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User Comments for Week 6 WR Rankings

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M.Colston and other SAINTS WRs?

Posted by:
Luckyplays 10/08/14 10:16 AM

They're on bye bro.

Posted by:
Legacy 10/08/14 10:59 AM

Looks like AJ Green aggrevated his turf toe and Marvin Jones not practicing, could mean solid numbers for Sanu this week

Posted by:
Zpak15 10/08/14 03:00 PM

Terrance Williams has been on fire I know he's playing the Seahawks but I haven't started him based on your rankings. Has he not done enough in your mind to make him top 20?

Posted by:
dlop2085 10/08/14 04:25 PM

Terrance Williams looks a little low to me too, but they are playing Seattle.

Posted by:
RamzFanz 10/08/14 07:11 PM

Is it worth dropping James Jones or Greg Jennings to pick up Justin Hunter?

Posted by: 10/08/14 11:08 PM

@ nhahler....... If you want longterm upside, go with Hunter over Jennings/Jones. I like Jones more than Jennings.

Posted by:
dirtycabin 10/09/14 12:32 AM

Need to choose a Flex play in PPR league this week: Anquan Boldin, Andrew Hawkins or Joique Bell (if he plays). Any feedback?

Posted by:
taylor.pharmd 10/09/14 01:50 PM

Bell has been solid every week. Consistency pays.

Posted by:
e3ton 10/09/14 02:03 PM

How is Devin Hester so low? I think he is going to go off this week against his old team.

Posted by:
smill62 10/10/14 10:35 AM

Quick is finally getting some love, but not near enough. If he's STILL on your waiver wire, grab him now. He's a low WR1 easily. Britt will soon be a solid WR2 IMHO. They just started targeting him and he's a fighter.

Posted by:
RamzFanz 10/12/14 01:27 AM

I need to start two of the following three WRs in a PPR league: Keenan Allen, DeSean Jackson, Wes Welker? Any advice?

Posted by:
Smjeffries2002 10/12/14 08:21 AM

Roddy White should not be ranked 29th this week!

He has a great matchup and will rack up tons of points this week with the Chicago's best corner on Julio.

White should finish between somewhere between 10th and 15th today and may even crack the top 10 this week.

If you're hard up for a WR this week, White is an excellent option.

Enjoy the games!

Posted by:
illb6ub9 10/12/14 09:33 AM

In a PPR league I need to start 3 of these 4. Any advice on who I sit out of Jeremy Maclin, Golden Tate, Steve Smith Sr., and Pierre Garçon? Thanks for any help!

Posted by:
aaronsmonsters09 10/12/14 11:53 AM
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