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User Comments for Week 13 QB Rankings

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Stafford at 4 is laughable! They have 0 TD's in 2 straight games. I am a diehard Lions fan, and I watch this kid play every game every year. The Lions have an unfortunate history of dying off in the 2nd half of the season, likewise they always get their asses kicked on Thanksgiving. Hoping he can prove me wrong, but not holding my breath.

Posted by:
SuperDad22 11/25/14 06:57 PM

He's due for a bounce back game wouldn't you say? Besides, Lions fans aren't allowed to rank Stafford. You're hatred for him is evident. I wish you all the best on Thanksgiving however!

Posted by:
Legacy 11/26/14 02:24 PM

How is bridgewater ranked higher than fitzpatrick. When the fantasy points and consistancy for fitzpatrick are both higher/better than bridgewater?

Posted by:
m_pherrill 11/26/14 08:47 PM

With the exception of that fumble, Staff did have a solid game. :) We needed that!

Posted by:
SuperDad22 11/28/14 08:53 AM
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