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User Comments for Week 9 RB Rankings

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Posted by: 10/29/14 09:59 AM

Ellington, Bernard, Miller, and Ingram. Which 2 do I start? Standard league scoring, no PPR, no Flex. Leaning toward Ellington and Ingram but its hard to bench Bernard against Jacksonville.

Posted by:
marvelmadman 10/29/14 02:44 PM

I'd sit Miller but I've been wrong on occasion

Posted by:
ceever 10/29/14 10:52 PM

Ingram, hillman, le'veon, ben tate....start 2, ppr. I have Ingram and le'veon starting now.

Posted by:
majik626 10/30/14 12:54 AM

majik...those two will be fine. Hillman maybe an option as well, forget Tate...I'm from CLE and with Mack out will take a few weeks to get going again.

Posted by:
moonwalker31 10/30/14 03:13 PM

Need help- pick one: Branden Oliver or Taliaferro. Real desperate at the RB spot

Posted by:
RSA0005 11/02/14 09:22 AM
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