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User Comments for Week 8 RB Rankings

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Flex Option: Denard Robinson vs Miami OR Keenan Allen vs Denver. I had Allen last year and I really hope he can start playing like he used to. My team would be so much better

Posted by:
ksten11 10/21/14 10:24 PM

Allen seems done for. I dropped him in a 12 teamer. Similar q tho. I have d. Robinson in a yahoo league in which he is wr eligible. Got McCoy bell and Ellington locked in my rb and flex spots but my wr are awful. Garcon is my 1, got sanu, t. Williams, a. Holmes as other options. Thinking Williams or Robinson, what ya think?

Posted by:
scarignan11 10/23/14 10:17 AM

Ahmd Bradshaw or Gio Bernard in a a PPR league? The rankings here always have Gio far above Bradshaw, but Bradshaw scores more points most weeks.

Posted by:
myharpoon 10/23/14 10:18 AM

If aj isn't back Sanu is viable also. I really wanna have the balls to start robinson, but soo risky. With cam as my qb I call it not "zero rb", but " 5 rb" lol. Btw if you think my team is awesome or something I'm 2-5 started the season 0-5. Yeah

Posted by:
scarignan11 10/23/14 10:20 AM

Gio gio gio. Although Bradshaw is startable for sure, Gio one of the few studs. Don't sit him cuz of a crappy week.

Posted by:
scarignan11 10/23/14 10:22 AM

I'd go Sanu cuz Green is out and I'd go Garcon over others just due to the fact he'll prob be targeted more than the other guys you have. Bradshaw is a top 15 play in my opinion if T Rich doesn't go. He'll get the touches he should get bc in that offense he's the far better back. I'd call it a toss up if T Rich out but won't know till game time and Gio being an early game and Bradshaw playing late I'd start Gio.

Posted by:
Mario2384 10/24/14 09:53 PM

Jerick McKinnon or Ben Tate?

Posted by:
tyinmesa 10/25/14 06:51 PM

Is Vereen playing today?

Posted by:
Brown 10/26/14 11:03 AM

Vereen playing. Tate over Mckinnon, but it's close. Just a gut call that Tate rebounds.

Posted by:
Mario2384 10/26/14 12:00 PM
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