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User Comments for Week 4 QB Rankings

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If you were me, and I know you're not so pretend, would you start Kirk Cousins or Jay Cutler this week?

Posted by:
sdensford 09/24/14 05:19 PM

Cousins just based on the fact that the Giants are a worse def than GB's and B. Marshall isn't is a tough call, and I am just going on this weeks rankings.

Posted by:
al5150 09/24/14 06:06 PM

I'm starting Cousins over Foles this week. I agree with the giants defense being garbage so he will have a good game

Posted by:
taylor.pharmd 09/24/14 07:19 PM

I traded Michael Floyd for Cousins for this week and then wait and see. My starter has been R. Wilson and he's on bye. Cutler was taken one spot before I was going to steal him in the 7th round. I was pissed. That's a hard call. I think Cutler is the sure thing and Cousins could have a huge week or bust.

Posted by:
RamzFanz 09/24/14 10:00 PM

@taylor.pharmd - I have the same issue right now. Cant decide between Foles and Cousins. What was the tipping point to go with Cousins? hot hand? Opponent? Let me in! haha.

Posted by:
WBosco10 09/24/14 10:07 PM

I have Aaron Rogers and I just picked up Phillip Rivers via waivers. A.R has had one good week and two stinkers. I'm 3-0 and it isn't cause Aaron Rogers. Phillip Rivers is playing Jax while Rogers is up against Chicago. As you might guess I'm contemplating Rivers vs the 32nd ranked pass defense. However, it is tough to not play my #1 draft pick. Any thoughts?

Posted by:
goatmug1 09/24/14 11:02 PM

I'm thinking Foles over Cousins. I love Foles and believe that SF's 29th ranked Dfs is over-rated and gets a bunch of street cred based on previous years performances. In additon, NYG is the 23rd ranked defense and they just came off a week where they beat the tar out of the Texans. Hard to go against the really, really hot hand in Cousins, but you know that Foles is going to run 100 plays.... and have lots of opportunities to torch a weak defense.

Posted by:
goatmug1 09/24/14 11:09 PM

@goatmug - awesome insight. I do forget about the number of plays Eagles run... ok, at least Cousins cant hurt me this week if he is on my bench!

Posted by:
WBosco10 09/25/14 11:09 AM

@WBosco10 Cousins with the hot hand alright! I just think Cousins will be throwing down the field more than Foles. Foles will run a lot of plays but shorter passes. Plus the Eagles run a lot! My opinion is Cousins has an easier matchup than Foles, plus the Redskins playing at home.

Posted by:
taylor.pharmd 09/25/14 11:41 AM

I have had Bridgewater on the bench. I even drafted him for this reason. I also have Stafford who killed me last week with 10 points. Am I crazy to think about using Bridgewater? Both look to have favorable defensive matchups. I think Stafford will bounce back but I am in the whole because of injuries so I can't afford another bad week.

Any advice?

Posted by:
tarheel7496 09/25/14 07:06 PM

Friday morning QB...... how did that Cousins start work out for you? LOL!

Posted by:
sactownhero 09/26/14 09:35 AM

Lol @ Cousins....

If you need a quarterback _ run get Blake Bortles and don't be scared to start him against San Diego. 300-350 yards (passing and rushing) will be an every week occurrence for this kid... And he has a young stud receiver in Robinson to throw to...

Posted by: 09/26/14 10:37 AM
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