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User Comments for Week 6 QB Rankings

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Aww baby thank you!!!

Posted by:
mjb5310 10/08/14 08:33 AM

please can you post the rankings on Tuesdays ??? Most leagues have waiver pickups Wednesdays - and its almost pointless to have this information after the fact !

Posted by:
swim_ny 10/08/14 05:55 PM

They have waiver wire articles. These rankings are for who to start, not who to pick up. I'd rather they wait as long as possible till all injury reports and whatnot are in, then do an early Thursday ranking then update Saturday, maybe even update Sunday morning if possible.

Posted by:
DreadheadVato 10/09/14 04:56 AM

Dreadhead is correct. Rankings can influence who to add, but that's what the articles are for. In fact, we publish at least a half dozen articles per day. Who to add, who to drop, who to trade for, who to trade away. We try to cover every point of view every week.

Posted by:
Matt De Lima 10/09/14 12:59 PM

what happened to the flex rankings?

Posted by: 10/09/14 10:25 PM

Cutler #3 yet you list him in your "downgrade section" (????)

Posted by:
ceever 10/10/14 04:43 PM

Got Cutler and Eli Manning to choose from this week....leaning Cutler of course. Any thoughts?? Thanks

Posted by: 10/10/14 11:03 PM

against the Falcons..definitely Cutler.

Posted by: 10/11/14 06:50 PM

Cutler. Don't be crazy.

Posted by:
RamzFanz 10/12/14 01:30 AM

PPR - Had a great game from Hilton Thursday and wondering if I should play Hawkins over R.White with the big lead. White is hit and miss where Hawkins against a banged up Steelers secondary should get his points even though he's a low ceiling guy. Thoughts and thanks in advance.

And definitely Cutler!!!

Posted by:
benum007 10/12/14 11:25 AM

I agree... where did the rankings on Tuesdays go? Now I'm scrambling these past two weeks. The articles can only help so much and ranking provides a level of clarity to where a player compares. Thanks.

Posted by:
bugeyes 10/14/14 10:36 PM

Need rankings before waiver wire....

Posted by: 10/14/14 11:00 PM
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