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User Comments for Week 1 WR Rankings

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I have my eyes on a couple guys on this list: Cordarrelle Patterson & Justin Hunter. I wouldn't be surprised if Patterson is this years Josh Gordon from last season. And Hunter is simply a mismatch for most #2 & nickel backs with his size & speed.

Posted by:
bruce Leroy 09/02/14 10:19 AM

Considering Justin Hunter isn't listed on any depth charts as being one of the Titan's top three WR's, I would be careful about getting eyestrain looking for him.

Posted by:
vweaver 09/02/14 03:33 PM

Dwayne Bowe is listed as the 55th best WR this week, and he's suspended. Imagine how good he'll be when he's active!

Posted by:
buffalohead 09/02/14 03:57 PM

Having the same issue as last season on this site: returners are not being addressed. Please update along with the other sheets to accurately reflect custom scoring and resulting rankings!

Posted by:
jmw1480 09/02/14 09:04 PM

Marquise Lee has good potential for a 20 pt game. Eagles D is terrible vs the pass (mainly WRs), and jags will be passing all game since Eagles will take a early league.

Posted by:
Taberizzo 09/02/14 10:59 PM

Marvin Jones looks like he's going to have a decent game for having a broken foot.

Posted by:
narky31 09/03/14 12:09 PM

For those looking for custom scoring, enter your leagues parameters and it will give you a customized sheet. I have C. Patterson and my league gives points for return yardage hence he is ranked 15th on my list.

Posted by:
steelfan70 09/03/14 03:28 PM

don't care about yards just want at TD, Decker or Terence Williams?

Posted by:
ipcgodfather 09/03/14 09:25 PM

I would imagine Donald Avery would be ranked higher, at least > Bowe, this week given the opposing def and that he would be wr1

Posted by:
NixonPgh2012 09/04/14 11:23 AM

I need to start either Cody Latimer or Reuben Randle in a PPR league. Your customized rankings show Cody listed higher, but then you also list Reuben Randle as a sleeper this week. Should I go with the safer play in Randle?

Posted by:
tjboudre 09/04/14 01:47 PM

I have return yards built in my "custom scoring" but it sure doesn't look they are applied to these list.....

Posted by:
threerails2x 09/04/14 03:30 PM
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