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User Comments for Week 3 WR Rankings

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Where is Andre Johnson on the week 3 projection list?

Posted by:
mike1976 09/16/14 04:28 PM

@mike1976 - as of 9/16 Johnson is 30th. Seems low for him and this matchup, but he has not had an explosive game yet. Combine that with the fact he is still getting targets, I would start him if I had him I think.

Posted by:
WBosco10 09/16/14 05:21 PM

SOMEONE please tel me why allen hurns is ranked so damn high.

Posted by:
ckates7 09/16/14 05:29 PM

The Rams have been telling the world Brian Quick will be their #1 since OTAs. He's a steal right now in almost all leagues. FFtoolbox still has CHRIS GIVENS and KENNY BRITT rated higher?!? He's on their sleeper list when he's out producing some of the top 10 receivers?! His 108 ranking as WAYYYY off.

Posted by:
RamzFanz 09/16/14 05:44 PM

For the last several years these have been the best rankings around. Apparently not anymore. Whatever changed, it was a really bad idea.

Posted by:
drmemory 09/16/14 09:05 PM

@drmemory, i completely agree. wtf is going on here???

Posted by:
dugchun 09/16/14 10:26 PM

Says this was last updated Sept 2nd???

Posted by:
drmitch47 09/16/14 10:50 PM

um... @ckates... yea so hurns is gonna outscore a LOT of receivers this week... NICE???

Posted by:
sshhhhhh 09/16/14 10:55 PM

this is sad - always loved this site it's input and reliability - a monkey throwing darts would look better - something seems to have changed this year - switch to scout network and different people providing info - seems to be about subscriptions now

preseason stuff was okay - this week is a jike - look at running backs - even worse than this

please get it together and do what you have always done best

Posted by:
ceever 09/16/14 10:58 PM

"joke" - I keyboard like these rankings

Posted by:
ceever 09/16/14 11:00 PM

yeah I like Hurns with a bad ankle way better than D Thomas - maybe I should pick him up

Posted by:
ceever 09/16/14 11:01 PM

oh boy... I hadn't looked at RB yet. No worries though... I just traded Foster and Brees for Hurns. "sucker!" sweet baby jesus I'm gonna be rolling in fantasy points!!!

Posted by:
sshhhhhh 09/16/14 11:04 PM

btw the pages aren't renumbering.. page 2 for receivers starts with 1... not 36. 35 shown on first page etc.

hate to be hating tonight... but agree with others... whats happening with the good ole toolbox =( you're pushing us away!

Posted by:
sshhhhhh 09/16/14 11:21 PM

don't mean to continue to bash - rather to call attention to the inconsistencies - for example Hurns rated #2 WR while also listed in week 3 "downgrades"

Posted by:
ceever 09/16/14 11:32 PM

Replace "Allen Hurns" with "Andrew Johnson". Simple mistake here by the site guys....butt hurt level exceeds necessity.

Posted by:
ddpclint 09/17/14 11:05 AM

Andre Johnson

Posted by:
ddpclint 09/17/14 11:06 AM

yeah I think Andrew Johnson was ranked #2 behind Abe Lincoln

Posted by:
ceever 09/17/14 11:34 AM

Ok- I do not totally agree with these rankings either, however, you are playing fantasy football. NO ONE has the perfect formula or ranking system. NO ONE. Minimize the risk OR go with your gut based on your research. It would be funny to see Hurns go off this week and then I come back here and see all the apologies to FFToolbox. (ps- I don't see this happening, but it would be funny!)

Posted by:
WBosco10 09/17/14 11:45 AM

I shot a tweet over to the editor and it looks like they are going to update the rankings -

Posted by: 09/17/14 01:53 PM

If Hurns was listed as #2, it was a simple data entry error. Relax fantasy freaks. Errors are caught every week.

Posted by:
Legacy 09/17/14 02:08 PM

I see toolbox has moved quick to 44. Grab him now from the waiver wire because he will be in the top 15 next week and even higher if the Rams throw him TDs.

Posted by:
RamzFanz 09/19/14 02:33 AM

So this site doesn't update 2 or more times a week like the last few seasons? Alot changes in a week from your usual teusday predictions

Posted by:
raymondmklein 09/20/14 08:37 AM

Do I still bench AJ green?

Posted by:
raymondmklein 09/20/14 08:38 AM

Could use some help. I have B Pierce, Donald Brown, Pierre Garcon and M Colston. Need fit in 3 positions. Currently I have Pierce Brown and Garcon. Colston was shut out last week but may bounce back. Thoughts?

Posted by: 09/20/14 01:25 PM

Why haven't they updated the ranking since Wednesday? There has been a lot of player updates and they should adjust their projections.

Posted by:
kingokocim 09/20/14 02:49 PM

Hopefully there's time for an answer. 10 minutes.

I have Megatron inked in at WR1. I need to figure out which to use as my second. Choices are DeShawn Jackson, T.Y. Hilton, and Terrence Williams. It is NOT a PPR league. Luckily my RB choices fill in my flex spot. Thanks.

Posted by: 09/21/14 12:49 PM
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