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User Comments for Week 14 QB Rankings

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McCown 10 and Wilson 13 yet your notes say McCown is borderline unplayable and Wilson has a favorable matchup.

Posted by:
RamzFanz 12/06/14 06:25 PM

ill be cancelling my subscription after 2 days I found same and better info in a couple different sites for free

Posted by: 12/07/14 10:15 PM

Please don't tell me the rankings aren't going to be updated by Tuesday night's waivers during playoffs?!?! Whats going on with this place?

Posted by:
bugeyes 12/09/14 08:45 PM

The rankings used to be consistently updated on Tuesday so people could use them for waiver decisions. It has been hit or miss this year, mostly miss. I am very disappointed in a site that has helped me win multiple championships. I am going to have to find a new resource for next season.

Posted by:
SecCountry 12/09/14 10:05 PM

Whatever you find please let me know. I also won multiple championship with this site as well and they just really dropped the ball this year just brutal. Very disappointed.

Posted by:
heelan7 12/09/14 11:08 PM
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