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User Comments for Week 11 DEF Rankings

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Posted by:
Legacy 11/10/14 11:09 AM

Okay, round one projections are ready!

Posted by:
Legacy 11/10/14 01:22 PM

Early DEF rankings are finalized.

Posted by:
Matt De Lima 11/10/14 04:52 PM

Carolina at #8?One of the worst defenses in the league

Posted by: 11/11/14 08:26 PM

Playing the Falcons at home. The computer likes the matchup.

Posted by:
Legacy 11/11/14 11:06 PM

I think Denver is too low. That game will get out of hand quick. Davis will have to air it out = multiple sacks/ints/def td? They could easily finish #1. Especially given they're behind teams like Cleveland. Foster is going to run all day against the Browns. Would be surprised if Mallet threw 15 passes.

Posted by: 11/12/14 08:41 AM

Have these rankings been updated since carson palmer's acl tear?

Detroit D at #14 against drew stanton?

Posted by:
dugchun 11/13/14 04:02 PM

Agree with Brian. Denver defense a top 5 play. Streaming them myself.

Posted by:
Mario2384 11/15/14 07:41 PM
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