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User Comments for Week 10 QB Rankings

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Nevermind, it just refreshed Thanks

Posted by:
anokaflash 11/05/14 08:49 AM

Same here.

Who would you start as a bye week fill in, hot 'n cold Flacco or the wildcard Sanchez? The rankings put Flacco higher but only by a point or so...

Posted by:
joeomega 11/05/14 10:38 AM

With Brady on a bye, do I go Cam Newton, Tannehill, or Sanchez in week 10?

Posted by: 11/06/14 04:46 PM

Cam in the lights on Monday night.

Posted by:
Legacy 11/07/14 03:45 PM

Need help. I have a trade for brady in place I have aj green and Brandon marshall. The other guy will take either one. Which guy should I guy up experts???

Posted by:
heelan7 11/07/14 06:33 PM

Give up**

Posted by:
heelan7 11/07/14 06:34 PM
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