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User Comments for Week 12 WR Rankings

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The reason behind Emmanuel Sanders and Julius Thomas projected in the thirties and forties due to their injuries or Miami D? I am truly finding it hard to grasp that the Dolphins D is that good and Peyton is styill ranked in the top 5..... who is he going to throw to?

Posted by:
rams.28 11/18/14 06:28 PM

Rams...the other Thomas he might be pretty good

Posted by:
moonwalker31 11/18/14 08:22 PM

Where's Andre Holmes?

Posted by:
RamzFanz 11/18/14 11:17 PM

who would you rather have for the rest of the season Alshon Jeffrey or Mike Evans?

Posted by:
poopdeck 11/19/14 12:59 AM


Posted by:
mattcurt 11/19/14 10:25 AM

Trade question: I have the San Fran's and Detroit's defenses. Someone is offering Micheal Crabtree for Detroit's defense. I know Detroit has some good matchups toward the end of the year; however, I have to win out to even have a shot at playoffs. So basically, do you think crabtree will turn it around? Thanks!

Posted by:
RSA0005 11/19/14 12:37 PM

Rams - We'll have to wait and see the status of Julius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders. Welker, Latimer/Caldwell and Tamme/Virgil Green are next men up. Peyton will still get his.

Posted by:
Santos 11/19/14 08:29 PM

Ramz - Holmes is #66 non-ppr.

Posted by:
Santos 11/19/14 08:30 PM

RSA - We've internally been waiting for the niners to "turn it up" as they seem to do late in the season. Last week was a good sign for crabs.

Posted by:
Santos 11/19/14 08:31 PM

Trying to decide on starting Keenan Allen, Reuben Randle or Antonio gates as a flex in PPR format. Already starting Megatron, Anquan Boldin n Travis Kelce

Posted by:
taylor.pharmd 11/20/14 12:47 AM

With SF defense, i'd trade Detroit for Crabtree. Do you need a WR that bad though?

Posted by:
SuperDad22 11/20/14 09:07 AM

Do I drop Golden Tate to pick up Odell Beckham (who is somehow still available)?
I already have Megatron, A.Jeffery, J.Gordon, and K.Benjamin and can only start 3 of them.

Posted by:
gr8house 11/20/14 01:00 PM

While all the other jets are playing the bills this week. Fftoolbox has breaking news the Percy harvin will be playing the cardinals. Seriously what happened to this site. The last time I come here.

Posted by:
liquorandpoker 11/20/14 06:30 PM

I guess the Seahawks traded back for him

Posted by:
liquorandpoker 11/20/14 06:32 PM

No I do not need a WR that bad, but if he becomes more reliable in the latter part of the year that would definitely help.

Posted by:
RSA0005 11/21/14 02:42 PM

need to start 3, v jax, stills, harvin, sanu, k wright or beckham 10 tm ppr. #FantasyFootball

Posted by:
criffrock 11/22/14 12:54 PM

Andy Dalton the 20th ranked QB and A J Green the 3rd ranked WR... Yeah, that makes sense.

Posted by:
maverickjohn 11/23/14 10:41 AM
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