvoyance to determine who the lead back will be in Cleveland, so I rule him out. Honestly, I'd pick up McKinnon, but do so with the knowledge that his situation is in flux with the acquisition of Tate. Tate may only take over Asiata's duties, but he could cut into McKinnon's touches if he finds the scheme better suited to his style. Or Gray if you can get him, like daneandersen says. Lacy's also a slam dunk that I'm assuming the parenthetical documentation is an expression of.

Good luck, Grasshopper.

Posted by:
M3talMilitia 11/20/14 01:24 AM

Non-PPR 2 out of 3 RB's
R. Jennings
T. Mason
or I. Crowell

Posted by:
gr8house 11/20/14 12:54 PM

Unfortunately I did not start Murray last night, but need help with my RB choices. Pick 2: Mckinnon, Crowell, S. Jackson, or Gio Bernard? Thanks!

Posted by:
RSA0005 11/21/14 02:41 PM

RSA - sorry about Murray. Out of the four you listed I think I would go w/ Crowell and McKinnon. Not a big SJax fan and I'm worried they might ease Gio back into the lineup b/c Hill has been running so well.

Posted by:
gr8house 11/21/14 04:14 PM

Ok thanks!

Posted by:
RSA0005 11/21/14 04:54 PM

Foster is probably out. Who should I start out of these four. I need 2 or three starters...J.Bell, Mckinnon, R. Matthews, Sims. Should I start wr Britt, Stills or Landry?

Posted by: 11/22/14 04:58 PM

PPR must start 2 RB's. Have a flex spot but WR's do much better in this scoring scheme.

D Robinson
R Jennings
G Bernard
M Ingram
I Crowell.

I have D Robinson and R Jennings set to start now, but still waffling with Ingram playing monday night. Monday nighters seem to do better and he's at home. Thoughts?

Posted by:
Heartland25 11/23/14 11:32 AM
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