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User Comments for Week 15 WR Rankings

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Been having a rough time deciding on my slot 3 receiver. I have green and cobb then my decision is either Charles Johnson , Moncrief or marquees Wilson ?

Posted by: 12/10/14 09:01 AM

Biggest decisions for me week 15 romo cutler or manziel and D Hopkins or G Tate or Jordon mathews!!! ARGGGGGGGGG

Posted by:
mrmonopolymoney 12/10/14 01:41 PM

Charles Johnson. Good luck!

Posted by:
Legacy 12/10/14 06:40 PM

Romo and Golden Tate. Good luck!

Posted by:
Legacy 12/10/14 06:41 PM

I have a hunch about Stedman Bailey . Sad to see him so low .

Posted by:
TheGlenn 12/11/14 10:24 AM

Jarvis Landry or Reggie Wayne????

Posted by:
gregshannon 12/11/14 02:55 PM

Im in a predicament too-
I have Maclin Eddleman Jordy and Joqie Bell that I can only pick 3 of.
I also have inghram im starting. and forsett im starting.
I think i have to go with Maclin and Jordy and decide between eddleman and Bell. Bell can get me 20+ or get me 6pts. Eddleman can be a safe 10 points but that's it. Last week was a 20 point fluke.

Bell can get me 20 or 6 points.
Jordy has been so unpredictable but you can't sit him.

Posted by:
bialy14 12/11/14 04:12 PM

In a bind with my receivers! I can only start 3 out of Jeremy Maclin, Sammy Watkins, Golden Tate, and Steve Smith Sr. Any advice on who to go with?

Posted by:
aaronsmonsters09 12/14/14 10:20 AM

No Julio. Now who....CJ Anderson or Jeremy Maclin.

Aaron. Maclin and Watkins.

Posted by:
matthoen 12/14/14 11:55 AM
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