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User Comments for Week 3 TE Rankings

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Are you serious, you have Gates as the #24 TE and behind Green?? He's clearly still the go to guy, not to mention he had 3 Td's against a tough Seattle D. Do I think he'll continue to get that many points, not even close, but do I think he's at least a top 12 TE, absolutely....SMH

Posted by:
zimm43 09/17/14 09:04 AM

Marcedes Lewis has gotta go too. Guy is out 6-8 weeks

Posted by:
ddpclint 09/17/14 11:09 AM

Any word on Cameron for week 3?

Posted by:
hoosierdaddy3571 09/17/14 11:35 AM

Larry Donnell at #4? Quit over thinking things guys, your site is quickly losing credibility with some of these rediculous rankings just to be "different". I like a different perspective but I'd like to know if you would put some money on the line that Donnell outscores Gronk this week?

Posted by: 09/17/14 01:20 PM

I think Dwayne Allen at #5, ahead of Gronk at home vs Oakland, is a bit ridiculous as well. He was only thrown to once last week, had 0 catches for 0 points, and there are 2 other tight ends on the team that got more looks. Not saying Dwayne Allen won't be a great tight end eventually... but these are the WEEKLY rankings for week 3 2014. Very strange.

Posted by:
brojamma 09/17/14 07:18 PM

Matt Crosby nailed it...losing credibility is correct!

Posted by:
rtknapp 09/18/14 01:16 AM

This site has fallen apart. So Kyle Rudolph had 2 catches for 15 yards in 2011, no touchdowns and scored 15 fantasy points? How are we supposed to use any of this garbage information??? Goodbye

Posted by: 09/18/14 10:51 AM

It says 1.5 fantasy points, not 15. See the little decimal thingy?

Posted by:
Legacy 09/18/14 12:10 PM

@ Matt Crosby

Gronk isn't healthy yet and last week when New England jumped out to a big lead he played less snaps than he did in week one... The same thing could possibly happen against Oakland. Gronk is ranked high specifically because of name recognition at this point...

I have Gronk in my main league. And I'm benching him this week and I'm playing Travis Kelce who's the best offensive weapon on KC.... And if I didn't have him, I may would consider starting the NY Giants TE over Gronk as well.

Posted by: 09/19/14 08:23 AM

Seriously fftoolbox, u guys have dwayne allen ranked as #8 TE this week. Which is fine. But then you put a special comments section on him when we place our cursor over his name. Recommending us to start another TE since there are plenty of better options.

Then why did u guys rank him #8 if u feel there were so many other better options?

Some basic consistency would be nice.

Posted by:
dugchun 09/19/14 09:59 PM
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